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This article will provide you with a list of gift card exchange kiosks where you can quickly trade in, sell and exchange your gift cards, as well as sell them for cash.

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Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk: What Is It?

Giving friends and family members gift cards is a wonderful gesture. If a gift card has been given to you, you might be unsure about what to do with it. Gift cards can be redeemed for cash. A gift card exchange kiosk is one method of exchanging a gift card for cash. 

Unused gift cards can be turned in at a kiosk that exchanges them for cash. You can choose to give away part of your new gift cards in exchange for cash equivalent to a fraction of the card’s remaining balance. Based on the services, a different proportion may be redeemable.

How to Operate a Kiosk for Exchanging Gift Cards?

You may use the self-service platform and follow the directions once you’ve located a gift card exchange kiosk. It’s a wise option to verify the amount on your gift card before you try to use it. You can go to the kiosk after knowing the balance on your gift card. 

Based on the configuration, inputting the gift card information into the computers is probably the first thing you need to do at the gift card exchange kiosk. 

Many gift codes have a bar code that may be swiped or scanned. After receiving it, the system examines your card details to check the balance and the reward offer.

The cashback offer will then appear on the kiosk display that you’ll need to accept. The amount of your gift card, as well as the name of the retailer, are often displayed on display before the cash offer. 

Each gift card exchange kiosk business has a different way of displaying information, but after you’ve learned about the cashback offer, you may choose whether to take it or not. 

The cash offer amount is customarily printed out on a voucher for you by the kiosk. To receive your amount in cash, present the voucher to the cashier inside the shop.

Some gift card exchanges kiosk

Visit these places to sell your gift cards for cash or trade them in for another gift card that you can genuinely use. You may discover one of these extensive, well-known facilities nearby or digitally.

1. Target

American big-box retailer Target Corporation has its corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1962, Minneapolis’ Dayton’s department company created Target as its budget segment. 

The Target locations are excellent places to exchange or acquire gift cards. When you visit Target for your regular shopping, search for the kiosk where you can exchange your gift cards for cash. This kiosk is usually located near the entrance.

2. CVS

A US retail company is called CVS Pharmacy, Inc. It is an affiliate of CVS Health and has its corporate office in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It can be possible to swap gift cards at the CVS store location closest to you if that is the drugstore you prefer. 

To be assured you’re maximizing the value of your card, you might want to compare the discounted price you’ll receive at CVS gift card exchange kiosks to other establishments.

3. Walmart

With its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart Inc. is a global American retail company that runs a chain of American supermarkets, cheap department stores, and grocery shops. 

Since they provide a wide selection of gift cards for restaurants, shops, petrol stations, and gaming platforms, Walmart is a well-known supplier of gift cards. You can swap your gift cards at the kiosk before using your cash vouchers to pay for your purchases at the cash register.

3. Walgreens

The second-largest pharmacy store chain in the US is run by an American firm called Walgreens, behind CVS Health. It focuses on providing picture services, wellness and health-related items, and prescription fulfillment. 

You might be able to swap various gift cards for cash at some Walgreens stores using gift card exchange kiosks. If you still have the original receipt, you might be able to exchange your Walgreens gift card for cash.

4. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is an online comparator and retailer of discounted gift cards located close to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Customers may use the website to browse a variety of gift card marketplaces, buy gift cards at a discount, or sell them for less than their face value. You may browse and evaluate gift cards offered by several gift card retailers on the internet.

5. Raise

Gift cards may be purchased and sold at a discount on the internet market known as Raise. On Raise, you can sell your unused gift cards and get up to 85% return. Raise makes it simple to get your money by paying you by direct deposit, paper check, or transfer to a PayPal account.

6. Gift Card Outlets

On the online marketplace Gift Card Outlets, you may exchange unlimited gift cards for your desired value. This implies that when it comes to trading gift cards for cash, you have greater power. But the main drawback is that only checks are accepted for payment and the processing time for checks is up to ten days.


Kiosks for gift cards took back unintended gift cards in exchange for cash. However, you can still locate the traditional green Coinstar kiosks in nearby stores. You may swap your loose coins for cash or eGift cards with these tiny gems, which have been available since 1992.

A gift card exchange machine is not available at Walmart. On the partner website of Walmart, CardCash, you can swap different gift cards.

The gift card exchange kiosk is available in your nearby CVS pharmacy if that’s what you want. You might be able to take your gift cards to a variety of other places to exchange them for cash.


Gift cards are like a currency locked up if you haven’t planned to use them. All your gift cards can be redeemed at a portion of their face value at a gift card exchange. 

Many popular sites, including grocery shops like Walmart and pharmacies like CVS, conveniently house these user-friendly kiosks or booths. 

In return, you may sell your gift card at the self-service kiosks and get a voucher. Many websites let you sell your gift card online if that’s what you wish to do. Unused gift cards can be utilized in different ways than being exchanged for cash. 

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