FedEx Pickup From Home

FedEx Pickup From Home

FedEx is said to handle over 15 million shipments every day in more than 200 different nations. A ground shipment service that delivers to residential areas is FedEx Home Delivery. Compared to UPS Ground, it is quicker to more residential locations. Additionally, FedEx Home Delivery makes weekend deliveries to more residential addresses than UPS Ground. … Read more

FedEx Local Delivery Restriction – Why?

fedex local delivery restriction

FedEx Corporation, originally known as Federal Express Corporation and FDX Corporation, is a Memphis, Tennessee-based international conglomerate trading company emphasizing services, e-commerce, and shipping.  As one of the first significant shipping firms to provide overnight delivery, FedEx is best recognized today for its air delivery service, FedEx Express.  Through its Air Cargo Network contract, it … Read more

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending: What to do?

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

Is your package is set to be delivered by FedEx, and the delivery date has passed, you see a “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” message. Don’t know what it means wondering what to do next? Don’t worry; by reading this post, you’ll understand how it works as well as what you can do next, so keep … Read more

Does FedEx Xray/Scan Packages – Yes, But…

Does FedEx Xray_Scan Packages

Do packages get scanned by FedEx? You may have that query for a variety of reasons, and it is a genuine one. All parcels must be x-rayed by courier firms before being accepted for delivery for security reasons. Although there have been many inquiries about FedEx and the x-raying of goods, the majority of x-raying … Read more

What Does Departed from Local Distribution Center Means?

What Does Departed From Local Distribution Center Means

What does that mean when your package says it’s Departed From Local Distribution Center? Is it going to a different state or country? What happens if it doesn’t arrive on time? These are all questions you may have, and we’re here to answer them. Keep reading to learn more about the local distribution center and … Read more

FedEx Tracking Is Not Updating: Here’s the solution

FedEx Tracking Is Not Updating

FedEx is one of the most popular shipping services in the US. They are known for their quick turnaround times and affordable rates.  However, customers may experience problems with FedEx’s tracking system not updating accurately. This is a problem that many people have experienced, but there are ways to fix it!  A blog post about … Read more

Can I Pickup A Package From FedEx Before Delivery?

Can I Pickup A Package From FedEx Before Delivery

So, you’re eagerly waiting for that one package to arrive, but it seems like it’s taking forever! You may be wondering if there’s any way to speed up the delivery process or Can I Pickup A Package From FedEx Before Delivery. Well, luckily, there is a way to pick up your package from FedEx before … Read more

What does FedEx status Package not due for delivery mean

What does FedEx status Package not due for delivery mean

Got FedEx status Package not due for delivery and don’t know what it means? When will the package be delivered to you? Read the post till the end to know all about it. What does FedEx status Package not due for delivery mean? FedEx has your item ready for delivery but won’t execute so until … Read more

FedEx Stuck on Label Created – what to do?

FedEx Stuck on Label Created

It irritates both the sender and the recipient when FedEx is stalled on “Label Created.” The receiver starts to doubt if the package has really been sent.  When you’re the sender and properly sent the shipment through FedEx, you might be puzzled why there haven’t been any more updates. Continue reading to find out more. … Read more