Metro NY Distribution Center – why and what to do?

Have you got “Arrived at Metro Ny Distribution Center Arrived” status while tracking your package and don’t know what it means? Don’t worry, here you’ll get to know everything about it.

USPS is one of the leading courier services in the United States, known for its fastest and most reliable service. When someone sends with it, it says different tracking status types, which confuses many people.

Is it the same with you? Read the post till the end to know all about Metro Ny Distribution Center Arrived At Usps Regional Origin Facility. So let’s get started.

What does Processed through Metro NY Distribution center mean?

A USPS distribution center is a mechanized factory that is in charge of shipping out mail and packages to get them delivered where they are needed. So when you see it arrived in NY, it means it has arrived there, and it is being ready to move out towards its destination.

USPS’s transportation branch ensures your mail or packages reach their final destination as soon as possible. In order to sort the mail and parcels, they will now be put on machines that will sort them according to the zip code. 

If the zip code is within that facility’s service area, the mail will then be transported to local post offices that are served by that facility based on the zip code. 

In order to deliver your mail locally, this mail is first sorted by the local post offices, which break the mail down into individual delivery routes. You will then receive your mail from local letter carriers.

How long does it take for your package to arrive after it arrives at the Metro NY distribution center?

Several factors affect the arrival time of a package, including the weather, traffic, volume of packages, distance from the facility to the destination, and many others. So it cannot be; nevertheless, there is a higher chance that your package will arrive before the expected arrival date.

USPS gives the estimated delivery date to you based on the information provided by you. They can provide an expected date of arrival so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. 

If you have a tight schedule and want to get your package delivered before the deadline, then it is best for you to know about this tracking status.

Is there any way to make the shipping process faster?

No, there is no way to speed up the shipping and moving process when the package is shipped. You can, however, choose to ship your package faster by choosing a faster method.

Shipping methods such as priority mail express or priority mail can be chosen to get items delivered faster. However, this must be done before shipping.

Standard shipping is the cheapest and slowest shipping method, while Express Shipping is a little bit more expensive but the fastest.

However, you can choose only while sending something; there is no way to speed up the package when it is on the way to its destination.

My package is stuck in the Metro NY Distribution Center; what to do?

In most cases, packages start moving from the Metro NY Distribution Center within 24 hours; however, there could be a reason behind the package being stuck. 

Therefore, if your package seems stuck there, it could be a legitimate reason such as weather conditions, traffic, Strome, etc. However, there has been a case where the package’s barcode got damaged, and as a result, it wasn’t scanned, but it started moving toward its destination.

So wait patiently till the estimated date; there is a higher possibility that the package will get delivered to you very shortly. You can also get in touch with customer service to get updates about the package.

You can also try tracking your package via the customer service number. The Customer Service Number is available on the website.

In most cases, this happens because of some reason, such as weather conditions or traffic, and it is not a big deal.

However, there could be a case where someone received their package after many days, even weeks later than the original estimated delivery date. It could happen to you as well.

How can I make sure the package will arrive at my place?

In order to ensure your package arrives on time, it is important to provide accurate information during checkout. Be sure to include your zip code and residence address. Moreover, ensure that all the details provided by you are accurate.

Additionally, you can use the tracking number to see if the package has moved. Don’t forget to sign up for email alerts, so you’ll never miss an order update.

There is also an option to opt for a faster shipping method. Whenever you choose express shipping, the number of days will be reduced in which your package will take to reach its destination.

So make sure that you have chosen the express shipping option before checkout if you want to save time.


If your package says it arrived at the NY Metro Distribution Center, USPS has most likely processed it. It can be due to a variety of reasons such as weather or traffic. However, you can contact USPS customer service for more information about the arrival of your package. 

If your package says that this place has processed it, then it has most likely been shipped to the processing facility for sorting your mail or parcel. You can check out the tracking status of your package and see when it will be delivered.

It can take anywhere from 1 day to 10 days, depending on the origin and destination. However, waiting for up to 10 days is normal. If your package takes around five days to 7 days, then that’s great since it is indicated as well.

Metro NY Distribution Center is where packages arrive and prepare to move toward their designated destination. Basically, it’s a place that decides the next route of any package.

From there, the package will be delivered to one of your local post offices. Afterward, the package will be delivered to you. 


Basically, the Metro NY Distribution Center is just a service center. It does provide the facility for USPS to sort and process your packages. You can definitely see it as a place where most of your packages go to be processed by USPS. 

It mainly provides a platform for USPS to deliver your package to its destination in a timely manner. It may look like a small facility, but this is just the service center for sorting and processing your packages.

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