Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes [Explained]

Walmart is a large international retailer with physical stores and online stores that offer a variety of goods at competitive prices. They provide vast goods and services at meager and reasonable costs. 

You may have precise primary demands for mailbox assistance, for safeguarding your privacy, or for retaining an address you use for mailing purposes. Having packages delivered to your PO boxes these days is an effortless and affordable alternative. 

You may be wondering – Does Walmart provide P.O. Box delivery? Read this article to know everything in detail.

Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes

Does Walmart Ship To Post Office Boxes?

Sadly, no state in the United States allows Walmart to deliver any items to PO box locations. Alternatively, shoppers may use USPS General Delivery for individuals without a physical address to get items placed on to their nearby post office.

There are several reasons why they might not deliver to P.O. boxes. Some are prohibited by American postal standards, while others are for many reasons, including:

 A PO box symbolizes a third person in the transaction who will receive the items, making the business accountable for unauthorized access. The box location also allows employees to take it.

FedEx and UPS are two of Walmart’s primary delivery partners for goods ordered online at or Walmart Marketplace.

FedEx, UPS, and other delivery services made it very clear that they would only deliver to street addresses, not to PO boxes.

According to UPS’s Policy on Shipping to PO Box Addresses, delivery of items to PO boxes is not guaranteed. Any incorrect addresses should also be rectified.

Possible Alternatives to get a shipment to PO boxes

Since many delivery services do not accept this, it is impossible to transmit an order placed on to a PO box. The USPS universal delivery service is an option that enables those without addresses to send products to nearby post offices.

Using to mail your Order straight to your nearby post office is an alternate strategy. To place an order, provide the address.

Additionally, you may include your PO box number as the house number while checking out at Walmart to ensure the purchase is delivered.

How do packages get delivered at Walmart?

Walmart’s fleet of delivery vehicles and personnel makes deliveries across the nation. For its Walmart shipping service, they use several outside delivery services.

Regarding online orders placed on and Walmart Marketplace, Walmart primarily employs FedEx and UPS as its delivery services.

In addition to numerous other businesses that do not enable this, neither UPS nor FedEx is allowed to deliver to or deposit parcels in a PO Box. For same-day grocery delivery, Walmart uses Spark Drivers and Instacart drivers.

Often, Walmart’s shipping service will carry heavy or oversized items like refrigerators, televisions, furniture, and appliances and will contact the consumer to arrange a suitable delivery date and time.

Only individuals who are ready to locate an overseas shipping business that can effectively transfer shipments of Walmart goods to nations outside of the United States can send Walmart merchandise worldwide.

Does Walmart Deliver To Street Addresses Subject To Any Restrictions?

Walmart does not ship internationally and exclusively offers delivery to the 50 states In the United States.

Those who are prepared to search out a foreign forwarding business that can effectively ship a shipment of Walmart goods to nations outside of the USA may ship Walmart merchandise worldwide.

Nevertheless, this must be accomplished personally, and Walmart as a business will not be involved in shipping Walmart merchandise internationally.

What distinguishes a PO Box address from a specific street address?

You can utilize the US address feature when addressing deliveries to PO Boxes for business purposes.

Home mail is frequently delivered to street addresses. PO boxes, on the other hand, are commonly used as company addresses.

A physical address and a PO box postal address might not match. This is due to the possibility that it might be different from the company’s actual location.


Walmart ships using either FedEx or USPS. Walmart contracts with these two courier providers to deliver packages. In other words, if you ordered anything from Walmart online and asked for delivery to your address, you’ll get your product via FedEx or USPS.

Walmart provides trustworthy shipping services for goods bought on and its Walmart Marketplace within the United States. However, they regrettably do not deliver to any PO boxes.

You can easily pack, ship, and print at a few Walmart locations across the country.

Send a copy of your police report on your lost merchandise, with your order number and contact information, to Walmart’s official email address to speed up the process. After that, give Walmart 24 hours to respond with information about a refund or replacement shipment.


Walmart provides excellent, dependable shipping service inside the United States for products bought digitally at and Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart cannot deliver to PO Boxes. You, as a client, may have an issue with this. It would benefit if you looked at an online retailer that ships purchases by USPS. Every address, including PO boxes, is delivered by USPS. 

USPS service is dependable and recognized. USPS will serve PO box locations as a reliable and well-respected delivery service in the USA.

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