Shein Refund Without Returning An Item [2022]

Are you not satisfied with the item you recently purchased from Shein? You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking information on obtaining a refund from Shein without returning an item. 

SHEIN is one of the leading platforms for marketing fashionable clothing and continues to expand daily. 

Usually, SHEIN consumers have encountered a number of complications because of problems with order fulfillment and other challenges like returning it. 

SHEIN offers a concise description of its refund and returns procedures. However, consumers may become impatient and concerned if they wait too long for a reply.

So read this post completely to know everything in detail.

Shein Refund Without Returning An Item

How to Get a Refund on SHIEN without Sending the Item Back?

Yes, you can get a refund from Shein without returning it. However, the SHEIN order processing system is entirely responsible. You must be randomly picked by SHIEN’s return processing system to receive a refund without the item being returned. 

Your return will be examined by SHIEN’s return processing system, which will decide if a refund without a return is possible.

After ascertaining that your item qualifies for a refund without needing a return, it will select randomly if it will provide the option to you depending on that criteria. It might be pretty challenging to predict whether or not you’ll receive this offer due to its randomness.

To our valued customers, we are happy to provide you with a priority refund for this item. You are welcome to keep the item without returning it, no return label will be sent. (note: one-time chance only). This is randomly selected by our system and is not applicable to all.)

In line with the message that appears, users who receive this offer will receive a refund and will not be responsible for packaging and returning the item as indicated in the message. 

SHIEN is making this offer as a sign of good faith so as to encourage customer satisfaction on its part.

You should keep in mind that not all items are eligible for this offer, which may affect the likelihood that you will be able to receive it. 

Your return will likely be accepted if the item you are returning meets the criteria for this offer, so you will most likely be able to keep the item that you are returning.

The refund procedure will immediately start processing customers who have received this message, so they won’t need to take any additional action. Hereafter, you won’t be asked to send the item back or give any return order status.

Why Does SHIEN Let You Keep Returns?

It is important to note that SHIEN lets you keep returns primarily in order to increase customer satisfaction. 

Customers will be encouraged to shop at Shien in the future when he or she receives the offer to keep their returned item and to still receive a refund if they choose to keep it.

These kinds of signs of good faith are popular with a wide range of companies and can help to build a good reputation in the eyes of the customer. 

For an E-commerce business to be successful, it is crucial that a good relationship with the customer is established. As a result, SHIEN has adapted its business model as a result of this realization.

As well as the amount of stock that SHIEN has on hand, it is also one of the factors that play into the reason for SHIEN allowing customers to keep their returns. 

In some cases, it is easier just to let the customer keep the item rather than have to restock it and attempt to resell it to the same customer again.

How to return a product on Shein 

To ensure that you receive a full refund, be sure to stick to the following rules:

  • Items that were delivered within 45 days are easily returnable.
  • Additionally, you can exchange your order for a new one.
  • You can check the Shein website; there is a returnable list of items.
  • SHEIN does not accept the return of used, worn, or damaged orders. They ought to be kept in their original packaging, as is.
  • You should include the return package with the order receipt. In any case, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a receipt. However, you have the option to return the item.
  • Customers will receive their funds refunded via SHEIN wallet within 48 hours of a completed refund procedure. Your refund will be processed by SHEIN and might take up to seven days.

The SHEIN Return Policy: An Overview

You must know how the SHEIN return policy operates so you can submit a valid return request and get paid for the goods that didn’t live up to your expectations. 

The firm will be less capable of getting away with providing a substandard service if you become more aware of the return policies. 

If you’re not completely pleased with what you received, Shein will accept your product. Shein happily accepts returns acknowledged within 45 days of delivery, which has made the return process incredibly simple for us. 

Returns must be postmarked no later than 45 days following the delivery date. Please contact SHEIN Customer Service as soon as possible if you get a damaged or faulty item. 

Partial cancellations, swaps, or refunds are not permitted for any of the bundle promotion’s goods. Items must be returned with the original packaging and in brand-new condition. 

Items that have been used, damaged, washed, or changed are not acceptable returns. Upon your request, the refund will be started in your SHEIN Wallet or the original payment account.


Users of SHEIN are occasionally permitted to retain the package they intend to return. Giving customers this choice allows SHEIN to circumvent the hassle and costs associated with taking returns from their customers. Additionally, they send a person to collect the delivery from you and accept returns on a limited number of items.

You must wait five business days for a refund from SHEIN after you cancel an order. Your money will be returned to your wallet or account by SHEIN.

Directly contact SHEIN customer care and ask for assistance if you need to cancel a return but haven’t sent the package.

The period of time you have to return anything you’ve bought is 45 days from the date of purchase. Postmarks on return shipments must be made within 45 days of the initial purchase. Refunds won’t be given for returns that are submitted more than 45 days after the original purchase date.


After reading this post, perhaps you know how Shein refunds without requiring the item to be returned. You have 45 days from the date of purchase to make a return request if you believe an item in your SHEIN order is defective or incorrect to get a refund, exchange, or replacement. 

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