What Does In Transit To Destination Mean? – Everything You Should Know

Sometimes the USPS notifier says that The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination. If you don’t understand this and want to know, What Does it Mean? Follow this post.

There are many services that USPS offers to its customers, including tracking services. The tracking features allow customers to check on any packages they have shipped or coming from somewhere.

Tracking shows a progress bar. Often you can see The Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination or some other status which may confuse many people, such as yourself.

Here we have tried to provide all the necessary details about USPS tracking status to clarify any doubt you might have.

Let’s get the answer from this post,

What Does In Transit To Destination Mean

What Does In-Transit To Destination Mean?

Whenever your package is shipped through USPS, or you have any packages that you ship to a destination, USPS will begin processing it in order to deliver it to the destination, 

When the processing is done, then it gets sent to the delivery location in what we call the Item Is Currently In Transit To The Destination.

How Much Time Does USPS take to deliver the package?

There is no specific delivery time; it depends on the shipping location to the destination, how many parcels they have to deliver, etc. 

Most of the services take guarantee to deliver product within an estimated time like USPS mail express, It usually takes a short time to reach your delivery location, in the rare case, it may take longer but mostly it delivers package on time.

Other USPS tracking status with meaning

There are different coloured progress bars which you’ll notice on their website while tracking your packages. It may raise a lot of questions like what is that, what does that mean?

Here’s the thing,

Every progress bar shows you the status of your shipment like your products’ current status, where they are now, and so on.

Let’s know about all of that,


A lot of people are confused about “What does pre-shipment mean?” Therefore, pre-shipment means USPS got all your mail or shipment information.

If Pre-shipment status shows on your shipment, it means they have received your shipment but have not started processing yet.

In short, USPS has received information regarding the shipment and has yet to begin processing it. As soon as they start processing it, the status will automatically change.


Not sure what Accepted means? Accepted is the second step of the tracker; it means USPS accepted your shipment.

USPS will notify you that your package or shipments have been accepted when your package or shipments have been given to USPS, and USPS accepts the order.

In Transit

A package is in Transit means USPS mailed the package, and now it is on its way to its destination.

When you see In Transit in your status bar, it means your product is headed toward your location or the item is in Transit to your destination.

Basically, your package is in Transit, and it will arrive at the delivery destination within a few days. I hope now you’ll understand this.


The Delivered status is the most popular tracking status that everyone wants to see because it indicates the package has been delivered successfully to the customer.

If you don’t receive your package, but it shows as delivered, you can check your delivery status and the name of the person who received your product by checking tracking page, so you can easily verify with them.

Status not available

When you are tracking your shipment, and you see “Status not available,” it means that your tracking ID is either incorrect or there hasn’t been an update yet.

Do not panic if you see this status. Recheck your tracking id or try again after some time.


When your package is shipped, however, an issue arises that could cause a delay in delivery that may delay your package.

If Alert status appears in your shipment, please contact customer support to know what is going on, and you will also receive an update on the situation.

Multiple tracking numbers

If you enter multiple tracking codes, but the website fails to list the packages’ details, I can tell you that it is not possible to see all the details on a single page at a time.

There are multiple tracking identifiers, you must click the “plus” sign next to each tracking number to get further details about that package.

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As you see above, the details related to What Does It Mean When USPS Says The Package Is In Transit To The Destination and other tracking status meaning, I hope you get to know all the info from this post.

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