Great Value Products – Who Makes Them?

Walmart has made it their mission to provide essential goods at affordable prices for customers who seek value without compromising on quality. The retail giant achieves this through its house brand Great Value groceries which offer a wide range of products that are both delicious and budget friendly. By offering these options Walmart is able to help shoppers save money while still enjoying high-quality items they need every day. With such commitment towards providing excellent customer service, Walmart remains one of the most trusted names in discount shopping today!

Are you curious about whether there is a difference in quality between Walmart’s generic groceries and branded goods? I have the answer for you! In this guide, I’m revealing who actually makes Great Value products sold at Walmart. Keep reading to find out more!

Who Manufactures Great Value Products for Walmart?

ConAgra and Sara Lee are two of the most recognizable names in affordable groceries such as peanut butter, cheese, coffee or salsa. Walmart has also made a name for itself by producing milk from its dairy plant located in Fort Wayne Indiana. Danon Ziploc General Mills Kellogg’s Kraft – these big brands have all contributed to making Great Value products accessible at an affordable price point. With so many options available consumers can enjoy high quality foods without breaking their budget!

Interested in discovering the true manufacturers behind 27 essential Great Value products? Keep reading!

1. Walmart’s Great Value Water Comes From Natural Springs

Stay Hydrated with Great Value Spring Water from Basswood Springs, Missouri

Fill up on clean drinking water with ease thanks to our gallon sized offerings priced at just $0.80 per purchase. Our ozonation process ensures that your beverage is free from harmful pollutants and maintains a neutral pH level for optimal hydration. With one purchase you can refill multiple bottles without sacrificing quality or convenience!

Walmart’s Great Value purified bottled water originates from the Sacramento Municipal supply in California. However Canadian drinkers have stated that Niagara Bottling is responsible for producing their version of this product.

2. Cott’s Great Value Root Beer – A Review

Walmart’s store branded beer offers a cost effective solution for those looking to save money without sacrificing taste. Cott is rumored to produce Great Value root beer, which can be purchased at an affordable price of $2.28 per 12 pack containing twelve fluid ounces or just seventy four cents per bottle holding sixty eight fluid ounces. This means that customers don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes time to make their purchase decision.

If you’re looking for a root beer that tastes just like A&W’s famous brew but at a lower price point Walmart has got your back. Great Value is the answer! With almost identical ingredients as its more expensive counterpart this delicious drink will leave you feeling satisfied without breaking the bank. Try it out today and see why so many people are raving about it!

While A&W’s root beer may have its appeal it comes at a steep price – over $11 per bottle. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative Great Value offers nearly identical taste for less than half the cost. Save yourself almost ten dollars by choosing this option instead!

3. Ziploc – A Brand of Quality Zipper Bags

There are rumors circulating that Ziploc may be producing Great Value zipper bags for Walmart. While neither company has confirmed this relationship it is noteworthy how similar these two brands appear in terms of quality and design. The resemblance between them cannot go unnoticed!

If you’re looking for a way to save money on freezer bags look no further than 100 Great Value Zipper Quart Freezer Bags. At just $2.88 per pack this product is significantly cheaper than comparable offerings from other brands like Ziplocs which cost as much as $8.84 for only 74 bags! With such significant savings it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing these affordable yet high quality options over more expensive alternatives. .

For those looking for affordable options when it comes to freezer storage Walmart has got you covered. Their Great Value line includes zipper bags in various sizes at an unbeatable price point of under $7 per pack of 70-100 pieces. The quality is guaranteed so why not give them a try?

4. Danon’s Great Yogurt and Greek Yogurts

Are you aware that Great Value yogurt and Greek yogurts are allegedly manufactured by a subsidiary of Danon? If so, why not indulge in these equally delicious options at an even more reasonable price point when choosing Great Value.

When it comes to low fat vanilla yogurt Great Value offers an incredible value with their family sized pots (32oz) priced at just $1.74 compared to Danons equivalent which costs over a dollar more at $2.78. Every penny counts these days so why not choose the option that saves you money?

Customers can indulge in a variety of flavors when it comes to yogurt at our store. From mixed berry and peach to key lime, blueberry strawberry banana orange or cherry Greek yogurts are available for purchase either as 32 oz pots (priced between $8-$10) or smaller cups measuring four six ounces each priced around $1.45-$1.65 per serving size. Come try them all!

5. Great Value Ice Cream – A Taste of Breyers

Walmart has shared that Great Value ice cream in sweet flavors such as vanilla, cookies and cream, unicorn sparkle, fudge tracks, and strawberry shortcakes (and more!) are crafted by Wells! With over 30 years of experience perfecting this product line Wells guarantees an exceptional taste every time.. Don’t miss out on trying these delicious treats for yourself today!

For those who can’t resist Breyers delicious ice cream Walmart has a solution: Great Value. With savings up to 30% on their 48 oz tubs priced at $2.97 compared with Breyers for $4.18 you won’t want to miss out! Try it today and indulge in the sweetness without breaking your budget.

6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ

Have you heard the rumor that Walmart’s Great Value potato chips are actually made by big brand UTZ? While there may not be a noticeable difference in taste between these two brands there’s definitely an impact on your wallet. With UTZ priced at 22 cents per oz and Great Values costing only sixteen cents per oz – it’s clear which option offers better value for money! So why pay more when you can get great quality snacks without breaking the bank with Great Value?

If you’re on the hunt for a budget friendly snack that won’t break your bank Great Value potato chips are worth considering. With their bulk availability through UTZ they offer an affordable option without sacrificing quality or taste. Don’t miss out! Try them today and see what all the fuss is about.

7. Great Value Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Why spend $4.68 on a 40 oz jar of Peter Pan original peanut butter when you can invest in Great Value creamy peanut butter for only $4.34 (which comes out to just 6.8 cents per oz)? It’s an easy decision! Make the smart choice and save money with this affordable option today..

ConAgra produces Peter Pan and Great Value goods in the same factory.

Walmart offers a diverse range of peanut butter options that won’t break the bank. Choose from smooth, organic, crunchy or powdered varieties as well as honey roasted and grape jelly stripes all priced under $10 per jar.

8. Great Value Paper Towels – Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has teamed up with Walmart to produce household essentials such as paper towels for their discount brand Great Value. These products are manufactured using P&Gs 31 paper-making sites across the U.S. This collaboration is a testament to both companies’ commitment towards providing high quality yet affordable goods to consumers nationwide.

For those looking to use paper towels everyday, Great Value has got you covered. offering packs of 4 at $5.22 or heavier duty options that come in packs of 24 priced at just under $15 (that’s only $1.25 per sheet!). This is an excellent choice for anyone who needs reliable and affordable paper products on a regular basis..

9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant Makes Great Value Almond Milk

Walmart’s decision to produce cows milk at their dairy plant could also lead them into manufacturing almond milk under the Great Value Brand. This move has a high likelihood of occurring in the near future.

The precise origination of milk available at your local store varies depending on location. Other well known dairy suppliers include Meadow Gold Dairy and Borden Dairy Company who also produce their own brands.

Almond milk is a popular choice for many people but it’s often expensive. However Walmart’s Great Value brand has made it more accessible with their half gallon chocolate twist costing only $1.98 – making this delicious drink far easier on your wallet!

10. Great Value Salsa – ConAgra Products

ConAgra has acquired Peter Pan’s salsa recipe and is now producing it under the name Great Value. This move by ConAgra allows them to offer their customers a delicious new product at an affordable price point. So why not give this tasty treat a try? You won’t be disappointed!

Great Value salsa offers a remarkable selection of flavors that cater to every taste preference. From medium cantine and mild options to thick chunky alternatives with added texture or tanginess from salsa verde, mango or pineapple varieties – there is something for everyone! Organic lovers can indulge in roasted garlic infused blends while those seeking boldness will appreciate the robust nature of these unique creations.

Great Value products offer customers an opportunity to save significantly on their shopping bill. With Great Values 24 oz mild, thick or chunky salsa priced at just $1.18 compared with a branded version costing upwards of $2.68 – it’s clear which option is the smart choice for those looking to stretch their budget further without compromising quality.

11. Great Value Spices – The Same Quality As McCormick

A recent report has sparked suspicion that McCormick may be the actual manufacturer of Great Value spices due to their indistinguishable taste.

Savoring delicious meals requires adding the right amount of spices and seasoning products. However these ingredients can be quite expensive. Fortunately Walmart’s Great Value offers an affordable solution for those who want to elevate their cooking game without breaking the bank. 

For instance, you could purchase a standard sized jar containing basil leaves from McCormick at $2.44 per oz or opt instead for the Great Values version priced lower than that at just under one dollar ($0.98) per oz. By choosing wisely when it comes to shopping for your pantry essentials like this one you can save money while still enjoying flavorful cuisine!

12. ConAgra’s Great Value Flour – A Good Buy

Great Value flour is produced by ConAgra, a well known manufacturer of quality products. As they operate out of the United States through their flour milling company it makes them an ideal candidate for producing this popular brand.

Walmarts alternative offers the most affordable option in their grocery market. Great Value flour is manufactured either domestically or within Canada.

Why settle for paying $9.10 when you could save money by opting for Walmart’s Great Value flour? With the same quantity of Gold Medal branded flour costing just $5.98 there’s no reason not to make this smart choice!

Great Value has introduced a new line of flour that caters to all your baking needs. The range includes unbleached, self raising and almond as well as coconut options available in 5lb bags for under $5 each. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

13. Great Value Ketchup – The Heinz Taste

Great Value, a popular brand owned by ConAgra, has many products that are widely loved. One of them is their condiments such as ketchup which tastes just like Heinz!

Our investigation into the ingredients lists of both products revealed a striking similarity. We were surprised by how similar they are!

Heinz ketchup costs $4.49 for a single 64oz bottle which is almost equivalent to purchasing two Great Value ketchups at $5.84 each! The difference in price between these brands may surprise you. Consider carefully before making your purchase decision based on this information.

14. Great Value K-Cups – Sara Lee Manufactures

If you’re searching for an inexpensive yet tasty way to begin your day consider Great Value K cups from Walmart. According to online reports these coffee pods are produced by Sara Lee under the brand name Master Chef. With their affordable pricing and delicious taste they offer a great value option that won’t break the bank!

For those who enjoy a good cup of coffee but don’t want to break the bank Walmart has got you covered with their Great Value K cups. featuring flavors like Donut Shop, Columbian and French Vanilla among others!  For just $14.92 (31 cents per cup) you can purchase packs containing forty eight pods – that’s significantly less than what Starbucks charges for its set of forty four at an eye watering cost of $28.98 or sixty six cents each! So why not treat yourself without feeling guilty about spending too much? Get shopping today!

15. Agaia Makes Great Value Laundry Detergent Eco-Friendly

In 2013 Walmart teamed up with Agaia to produce environmentally safe laundry detergent under the Great Value brand. This partnership was a significant step towards sustainability and responsible consumption for both companies. By offering eco-friendly products like these, they are helping consumers make more informed choices about their purchases while also reducing negative impacts on our planet.

Customers can continue to purchase the eco safe liquid detergent with either a clear or lavender fragrance for $7.98, containing 100 fluid ounces (total of 64 washes!). This product is an excellent choice for those who prioritize sustainability and effectiveness in their laundry routine. without compromising on quality. Try it out today!

Say goodbye to Tides equivalent product priced at $11.97 for 92 fl oz and hello Great Values cost effective solution that costs just 8¢ per fl oz compared with Tides higher price of 18 cents per fl oz. This means you can get more bang for your buck when choosing Great Value over its competitor!

16. Savant Systems (Formerly GE Lighting) Offers Great Value Bulbs

Savant Systems recently acquired The Bucyrus Lamp Plant from GE Lighting and has been producing Great Value light bulbs there. However Walmart is reportedly looking to shift much of their production overseas – specifically China – for these products. It remains unclear what impact this decision could have on the future success of both companies involved in this transaction.

Don’t waste your money on expensive branded light bulbs when you can get the same results with Great Values alternatives. Invest in our products instead and save up to $10.88 for 12 light bulbs (equivalent to just 90¢ per bulb). After all, they serve one purpose: illuminating your space! So why pay more? Choose wisely by choosing Great Value today.

17. Great Value Cheese – ConAgra

Great Value cheese is produced by ConAgra in numerous states across America. Walmart offers a range of Great Value shredded cheeses, blocks, squares and sprays for customers to choose from.

Don’t settle for overpriced cheeses when you can purchase Great Value medium cheddar in 16-ounce quantities at an affordable price of $3.36. This is a smart choice that won’t break the bank but still delivers great taste and quality.

As a customer you’ll be delighted with the taste (and cost) of our cheese. It’s gluten free and packs in plenty of protein and calcium! Don’t miss out on this delicious treat that will leave your belly full and satisfied.

18. Walmart’s Great Value Coffee Is Made By Sara Lee

Sara Lee has capitalized on Walmarts affordable coffee by marketing it under their Great Value brand. This strategic move allows them to offer customers an inexpensive yet high quality option for their daily caffeine fix.

For those who enjoy a good cup of coffee Great Value has got you covered with their roasted ground coffee. Available in 48 oz pots for just $7.92 (16.5 cents per oz) or even better – grab two at once and save big time! The cost drops down to only $14.88 (just fifteen cents per oz). Compared to other branded options sold by Walmart which often exceed twelve dollars for smaller quantities this deal is truly unbeatable. great value offers an excellent product without breaking the bank! Don’t miss out on these savings- order today!

19. Great Value Coffee Creamer by Sara Lee

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your coffee experience without breaking the bank, consider trying Great Value coffee creamer. This affordable option will take your morning brew from good to great in no time at all! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – give it a try today and see what all the fuss is about!

Sara Lee, renowned for producing many of Walmart’s great value coffee products is likely responsible for creating Great Value coffee creamer.

Nestle’s Coffee Mate coffee creamer enthusiasts who shop at Walmart will be delighted by the affordable Great Value option. With its dairy and cholesterol free composition customers can save almost $15 compared to other brands that cost more than twice as much! The fact that each ounce only costs ten cents makes it hard not to choose this budget friendly alternative for your daily cup of joe. Don’t miss out on such an incredible deal!

20. Great Value Cookies – The Girl Scout Cookie Alternative

For those seeking a taste of Girl Scout cookies without having to wait for the next fundraiser head over to Walmart. They offer Great Value cookie flavors inspired by this iconic brand. Don’t miss out on these delicious treats!

For those looking for a sweet treat without breaking the bank Great Value has just what you need! With their cookies priced at only $1.38 per box compared to competitors who charge upwards of four dollars – it’s clear why shoppers are flocking towards this brand. new flavors like caramel, coconut and mint chocolate have been added to their lineup exclusively sold through Walmart stores nationwide. As an established player in the food industry Sara Lee & ConAgra likely produce these delicious treats alongside other essential products under the same label name. which means consumers can expect consistent quality across all offerings from both companies. So go ahead indulge yourself with affordable luxury today by trying out some tasty Great Value cookies!

21. Walmart’s Great Value Cereal Made By General Mills And Kellogg’s

Walmart’s Great Value Cereal – Who Makes It?

Why pay $3 for a 24 oz box of Kellogg’s frosted flakes when you can get Great Values version with the same amount of cereal (11¢ per oz) at only $2.93? This small change could save you some serious money in the long run! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cut back on unnecessary expenses and start saving today. while enjoying your favorite breakfast foods!

Great Value offers a variety of cereals that are identical to popular brands but at an affordable price point. Shoppers can choose from options like cinnamon crunch, berry crunch, honey oats and honey nut O’s – all designed with budgeting families in mind. With these choices available shoppers have more flexibility when it comes time for breakfast or snack time!

22. George’s Prepared Foods Great Value Bacon

George’s Prepared Foods, based in Caryville Tennessee produces pork products such as bacon for Walmart’s Great Value line. With its affordable price tag and exceptional taste comparable to big brands why not opt for this option? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality!

For those who crave a salty treat without breaking the bank Great Value original hickory smoked bacon is an excellent choice. priced at just $3.47 per pound (nearly half that of Oscar Mayer hardwood smoked bacon’s price tag of $6.98). This affordable option will give big brands some serious competition!

23. Great Value Bread by Sara Lee

Bread is an essential part of most people’s daily diet so who produces it? Sara Lee Company manufactures Great Value bread alongside Rainbo buns, Nature’s loaves and other products in their factory. This proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing affordable options like Great Value. Don’t compromise on taste or value with this versatile brand!

In comparison to Nature’s Own bread which costs $10.99 a 20 oz loaf of whole wheat bread for only $1.48 is an obvious choice at just seven cents per ounce! The decision becomes clear when you consider the price difference between these two options.. It truly makes sense to go with what provides better value for your money – without sacrificing quality or taste.

24. Great Value Butter – Land O’Lakes

Walmart has teamed up with Land O’Lakes and BlueBonnet to produce Great Value butter in the same locations where they manufacture their own branded products. As a result you can find both brands at Walmart stores across America. But which one is more affordable?

When it comes to purchasing butter for your household needs you may be tempted by the seemingly lower cost of Great Values dual pack offer. compared with Land O’Lakes single stick option. However upon closer inspection we find that this is not necessarily true – in fact quite the opposite! By buying two sticks instead of one from Land O’Lakes (which costs $5.88)  gives us a total price per oz at just $18.40 whereas if we opted for Great Values deal ($2.57) we would end up paying more overall due to its higher price per oz at $32.10. So when making decisions about which product offers better value always do thorough research beforehand so as not get caught out by misleading marketing tactics!

25. Great Value Beef Jerky – A Cheaper Alternative To Jack Link’s

Walmart has partnered with Land O’Lakes and BlueBonnet to produce Great Value butter in the same facilities where they manufacture their own brand of butter. As a result you can find both brands at Walmart stores across America. However when it comes down to price which one is more affordable?

When it comes to purchasing butter there are two options available – Land O’Lakes or Great Value. The former sells at a higher price point of $5.88 for an eight stick pack while the latter offers half that amount ($2.57) for just four sticks. This means that if you opted for the Great Values version over Land O Lakes then you would be paying approximately 32 cents per oz compared with around eighteen cents per oz from their competitor. new paragraph: But which option is more cost effective? To determine this we need to compare prices on an equal basis by converting both products into equivalent units (oz). By doing so we find that Great Value butter costs roughly thirty-two cents per oz whereas Land O Lakes costs only eighteen cents per oz – making it significantly cheaper than its rival! So when deciding between these two brands consider carefully whether quality and convenience justify spending extra money on Land O Lakes versus saving some dough with Great Value.

26. Walmart’s Great Value Milk Comes From Its Own Dairy Plant

Walmart has taken a proactive step towards ensuring customers receive the best value for their money by opening up its own dairy plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The facility produces gallon jugs of whole milk alongside 2%,1% skim plain and chocolate flavored milks under Walmart’s Great Value brand name. This move allows shoppers to enjoy freshly made quality products at an affordable price point without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Walmart is reportedly set to acquire milk from 25 nearby farms within a radius of 210 miles as part of their new facility plans. This move will allow them access to fresh and locally sourced dairy products for customers in the area. With this initiative Walmart continues its commitment towards sustainability while supporting local agriculture at the same time.

Great Value milk is able to offer a lower price point compared to outsourced brands due to its local sourcing. This translates into significant savings for consumers who opt for Great Value whole milk at just 3¢ per fluid ounce (equating to $3.57 per gallon). In contrast Parmalat’s offering costs an additional four cents more per fluid ounce making it significantly less cost effective overall.

27. Kraft – Great Value Mayonnaise

If you’re a fan of mayonnaise then we have some great news for you! It’s been rumored that the world renowned brand Kraft is responsible for producing Great Value Mayonnaise. Although there are differences in pricing between these two products they share similar packaging designs. So if you love this condiment and want to save money without sacrificing quality look no further than Great Value Mayo by Kraft!

When it comes to purchasing mayonnaise at an affordable price point, Great Value is the way to go. Their 42 fluid-ounce jar costs just $3.88 (equivalent to only eight cents per fl oz) compared with Kraft’s similar product which will set you back almost a dollar more. This makes choosing between them quite simple – opt for value over cost!

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