Getting a USPS PO Box – The Process

For those who frequently travel or run a business privacy is key. A USPS PO box can provide the solution by offering secure mail storage and discretion for all your correspondence needs. With so many benefits its no wonder why more people are turning to this option as their preferred method of communication. Don’t miss out on what could be an essential tool in keeping you organized!

Are you considering renting a PO box but still have unanswered questions about the application process and pricing? Don’t worry! My article has all of your answers.  Keep reading to find out more!

Getting a PO Box With the US Postal Service

Reserving a USPS PO box is simple – just choose between online or in person at your local Post Office. To complete the process you’ll need to present two forms of identification: one primary with an image and another secondary as proof of address. The PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box Service must also be completed beforehand. Remember that both types of IDs are crucial components in securing your mailbox rental successfully!

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How to Get a USPS PO Box

To obtain a PO box, you can either visit your local Post Office or utilize the online option available on Both methods are equally effective and convenient for applicants looking to secure this service quickly and efficiently.

For those who prefer to apply in person, make sure you follow the guidelines outlined below: 

  • The rewritten text should be concise and between eight and twenty four words long.
  • Fill out all necessary information on PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box Service.
  • To verify your completed form, bring along two forms of acceptable U.S identification (one with a photo and one without) to the Post Office. Remember that both must be up-to-date for verification purposes.
  • To secure your preferred PO box size and rental period (three, six or twelve months) simply pay using a credit/debit card. You can also complete the application process at any post office other than where the actual box is located. Don’t forget this important detail!

To apply online, follow the instructions provided below: 

The rewritten text should be between seven and twenty one words in length.

  • To secure a PO box, simply input either an address or zipcode under “Reserve a New PO Box.” Once you’ve found the location that works best for your needs click on it in either list form or map view.
  • To select your desired PO box size and payment plan simply choose from three, six or twelve month options. Once you’ve made a decision click “Continue.” Its that easy!
  • To complete the PO Box Online Application (PS Form 1093) and proceed with payment information, you must first agree to its terms and conditions. Follow these steps carefully for a seamless process.
  • Choose your payment method and input your card details.
  • To ensure that you understand the refund policy thoroughly read it carefully. Once satisfied click on “I accept” to confirm your agreement with its terms and conditions. This will enable us to process any future requests for refunds efficiently. Remember: Ignorance is not an excuse when dealing with legal matters!
  • Before submitting your application, take a moment to review the payment and application pages for any errors or inconsistencies. This will ensure that everything is accurate before moving forward with the process.

After submitting your PO box application, you’ll receive a confirmation page with an overview of the order details and activation instructions. Follow these steps to activate your new mailbox quickly and easily!

To reserve your box at the Post Office, you must present both forms of identification and PS Form 1093 within thirty days. The printed form should be brought along with you when visiting the location for verification purposes. Remember that this is a requirement before proceeding further in securing access to our services. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive towards providing excellent customer service.

Once all checks have been completed successfully you’ll be given access to your keys or box combination.

How To Open A USPS PO Box

To obtain a PO box number and retrieve your keys from USPS, you must present two valid IDs (one photo ID and one non-photo). This requirement ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the mailbox. This helps prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft or stolen packages.

To confirm your identity when using an ID it must be up to date (i.e., not expired) , contain sufficient information for verification purposes and have a traceable source.

Social Security cards, credit cards and birth certificates are not considered acceptable forms of identification.

For those who are looking for an alternative to traditional identification methods USPS offers the following options:

  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID
  • Military, Government or Recognized Corporate ID
  • For individuals who are not U.S citizens by birth the following documents may be required: passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization. These serve as proof of legal status in America and should always be kept up to date.
  • Current Lease, Mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • Voter or Vehicle Registration Card
  • Home and Vehicle Insurance Policies

To obtain a post office box you must fill out PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box. This form allows individuals to add their spouse or children as well as business partners who have access rights to the mailbox. The process is straightforward and ensures that only authorized parties can receive correspondence through this channel. By following these steps carefully one can rest assured knowing that all incoming messages are securely delivered without any interference from unauthorized sources.

To ensure that all applicants (excluding minors) listed on Form 1093 are properly identified, two forms of identification must be presented. This requirement applies to everyone regardless of their age or background. The importance of this measure cannot be overstated as it helps maintain the integrity and security of our system. By following these guidelines we can work together towards a safer future for ourselves and generations yet unborn.

Finding a PO Box Near You

To locate nearby Post Office locations, simply utilize the search bar under “Reserve a New PO Box” on the USPS website. This feature makes it easy to find what you need quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste any more time searching for information – use this tool today!

To find the nearest location simply enter either your zip code or full address on our site. We’ll provide you with an accurate list of options in no time at all!

With our platform you can easily identify which PO box sizes are available at each location and what additional services they offer (such as Premium PO Box Services or Parcel Lockers). This makes it easy for users to find the perfect fit for their needs.

USPS PO Box Pricing

The cost of renting a USPS PO box is influenced by several factors, including the size of the box rented and its duration. Additionally location plays an important role in determining pricing.

Box Size

The size of your box can significantly impact its cost. As such it is essential to consider the five different sizes available through USPS PO boxes: extra small, small medium large and extra large before making a decision on which one suits you best. Remember that each option has unique features so choose wisely based on what works for you!

Its no surprise that smaller boxes come with a lower price tag than larger ones.

To clarify the dimensions of each box size we have provided a concise summary below:

  • If you’re looking for a compact storage solution that can hold up to 15 letters or two rolled magazines consider an extra small sized option measuring at just 3 inches by 5.5 inches in size. This space saving design is perfect for those who need more room but don’t have much area available.
  • Small (5″ x 5.5″) dimensions allow for storage of up to fifteen letters or five rolled magazines. This space saving solution is perfect when you need a place to keep important documents organized and accessible without taking up too much room on your desk or in your home office.
  • For those who need to store large envelopes and magazines at once, the medium size (5.5″ x 11″) is an excellent choice. Its spaciousness allows for ample storage without sacrificing organization or accessibility. With this option you can keep all your important documents in one place while still having room left over for other items as well!
  • Large (11″ x 11″) holds up to fifteen letters and two shoebox sized parcels. This size is ideal for those who need extra space in their mailbox. With its generous capacity it can accommodate a variety of items without compromising on security or accessibility.
  • If you’re dealing with multiple parcels or flat rate boxes then an extra large (12″ x 22.5″) option is the way to go. This size will ensure that everything fits securely and can be transported without any issues.

Rental Agreement Terms

The length of time you rent a USPS PO box can significantly impact its cost. Annual (12 month) rental terms are available as well as semi annual (six months) and quarterly (three month) options. Choosing the right term for your needs is crucial when deciding on which option to select.

Renting boxes on an annual or semi-annual basis comes with the added benefit of lower per month rental fees. Take advantage of this opportunity to save money while still enjoying all that box rentals have to offer!

Box Location

The rental price of a PO box is influenced by its location. The USPS classifies these boxes into two categories – competitive and market dominant based on their positioning within the postal system. This classification determines how much renters will pay for this service.

The presence of private mailboxes offered by UPS in competitive regions makes it essential for PO boxes to be located nearby. Additionally these areas are usually densely populated which adds another layer of competition for businesses offering this service.

While boxes in these areas may be more costly than those located in market-dominant locations they remain a popular choice for many consumers.

PO boxes situated in market-dominant locations are primarily serviced by USPS. Additionally these boxes tend to be located in more rural areas making them less expensive than those found in competitive regions.

Salisbury, NC is home to a market-dominant location that offers an extra small PO box rental for $26 over three months. This option provides convenience and affordability in one package. If you’re looking for value without sacrificing quality consider this opportunity today!

In comparison to renting a same sized box for an equivalent amount of time in Boston, MA (a competitive location) requires paying $43. This highlights the importance of carefully considering pricing when selecting storage solutions.

To discover the exact pricing in your area head over to the USPS website and enter your address. This simple step will provide you with all of the information that you need. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Additional Fees

Besides the previously mentioned factors, it is crucial to note that there are additional fees worth considering. These include:

  • At competitive locations you can save money by not having to pay a deposit for your first two keys. However if you need more than that the cost per key is $5.00. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!
  • In case of key duplication or replacement, we charge $9.00 for every additional two keys (after the first two).
  • Lock Replacement/Late Payment Fee: $25.00

Free USPS PO Box – Is It Possible?

If you reside outside of the USPS delivery area and are eligible for a free (Group E) PO box. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive mail without any hassle or inconvenience.

If your physical or business address meets the criteria outlined below you may be eligible for a free PO box.

To operate within the geographic delivery boundaries administered by a Post Office, businesses and physical locations must be situated in designated areas. This requirement ensures that mail is delivered efficiently to all recipients without any delays or errors. By adhering to this rule, both businesses and individuals can benefit from reliable postal services provided by trustworthy institutions like USPS.

  • The physical/business location serves as a potential letter carrier delivery point of service. This constitutes an important aspect for consideration when choosing such locations.
  • The United States Postal Service has opted not to provide letter carrier delivery services for physical/business locations.
  • Customers cannot receive letter carrier delivery through an out of bounds receptacle.
  • If you believe that you meet all of the necessary requirements do not proceed with reserving a PO box through online application. Instead, reach out to your local Post Office for further details and information.

Curious about the ins and outs of PO boxes at USPS? Our blog has got you covered with posts on how much they cost, whether or not they can be delivered to by USPS personnel and just how long it takes for priority mail express packages. Don’t miss out! Check us out today.

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