DHL Holidays 2021 – No Service Accessible from DHL

The users are highly conscious of the DHL shipping services where you can get your ample number of packages, essential documents, files, etc., delivered and that too within the stipulated time.

But as a DHL user, you need to be aware of the days on which DHL observed holidays; that is something significant you need to be careful about.


It is not possible to access DHL services on these days because DHL observes holidays on these days.

Thus we have covered such vital dates below to avoid facing any troubles in the near future if you are planning to ship your package or a document.

List of DHL Holidays in 2021

Memorial Day31st MayMonday
Independence Day4th JulySunday
Labour Day6th SeptemberMonday
Thanksgiving Day25th NovemberThursday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday26th & 29th NovemberFriday & Monday
Christmas Day25th DecemberSaturday
New Year’s Day1st JanuarySaturday

This is the list of DHL holidays Schedule in the United States, on which DHL does not deliver packages. There will be no deliveries on these days.

Here’s More

New Year’s Day: One of the most and always celebrated days all of us are aware of and celebrate is “New Year’s Day.” DHL suspends its shipping services on this day and celebrates it by welcoming “NEW YEAR.” 

Now, this becomes significant to know why DHL observes holidays on these days. Coming to Memorial Day on May 31, 2021. As the name signifies, this day is an auspicious day to recall memories of those who have sacrificed their lives while in the military. 

Thus, DHL considers it a day worth celebrating, and therefore, its stores and offices remain closed, and DHL suspends its shipping services in its remembrance. 

Again, you need to keep it in your mind to be sure to have your packages and documents, whichever you wish to be delivered a day prior at least.


Next is Independence Day. Also, as you can see, Independence Day falls on Sunday, which is usually the day when DHL remains shut. 

So, even Independence Day would have fallen a day prior or following; it would be a holiday observed by DHL, and its services would no longer be available for its customers.

Labour Day: This is observed as a holiday by DHL to workers’ hard work and efforts to help an organization this day As achieve its goals. 

So, be quick to plan your shipping order before Labour Day, else you would have to wait for DHL to continue with its facilities after the celebration of Labour Day.

Thanksgiving Day: You might be wondering about what this day is attributed to. Actually, this is a day to give thanks to the autumn harvest by the American people. 

There are no pickup services available, and DHL offices shall remain closed on this day. Be sure to plan your shipping before this day as well!

Christmas Day: We all are very well aware of this famous and recognized festive day celebrated with complete devotion all over the world. 

Many individuals, even many of us, celebrate it. DHL suspends its services, and no packages are delivered on this day. But as you are aware by reading this post, you are in no way behind to get your parcel delivered well on time!

Apart from these important dates mentioned above, you, as a DHL customer, need to be conscious about DHL Holiday Hours. Timing for that is as follows:

DHL Holiday Hours

1st of January, i.e., New Year Day- The day observes DHL shipping services closed completely, and thus no pickup and delivery services are provided by DHL. 

But just after the day gets over, DHL resumes all its essential services, and customers can begin to use these to deliver their packages.

Next is the 24th of December; here, the delivery service is open up to 4:30. Be assured to have your package out for pickup and delivery until 15:00 turns up because the next day, that is Christmas Day;

it will be closed for the whole day. Then after the 25th of December, DHL begins with its international serving of customers, and then you can book up your pickup.

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How do I handle a late delivery from DHL?

If your package is delivered late by even 60 seconds, or if it is misbilled, you may be eligible for the DHL Money Back Guarantee. Your shipping costs will be refunded in full.

Can I still receive my DHL delivery if I miss it?

Redelivery with DHL is available through their website. The tracking number will be included in the dispatch email. If redelivery is not arranged, DHL will attempt to deliver the next working day.

When do DHL working days begin and end?

The only time you can receive DHL delivery in the US is during regular business hours. Usually, Monday through Friday from 9 am-5 pm. DHL only carries out weekend deliveries for urgent packages. Although they are more expensive, they are helpful if you need to ship a package urgently.

Final Thought

So, last but not least, if you have any questions or queries regarding the DHL Holidays, comment on all of them, plus any suggestions down below. It will be an excellent opportunity for us to have all your queries sorted out. 

Further, share this list with your friends and relatives to let them be away from any inconveniences in the future. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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