USPS Delivered To Agent for final delivery: How to Get Package

Is your mail tracking showing “Delivered to Agent” and you’re wondering what does Delivered To Agent means or who the agent is? No need to worry. Read this article to the end; you will find answers.

You must be wondering, “What Does ‘Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery’ Mean USPS” or who’s the agent this is a new phrase at the moment as It bothered me also when it happened to me for the first time.

Let’s check out this information, what it means and how close it is to get to its final destination, and what you need to do – if anything – to ensure that it gets to your destination on time.

USPS Delivered To Agent

What Does Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery Mean?

The USPS mail carrier delivered your package to someone else to deliver it to you – a resident at your home, a doorman, or even a coworker. These individuals then become delivery agents who will deliver it to you.

There are many packages delivered daily, including mail, parcels, letters, postcards, packages, online orders, and more, from one location to another; however, the delivery man doesn’t always come at the appointed time.

Since so many things need to be done, there is no guarantee that you will be at home all the time. So When your mailman arrives at your house, and you are not home, he may deliver the package to one of your family members or neighbors.

An agent is a person who receives and accepts a package or mail on your behalf. So You might find your parcel if you ask your neighbors or search around your home.

If you are living on a university campus or dorm, your package is more likely to be delivered to the security of the college dormitory. 

Since delivery men are not permitted on campus or in the hostel, Staff receive your package on your behalf and deliver it to you later on.

Therefore, there is nothing you need to do. It’s as simple as going to the Staff or recipient and picking up your packages. 

So USPS shows your item as having been delivered to an agent because of this.

What Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

A USPS delivery agent is someone who receives your package on your behalf when you’re not there to receive it. This may be a family member, friend, neighbor, coworker, or even a doorman.

Delivery agents have to have valid ID or identification before they can accept your package or mail. Because of this, the package you receive is considered as delivered.

The mailman asks them to sign a document before handing over your mail or package. Your agent has to look at the name on the label and compare it with the name of the person they know who’s expecting that package.

How Can I Find Out Who Is The Agent?

USPS delivery tracking system shows the agent details; however, it doesn’t know who the agent is unless they have identified themselves through a valid ID card. So, you can ask your neighbors or family members if they received your package on your behalf.

In order to find out who the agent is, you need to find that delivery man and ask him. He will tell you the name and address of that person.

You can also ask your neighbors if they know who the deliveryman dropped off the package with. You can also check your mailbox because frequently, he leaves a receipt or slips explaining who received it.

Here’s More About Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery

The USPS staff that monitors delivery are generally not that irresponsible when it comes to what they do. They do not just accept your package and hand it over to anyone. It is only an agent that they trust that will take care of your package. To learn more about USPS delivery, follow this link.

So It is not always a bad thing to see the message “USPS delivered to agent” on your screen.

The USPS has made this service available to its customers if they are not available to receive their packages. Therefore, you should not be concerned if you receive the message.

However, In reality, everything has two sides; the first side is the bad side, and the second side is the good side, so it’s important to know what happens when you see this from both perspectives.

The Bad side

There can be cases where a package was delivered to a family member, neighbor, friend, or a hostel staff member, and the person failed to handle it properly, and therefore your package will be lost.

Whenever a package contains personal or essential documents, such as credit cards, debit cards, or anything else that you value, and the package is lost because of someone’s irresponsibility, you may end up paying for the loss. 

There are also chances that If someone pretends to be your neighbor and receives your item on your behalf, you may have to lose it. 

Therefore, you have to understand some common sense before someone else deliberately misuses your trust and hands over your package to someone else. 

The most crucial factor is to make sure that the person who has accepted your package represents the household. 

Most commonly, those receiving your package are family members or friends; however, there can be cases where you do not know them very well. Therefore, it’s better to get hold of the package and receive it yourself.

The Good side

As delivery men nowadays are becoming savvier, there is a better chance that they will not deliver your package to someone posing as your neighbor; first, they will call you several times to ask you about that person.

In the event that you do not receive the call, he may ask them to show their identity card for verification purposes, and then he will deliver your package to them.

The chances of your package being delivered to someone you trust, and then when you arrive, that person will be able to deliver it to you, are pretty high.

So, if you see “delivered to agent” as a notification, it may not be bad news at all. It’s like saying that your package has been delivered to someone you know and trust so that they can give it to you personally.

However, nobody can guarantee that nothing will go wrong when your package is being handled by someone else on your behalf.

For instance, even if you make sure that your package is being delivered to someone you know, there may be times when the mailman will deliver it to them by mistake.

Even though this may not happen often, it can happen. The trick here is to be aware of what’s happening with your package and make sure that it comes safely to its intended destination.

How To Safe Your Package From Fake Agents?

In this modern era, people do not trust strangers anymore. Moreover, there are cases where staff members pose as delivery agents, and your package is mistakenly delivered to them.

So It can be pretty challenging to keep your package or item safe from a fake agent these days, so try to stay home on the day of delivery or ask a trusted friend, relative, or hostel staff to accept your package.

You also have to be careful about how you ask someone to accept your package. Make sure that you are not making it hard for that person or making them uncomfortable. 

It’s a good thing to be honest and straightforward with them on the phone and make it clear that you want your package or item to be delivered to them rather than you. 

This will help them stay aware of what is happening, and in case something does go wrong, they can figure out how to fix it themselves.

Once you are done with work or classes, you can pick up your package from them. You should try using this method to protect your items from fake people, as it may work for you.

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What to do if the shipment takes too long to deliver?

The reasons for delays can be many, including how many mails they have, how far they need to go from the warehouse to your city location and the post office to yours, etc.

If your packages have not yet arrived, contact USPS directly for assistance. The officials will surely be able to assist you and also answer your queries about this.

If the tracking says that it is delivered to an agent, Try to find the shipment near your location and ask your family member, friends, or hostel staff about this. 

For many reasons, they may forget to give it to you. If you still cannot locate your package, contact USPS customer service and talk with them about it.

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This happens when the mail carrier delivers your package to an agent instead of you or your neighbor. An agent is a person that has been trusted with this responsibility and will be responsible for delivering it to you at a later time. 

It is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but you have no way of knowing who the agent is when you see this message. Whether it was your friend or it was someone else posing as your friend, you have no way of knowing. 

If you want to find out who the agent is, you will have to contact USPS customer service and ask them about this. But before doing this, confirm with your neighbors and family members about it.

It is because there was no one to receive the package, so there was no way for the delivery man to deliver it to you, so they gave it to someone (neighbor, friend, or someone they trust) to deliver to you.

No, the postal service does not ask for ID proof while handing over the package. This happens only in the event of special delivery.

Definitely, you can track a USPS package, and to do so, you need a tracking number, which you need to put in the search bar of the USPS’ official website. Further, the official USPS mobile app, as well as calling customer service, can also help you locate the exact location of your package as well.


It is very satisfying for us to receive an email confirmation that your parcel was delivered successfully, especially in those areas where packages have been stolen in the past. 

USPS always tries to ensure that Deliveries must be made on time, at the correct address, and must not be left outdoors unattended; however, there are times when it happens.

Considering all the information above regarding USPS Delivered To Agent and other queries, I hope you have received all the answers to your questions.

Delivered To Agent USPS is a common problem, so keep looking for a solution without getting panicked. Speak to authorities and nearby people about this issue.

If you didn’t find that shipment, contact USPS and file a complaint about that package; they will help you with this.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I’ll try my best to answer you as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, share this post with your friends and family because I am sure that sharing something fruitful in return will make you feel gratified.

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