UPS Clearance Information Required – Explained

You’ve dispatched or are awaiting a UPS international package when you get a status update saying “clearance information required.”

For products being sent internationally, UPS requires a variety of forms. 

You may benefit from UPS’s professionalism in customs clearance to make these procedures a pleasure as an international carrier that handles millions of shipments daily to numerous locations worldwide.

What does this mean precisely, and what can you do to address it? To learn everything in depth, read this entire article.

Ups Clearance Information Required

The meaning of UPS Clearance Information Required

The UPS clearance information required status denotes that further information is necessary for customs to discharge the product for delivery after a difficulty during customs clearance.

For products being sent overseas, UPS requires a variety of paperwork. Governments typically issue these documents to keep an eye on and control the flow of products across borders. 

These documents are crucial because they let people easily traverse treaty agreements, government rules, and the settlement of customs tax rates. They also assure compliance with international shipping regulations in various nations.

In addition, your things will be held at customs if you don’t have completed documentation. Due to the resulting delays, your package won’t be able to reach its destination. Additional penalties for non-compliance may be severe. 

Various sorts of UPS Clearance Information

The procedure for clearing customs differs based on the nation and the nature of the item—such a process results in various explanations for why customs detained your package. There are many different types of clearance information needed.

The following are a few of the more typical ones:

  • Prior to distribution, import taxes must be paid.
  • Missing information about the shipper or the destination.
  • Incorrect product information such as cost, kind, weight, and quantity.

Fundamentally, the numerous possibilities imply that there is significant room for mistakes in the case of incomplete clearance information.

UPS customs paperwork that is incomplete or wrongly completed.

  • Unpaid or insufficient invoice.
  • Lacking any shipping documents.

How to respond to a UPS Clearance Information Required notification.

Any difficulties that arise following customs clearance seem to be the shipper’s obligation to handle. You must contact the shipper when you’re the package’s receiver. When you’re the shipper, get in touch with UPS.

The tracking number must be included, and you must also specify the tracking information you have received. The shipment specifics, the papers you provided, and different values should all be mentioned.

The UPS executive will probably refer you to a UPS brokerage agent who may investigate your package further to determine the necessary clearance information.

What customs-related offerings does UPS provide?

To assist you with customs clearance, UPS provides several services. Such offerings are as follows-

Brokerage & adherence: By providing this service, UPS enables customers to confidently and efficiently accommodate the flow of products across international borders, navigate intricate trade agreements, and enforce consistency with regulations.

Customs processing: Working with a UPS custom broker can help you with brokerage offerings such as international trade advice and tax clearance. 

Their services guarantee that all your documentation is appropriately completed to assure compliance and prompt shipping delivery—United Parcel Service’s Customs clearance qualifies ninety-seven percent of all packages on the same day.

UPS Zone Options: By making international trade zones simpler to utilize, UPS offers management services that will assist anyone in generating more revenue from their eCommerce site.

Commercial adherence solutions: UPS’s international trade consulting facilities can assist you in comprehending the rules that apply to foreign markets and could influence your company. 

To guarantee that your deliveries are customs compliant, prevent future conflicts, and expedite the flow of products over borders. It offers a customized evaluation of complicated criteria and compliance difficulties.

UPS business control: With international trading permits, tax deductions, safety precautions, compliance practices, free trading agreement strategic planning, denied-party monitoring, and product categorization, UPS helps lower hazards and total expenses.

Will UPS get in touch with you about the required update to the clearance information?

Occasionally, UPS will contact the shipper to discuss the clearance issue. In other situations, you will need to initiate contact and take the initial action. 

This indicates that shippers should take the initiative and get in touch with UPS as soon as they obtain the appropriate update for the clearance information.

If you see that UPS contacted the sender to get clearance information, it signifies that UPS contacted the shipper to request the necessary clearance information.

There isn’t much you, as the recipient, need to do in this situation. The shipper can take necessary action after explicitly informing what gaps are identified.

How to stop unnecessary UPS Clearance Information Required problems

Using UPS’s internal brokerage services is the most effective way to ensure you don’t encounter any difficulties with customs clearance while shipping. According to UPS Customs Brokerage, this offering contributes to the 97 percent same-day clearance of all shipments.

The purpose of these services is to guarantee that all documentation has been appropriately filled out. You could confidently export with simple words, knowing that it complies with all regulations.

It is preferred to minimize the possibility of “Clearance Information Required” alerts if you often ship abroad using UPS.



The UPS clearance information required status denotes that additional details are needed before customs will release the shipment for delivery if there was a problem with the shipment during customs clearance.

Packages are held to ensure shipments adhere to import or export customs requirements. This can be because the paperwork is missing or inadequate, you’re awaiting clearance procedures, or the authorities need more details to clear the items.


UPS clearance information required indicates that a problem was realized during customs clearance and that further information is needed before the shipment can be released for delivery.  

Customs delays may result from incomplete or poorly filled out documentation, and you may incur additional fees due to non-compliance. 

If not managed carefully, UPS customs clearance might result in dissatisfied clients over the border. If not managed carefully, UPS customs clearance might result in unhappy clients over the border. 

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