Shein Tracking Not Updating – Here’s The Truth

SHEIN is an online clothing retailer that offers one of the most affordable collections of products. All clothing is made with a dash of the newest fashions, priced as affordably as possible. 

Although it is the most convenient, online purchasing is fraught with hazards. 

You’ve placed numerous orders with this well-known internet merchant, and you look forward to the shipment.

You may examine the tracking over a few days, but you don’t notice any change. You might wonder when your package will arrive, which can be annoying.

Don’t worry. Continue reading this post. This will help you in this scenario. We have discussed everything about the SHEIN tracking update. So let’s get started.

Shein Tracking Not Updating

Why doesn’t the SHEIN tracking update?

According to the SHEIN eCommerce site’s assertions, most orders should arrive in four trading days or less. Consumers, however, are not to view any updates to their order status below “Order placed.”

Numerous complaints support this application bug in SHEIN, and customers are angry because there is no way to get in touch with someone to inquire about the status of their orders.

Additionally, even though the order is delivered at the official schedule they indicated, the rate is unchanged. This might be complicated, but if your purchase is lost in transit and you are given a choice between a refund and a new order.

You won’t be able to see a precise estimation of your package’s position if the carrier hasn’t submitted tracking information or hasn’t modified it.

Although it is uncommon, it is possible to get a package without any tracking information attached. You need to contact SHIEN and ask them to get in touch with the carrier if you think this is the circumstance.

Due to a lack of workers, shipping procedure delays have increased significantly over the previous few years. Any shipping delay will stop your cargo in the middle of the road, preventing regular tracking updates.

It is difficult to determine precisely what led to a shipping procedure delay. You can get in touch with SHIEN and ask them to contact the carrier so you can learn more. 

You may encounter an application error that is the root of your SHIEN tracking issues. Any kind of software application is prone to bugs and glitches. 

Significant SHIEN program features, such as the tracker not updating correctly, could be affected by these failures.

Remember that a shipment delay does not guarantee that you won’t receive your order.

How to Fix a Non-Updating SHEIN Tracking

Speak with Shein Customer Services

While having problems with your SHIEN tracking option, your first action should be to get in touch with SHIEN Support and ask them to look at your situation in more detail.

This will enable you to determine the location or status of your item while it is presently being delivered.

An executive will contact the shipping company to offer information on the package’s location if sufficient time has gone from the initiation of the shipment.

Following that, they will reply to you with thorough information on how to resolve your issue. 

While speaking with customer service on the phone can be trying, you can be confident that SHIEN support will make every effort to modify your tracking and display the most up-to-date details.

Make direct contact with the shipping firm.

The courier service utilized should be specified on your Shein order receipt.

To check whether the carrier service can assist, contact them with the tracking number and delivery address if your Shein tracking is not updating.

The courier might know more about the delay and the whereabouts of the shipment.

Sit tight for the tracking to update

Whether you’re having trouble with SHIEN tracking, the best way is to wait and see if it updates itself. 

Transferring shipment tracking data to your SHIEN tracker can take up to 48 hours. While expecting your tracking system to update with the latest and correct shipping details automatically can be unpleasant.

Update the SHIEN application

It’s possible that the tracking feature won’t work correctly if the SHEIN app is out of date. There are several faults and glitches in addition to incorrect processing and updating of shipment information among these problems.

The faults and flaws that might negatively affect functioning are fixed via updates for your device. Your SHIEN application won’t operate effectively if you don’t receive these updates.

Wait for the SHIEN server problems to be resolved.

In most cases, fixing your tracking problems while there is a SHIEN server outage merely requires waiting for the server’s issues to be repaired. The live shipment tracking and all other network services won’t be available if the servers are unavailable.

Usually, the SHIEN servers only go offline for scheduled upgrades, and they are immediately restarted once the problems and operation are taken care of.


Due to broader logistical problems, your SHEIN package tracking also cannot be updated. The progress of the shipment will be affected by a variety of factors, including staffing challenges, vehicle malfunctions, facility technical problems, and inclement weather.

While the status “in transit” indicates that your package is moving, there are instances when it may no longer be headed in that direction and instead be stuck at customs or delayed in one of the courier company’s depots for additional inspections.

Order processing typically takes 1-3 days. If the processing time for your delivery takes longer than expected, it’s usually because one or more items need more time.


Your SHEIN cargo tracking is not updating for a variety of reasons.

You now have all the info required to resolve your SHIEN tracking problems after reading this article. You can correctly identify your problem and solve it using the proper fix.

Dealing with shipping issues can be difficult. By educating you on the details of the SHIEN shipping and tracking procedure, this article can help you lessen your stress.

Originally posted 2022-10-01 10:00:00.

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