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As Amazon Prime shipping is so rapid, they are now providing overnight deliveries. But occasionally, the same packages don’t move as quickly.

What does it mean, therefore, if you’ve placed an order and noticed that Amazon indicates it’s “Not Yet Shipped“? Will they exceed their 2-day shipping guarantee? Is the package running late? 

Find out by reading on.

What does “Not Yet Shipped” on Amazon Means?

Your order has been received but has not yet been processed, packaged, or labeled when you see the remark Not Yet Shipped under your order status at Amazon. 

This could result from the items in your purchase being gathered from various fulfillment centers or being relocated to the fulfillment center closest to you before being shipped.

In short, “not yet shipped” indicates that Amazon has not yet commenced processing your item. 

Why does Amazon take so long to ship my order?

The weather significantly impacts how quickly an Amazon delivery can get to your house. Unfavorable weather can hold up a package for a day or perhaps a few days, especially in the winter. 

Although Amazon drives its drivers to fulfill their goals, they also care about their safety.

Why isn’t Amazon sending my order yet?

Mostly every aspect of our life, including how we purchase, has been transformed by Amazon. When it began providing Two-day shipping for Prime members across the nation, it made a massive difference.

However, it is well known that inventory issues, unforeseen events, or administrative mistakes prevent this two-day policy from always being followed.

Random factors may result in the ‘not yet shipped’ indicator appearing. It might also imply that the delivery provider hasn’t picked up the order or that it hasn’t been scanned and sent out for delivery.

Preparing for shipment should appear as the next stage in your order status, indicating that your order is now being packaged, labeled, or awaiting the arrival of the subsequent shipment.

However, it is essential to note that you should contact their customer service as soon as possible if your order hasn’t been dispatched since it was supposed to.

 They will work to complete the order as quickly as they can, and they might even give you ideas of when it will get shipped.

Until the estimated delivery date is closer, Amazon will keep your item in the warehouse. This enables them to serve priority customers and expedited shippers first. 

Additionally, if the item was being transported from within your city, it’s possible that you didn’t choose the quicker delivery choices. 

Should I contact Amazon if my order hasn’t arrived yet?

According to Amazon, you should contact customer service if 36 hours have gone and your order’s status has not changed.

Using the company website’s Help page, you can contact Amazon. You will be directed to the Contact Us page if you are logged into your account.

All of your current orders will be listed here. You can write an email outlining the issue by visiting the contact page by clicking the order in which you require further information.

What Occurs If Amazon Doesn’t Ship Within 2 Days?

Due to overworked warehouse personnel or a shortage of product availability, Amazon occasionally cannot complete orders within two days. The first thing you should do if you experience any of these issues is get in touch with Amazon customer service. 

In most cases, you can get a refund for the shipping fees, if any, and if the things are not delivered right away despite your complaint, you can even get a refund for the total price of the item. 

 ‘Delayed – Not Yet Shipped’ on Your Amazon Order:

To fulfill the estimated delivery date, Amazon must ship your goods within a specified time. So you will see a “delayed not yet shipped” note on your order if it hasn’t begun packing for shipping by the end of the allotted time.

There are numerous reasons why this might occur. Unforeseen events outside of Amazon’s control are still another possibility for your order to be delayed.

Natural calamities may also cause delays. To find out the problem, you must speak with Amazon customer service. 

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Amazon Order to Ship?

Amazon orders sometimes take longer to ship. The following are some possible reasons why this might be happening:

  • In some cases, orders are going from fulfillment center to fulfillment center, so they won’t appear as Shipped until they leave the fulfillment center closest to you.
  • There may be a delay before the items are ready to be transferred to the shipper.
  • There is a possibility that it may not be available.
  • There may be technical or other problems at the warehouse that are causing them problems.
  • It is possible that the address has not been entered clearly or has been entered incorrectly.
  • The order contains multiple items, so each item needs to be collected from a separate fulfillment center before it can be shipped. This cannot be done if the order contains multiple items.

Why Has My Amazon Order Not Shipped After Two Weeks?

If your package has not shipped after two weeks, there is a possibility that there is a certain thing that is delaying the shipment.

It can be due to unavailability of items, weather problems, technical errors, or maybe others.

There’s also a possibility that the item is not available at the fulfillment center closest to you and that it is being moved from one fulfillment center to another in order to be able to be shipped to you once it has been received.

As soon as the order is handed over to the shipper for delivery, the status of the order will be changed, and you’ll soon get your package at your doorstep.


If your order displays a “Not Yet Shipped” status, Amazon may not have yet begun to prepare, package, or label it. It may also imply that the delivery provider hasn’t picked up the order or that it hasn’t been scanned and sent out for delivery.

You must contact Amazon directly if 48 hours have gone. Go to Help after signing in to Amazon. View all Help Topics. Click on “Need More Assistance?” to get in touch. You can speak on the phone or bot.

Depending on the delivery option you select, Amazon expects to prepare it for dispatch in a few hours to a few days. At least one fulfillment facility has the item in stock. They intend to qualify it for shipping within a few days.

Delivery and shipping are not the same things. Whenever a package is marked as “shipped,” it has already been placed onto a truck and is on its way to the last distribution point. The box might thus be somewhere between the source spot and the delivery terminal.

They sell their products on Amazon through the Marketplace platform. So if an Amazon seller can’t ship your item because it’s out of stock, a refund will be issued as soon as possible.


The Shipment Status of Not Yet Shipped on Amazon could indicate many different things. The order has typically been extended for whatever reason. 

It might be inconvenient and upsetting when your packages arrive late or you are unaware of their status, especially if you require the item for an urgent situation.

However, as Amazon’s customer service is among the best in the industry, there is no need to worry about this circumstance.

Call or send an email to Amazon customer support, and they should be glad to advise you if the Order Status doesn’t update within 36 hours.

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