Does The Post Office Notarize (Instead, try this)

In this article, we’ll clarify all your inquiries about what a notarization is, how notary services function, the advantages of a notary, and why a notary is important. You might also be wondering if the post office does the notarization. 

Read this entire article to learn about notarization and determine if the post office offers this service. So let’s get started.

Does The Post Office Notarize

Notarization: What Is It?

Having a document notarized entails having it signed, sealed, and witnessed by a licensed professional who is duly authorized. 

The person seeing the documents is required to record the transaction in a standard log, including the names and contact information of the signatories to the document that needs to be notarized.

The notary will impress an official seal onto the documents after ensuring that it has been correctly signed and dated and before signing their name.

Can you notarize it at the post office?

No, you can not notarize at the post office. It can occasionally occur to you to have your documents notarized at the closest US Post Office.

Post offices are federal institutions, while notaries public are a state function. The post office does not provide notary public services because it is a federally funded organization. Contrary to widespread assumption, your local post office does not offer notarial services.

A private company that offers notarization services is located in the same building. Make sure to call the closest U.S. Post Office first to inquire because not all of them provide this service.

The original post office wouldn’t include a notary public in its list of available services to customers.

Why are documents notarized?

The presence of a notary public is required for the signing of some documents. It is crucial to acquire official recognition that the signature is legitimate for papers that require identity verification. A notary public verifies that each participant is who they claim to be and is competent to participate.

Notarization proves that the identification of both stakeholders is legitimate and not a stolen or fraudulent identity. This is done to prevent fraud and guarantee that every contract or document is executed correctly. When a transaction involving property is required, financial institutions typically demand this.

What Sort of Documentation Needs to Be Notarized?

Your driving license or another kind of government-issued identification will often be needed for the notarization to be completed by the notary. 

Notarization is needed so that you can prove your identity and have the details listed on your ID and your ID number registered in the official book. Whether you are missing one, you can call to ask if there are any alternatives or learn how to obtain the necessary paperwork for notarization.

The majority of people will eventually need a notary public’s services. This could happen during the registration of new students, when buying expensive tickets, or even during leasing agreements.

Which places offer notary services for documents? 

Around a city or town, numerous locations provide notarial services. In fact, most banks offer a notarization service to their clients for a small amount of money.

A bank may decline to notarize certain documents. In this situation, you must visit a location like UPS and have the service performed by a notary public there. 

The most straightforward approach to discovering a notary public in your area is to search the internet quickly, then call the company to verify whether they offer the notarization service you need.

What Does UPS Charge For Notarization?

More than 3,500 UPS or United Parcel Service stations in the United States provide notarial services.

Several states charge a maximum of $2 per signature for these notarization services. Prices are also partially determined by the independent states.

Some states may charge up to $10 for each signature. Additionally, several states give notaries total control over pricing determination.

Therefore, you can check your state’s limit to know how much your document will cost to notarize at UPS. But you should also consider the kind of paper you are ordering.

Some of the papers that UPS notarizes may require numerous signatures, including wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, and affidavits.


A Notary Public certifies documents by notarizing them. As a result, a notary public is a public official—typically a lawyer—who has the legal authority to carry out specific tasks, including, among other things, witnessing signatures on documents and authenticating them.

Any qualified individual who has fulfilled all requirements, including those related to exams and obligations, and who has been issued a valid certificate to serve as an authorized witness to the signing of documents is referred to as a notary public.

The Postal Service provides various tools online, but notarization is not one of them. However, some businesses are bridging that gap with online notaries. These companies put you in touch with distant Notaries Public, who will guide you through the process for a reasonable price.

Yes, it is true that most of the time, notarization charges money. There are circumstances when an organization or business will request payment in exchange for providing notarization services. The owner of this business will perform it for free if you know them.

A public bank is the most feasible location among the several that provide notarial services. Almost all banks will charge a nominal fee to their customers for a notarization service.


For several circumstances, such as student registration, significant purchases, and rental agreements, notary services are required. For legal documents to be executed correctly and quickly, it is crucial to understand where Notaries Public may be found and the types of notarization services they can conduct.

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