What Does Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS) mean

Have you just noticed a tracking update that says “Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS),” and you may be unsure of what it means?

You may be wondering what the ISC Miami FL is and where your shipment is if you notice this warning. Why is your package at the ISC in New York, and what is it for? 

This article goes through everything; continue reading below to know all about it.

What Does Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS) mean

What Does Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS) mean?

The phrase “Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS)” denotes that the postal item has been scanned and the parcel has landed at the Miami International Service Center. It will be subject to inspections for customs clearance before leaving the ISC.

What is the ISC Miami FL (USPS)?

A USPS sorting facility located inside the Miami International Airport complex is called the International Service Center. The service center processes both incoming and outgoing foreign mail, as well as customs clearance. 

The primary USPS processing facility of its sort in the South East of the country is ISC Miami, Florida. 

The ISC New York NY is the short abbreviation for the New York International Service Center, a sizable clearinghouse-type facility where the USPS manages all mail and packages departing the United States as well as those coming into the country.

What Happens Inside the ISC Miami FL (USPS)?

In reality, the “Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS)” update is extremely deceptive because the alert is set out whenever a piece of mail is delivered to the facility. Both incoming and outgoing foreign mail may fall under this category.

The alert, in any case, indicates that the shipment has arrived at the ISC and has been organized for transportation. Prior to being released, it will undergo the customs clearance procedure.

To look at it another way, ISC staff members will verify arriving and outbound packages while collaborating with USPS. Following clearance, USPS or the linehaul carrier in charge of the foreign transit will receive the package.

How Long Will my Package be at the ISC Miami FL?

The time it takes for your item to depart the ISC processing center in Miami varies greatly, despite the fact that the customs clearing process is a regular practice. 

Normally, processing a small shipment via the ISC should take between one and three days.

The structure of the clearance check means that bulk imports and exports may take more time. 

Additionally included in these estimations should be the durations for unloading, sorting, and dispatching, which can cause even the delivery of a simple piece of mail to be delayed by a week or more.

My Package is Stuck at the ISC Miami FL (USPS); What to do?

You have the opportunity to approach USPS to find out why there is a delay if your package tracking status is stalled at the ISC Miami, Florida facility for longer than seven days. You are not the only one, though that likely won’t provide much pleasure. 

How to Contact the ISC Miami FL

Customers may easily conduct an inquiry about international registered, recorded delivery, insured, and ordinary parcels by calling the International Inquiry Center at 800-222-1811.

You can also report concerns about delays on the USPS ISC Facebook Page. You could also choose to speak with the USPS Inspector General Office about your grievance.

It might be challenging to tell whether a delay is the result of regular ISC operating delays or a glitch with customs procedures if you don’t receive any updates following notification.

In most cases, the remainder will cause an alert to be sent out informing the shipper or receiver of any CBP-related difficulties. But contrary to what some internet comments imply, USPS won’t divulge many details on the status of the postal item.

Basically, you should contact USPS Customer Service to discover if the tracking status does not change after seven days.


The average wait time is between three and six days, although, in unusual circumstances, it might be longer. A small shipment typically needs 3 to 7 days to pass through a USPS ISC.

The USPS is situated in Miami, Florida, at 11698 NW 25th St.


Midwest mail and parcels entering and leaving the USA are handled at the ISC Miami FL (USPS), a significant facility. Inside the building, the United States Customs and Border Protection inspects cargo to guarantee the security of American residents and compliance with the law. 

Be ready since lengthy wait periods for items arriving through the ISC are sadly all too prevalent. I really hope this article was helpful.

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