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The United States Mail Service is often widely recognized as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service. It is a separate executive branch organization in the United States that is in charge of providing postal service across the country, including its affiliated states and insular territories.

You may get domestic and international mail services through the independent government agency known as the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is in charge of delivering express mail to each and every mailbox nationwide.

They realize the necessity of providing insurance services to prevent delivery problems because they know your mail’s importance. However, you want to consider the cost, functionality, and advantages before acquiring more aid.

USPS Insurance Cost

Cost of USPS Insurance

When buying shipping insurance, price is a crucial factor. Although buying extra coverage is inexpensive, it’s necessary to weigh the expenses and dangers when sending a lot of products.

The package’s stated value determines the cost.  The USPS will need evidence of the items’ valuation in order to process an insurance payout, so this is essentially how much you declare the items are valued.

The insurance costs vary depending on the shipment; if the postal service provides no protection, you will be responsible for the total amount due. In that case, the costs would be:

  • It costs $1.65 for a value of up to $50.
  • It costs $2.05 for $50.01 to $100.
  • It costs $2.45 for $100.01 to $200.
  • It costs $4.60 for $200.01 to $300.

Between $300 and $5,000, each extra $100 of insurance costs $4.60 plus $0.90 for every further $100.

You may take advantage of the first $100 coverage for free if you use USPS services like Express Mail. The costs for supplementary insurance include the following:

  • For amounts between $100 and $200, it costs $0.75.
  • It costs $2.10 from $200.01 to $500.

Every $100 or portion of the same costs $2.10 + $1.35 for amounts between $500.01 and $5,000.

In most circumstances, buying insurance won’t be necessary, but it’s a positive start toward protecting your business from damage. 

It’s crucial to know what to anticipate and what evidence is needed in the unlikely event that you are considered it necessary to utilize your insurance.

What Makes Shipping Insurance So Important?

Despite using the leading couriers, shipping glitches still happen. The shipping process is a crucial aspect of the client’s perception. The client will always come foremost if anything goes wrong like a box mysteriously vanishing or an impacted item. 

These problems can be avoided with insurance. You may better prepare for these circumstances by being aware of the regulations, protocols, and procedures that each company has before you get insurance. 

An excellent place to start is by being mindful of the insurance included with your order and any additional coverage that could be required for delivery.

USPS’s maximum level of coverage

Standard mail delivered using First-Class Mail or Priority Mail rates is covered by USPS insurance up to a maximum of $5,000. You should sign the delivery receipt at the delivery postal service for documentation when the package you ship is priced at more than $50.

Priority Mail insurance covering loss, damage, or missing contents is available, although there are certain restrictions:

Mail you have signed for as express is deemed a correct delivery and does not require indemnification for loss. Priority Mail Express Open & Distribute insurance coverage expires when it reaches the destination postal facility.

The maximum insurance coverage for harmed items, loss, or missing contents is $100. Online claims can be submitted for insured priority express mail.

The basics of shipping insurance

For protection against probable loss, USPS lets you buy shipment insurance for up to $5,000. The cost of acquiring insurance varies according to the package’s claimed worth. 

You are not required to pay extra for insurance because it is already part of the product price for several USPS services.

Some things being shipped overseas can also be insured. For instance, Global Express Guaranteed Insurance instantly pays for losses or damages up to $100. You may obtain an extra $2,499 in insurance from USPS if the package’s worth exceeds this figure. 

Additionally, the company provides Priority Express International insurance, which covers free replacement of lost, damaged, or missing goods up to a maximum of $200 in items.


With the service carrying 5.7 billion parcels in 2017, USPS is a well-liked choice. But insurance is a crucial thing to think about before exporting. Most items will reach their destination as anticipated, but if one doesn’t or does so in a damaged state, having insurance in place is beneficial. 

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