FedEx Drop Off – All You Need To Know

Are you finding the answer that a FedEx shipment can be dropped off at the post office? You’ve come to the proper place if that’s the scenario.

FedEx is among the essential services provided. Use dropbox at the post office to drop off and pick up your packets. As a result, the distribution of the packages is made quite simple. 

With thousands of facilities around the country, FedEx takes pride in being a handy option for businesses that want help with deliveries, supplies, packaging, and shipping. 

Due to the 24-hour services, later pickup hours, and extra delivery options offered by FedEx storefronts, FedEx drop boxes, and further collaborations with large merchants, the accessibility of these sites grants small company owners greater flexibility.

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FedEx Drop Off

Is the Post Office a FedEx Drop-Off Location?

You may drop your shipment off at post offices using the FedEx smart post option. FedEx SmartPost, which you may not be familiar with, is ideal for shipping low-weight goods to your client’s doorstep. Depending on how far it is to your route, SmartPost might take 2–7 business days. 

Despite not providing many of FedEx’s usual shipping choices, the delivery service is available Monday through Sunday, seven days a week. It’s a shipping method that works well for inexpensive, light, non-perishable commodities with slow delivery acceptance criteria. 

As a result of its affordable pricing, it is well-liked by companies, primarily medium-sized and small ones. If you’re mailing to people and need to provide returns, it’s an excellent solution.

What is the FedEx SmartPost shipping label creation process?

A provider to carry your products from their source location to their final destination needs a shipping label containing all the details they need. 

It features a barcode that machines and a tracking number can read that the delivery service may utilize to provide updates. 

Unlike mailing labels, which only have the recipient’s name and address, they don’t have any other information. Every delivery needs its mailing label.

The FedEx mobile app will provide a barcode if you’re making a label on your phone using the application. Keep the barcode on your handset when visiting a FedEx Office or interacting with FedEx Ship Center. It will be scanned and printed by FedEx professionals.

You can create a FedEx label using a credit card if you don’t have a FedEx account. Email a label to the recipient or you. You can also create many shipping labels for yourself or a business if you ship frequently and Shipping discounts will be available once you set up an account. Save and retain address data for rapid label production. 

When you have created your label, you may print it. If you cannot print your label, you can get it printed at a FedEx location. To discover your nearby location, enter your ZIP code in the search box. Click the Copy and Print icon to identify businesses that provide printing services. 

If you have a shipping label in your email and need the retailer’s email address, get in touch with the team. If you provide the label to their address, they will print it from your email. Possible charges include a small fee.

How does FedEx delivery operate?

Your shipment must be appropriately bundled and sealed

Securely tape every seam on the package. Check to see that the product is undamaged and that all outdated labels and barcodes have been obscured. A maximum weight of 55 pounds is required for the package. You can use FedEx’s packing assistance.

Include the shipping label

Generate a label online or with your smartphone. You are ready to go if you already have a label. Avoid placing the label over any seams or edges while attaching it, and put it on the package’s largest surface.

Drop off at a nearby site

You can utilize a FedEx Drop Box nearby if your shipment is less than 20″ x 12″ x 6″. Consider taking your shipment and dropping it off at a retail establishment. Dropping off a package does not incur any additional costs.

How to Find Nearby FedEx Locations?

The fact that FedEx boasts hundreds of facilities around the country makes it handy for businesses that want help with packaging, shipping, supplies, and delivery. The location of the FedEx office closest to you may be found using the Locations page of FedEx. 

The information in the findings, including FedEx’s operating hours, final collection times, and additional value-added services, is valuable. 

Visit the FedEx Locations website and enter your address to discover a FedEx Office in your area. It is advised to select the More tab and tick the Copy and print services box to limit the nearby locations to just FedEx Offices. 

All around the country, there are dozens of FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Center, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, FedEx, DropBox, Walgreens, Dollar General, and supermarket shops. The availability of some of them is even around-the-clock.


You can deliver your sealed, pre-labeled package to any Walgreens location of your choice and ask a store employee for help if your online shopping return has a FedEx label.

Drop off the package at any one of their locations using the prepaid label provided by the merchant. You can leave it on your porch or in your mailbox for them to pick up or drop it off at one of their sites. 


By providing their dependable express services in several retail locations around the country, FedEx tries to show eCommerce businesses how accessible they are. 

The most effective approach to drop off parcels at the post office is to use FedEx SmartPost. In a specific location, there are several drop boxes accessible. 

The shipping will be completed as soon as you drop off your products. Therefore, dropping FedEx items off at Post Offices has become quite simple. 

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