FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending: What to do?

Is your package is set to be delivered by FedEx, and the delivery date has passed, you see a “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” message. Don’t know what it means wondering what to do next?

Don’t worry; by reading this post, you’ll understand how it works as well as what you can do next, so keep reading.

FedEx manages millions of packages every day and delivers them to the delivery destination.

However, when the package reaches the post office for the delivery process, the tracking status shows FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending which confuses many of us.

However, scheduled delivery doesn’t mean that your package has been lost or it will not be delivered, scheduled delivery simply states the delivery process was scheduled but due to a few reasons, there are delays in deliveries.

But don’t worry, the delivery process will not take a couple of days, it will get delivered within the delivery estimate day. let’s know about it in detail.

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending: What Does it Mean?

Scheduled Delivery Pending FedEx means that the delivery day has been scheduled but that there was some sort of delay in preparing the package for pickup, so it will not be delivered today, one can expect it on the next day.

It may also mean that a notice about a missed pickup was sent to the recipient but never reached them or was not correctly read.

Usually, the package will be delivered by the next business day, but if it wasn’t picked up or left with a neighbor, you could contact FedEx, and they will reschedule the shipment.

How Can I see exactly where my FedEx package is?

FedEx provides many tracking options. By using the FedEx tracking number, you can monitor the location of your package in real-time. This is a special service which keeps you updated about the shipment.

The FedEx website allows you to track your package with the tracking code in real-time.

  • Access the FedEx tracking service page [Follow the link].
  • Insert your tracking number into the field provided.
  • Click Track to begin the tracking process.

If you do not have a tracking number, you can still track your package by using the reference number provided by FedEx.

The FedEx tracking information will show you if a package has been scheduled for efficient delivery that day, and then it will give you details about where the package is at the moment.

If it says “Scheduled Delivery Pending,” you can keep an eye on the website until the message changes to show the delivery status update.

Why is FedEx taking so long to deliver:

FedEx scheduled delivery is delayed for many reasons. The company states that delays can be caused by:

  • Areas of service
  • in handling packages
  • in inclement weather
  • customs clearance
  • Holiday season
  • Traffic Jam
  • Numerous shipments
  • Shipping Address Error

In the absence of specific information regarding the delay in the delivery commitment of this particular shipment, it is impossible to determine which of these factors may be involved.

There is no way to predict when pending packages will be delivered.

Nevertheless, there are some measures you can take to control the problem. The first step you can take if you are experiencing tracking difficulties is to contact FedEx.

Aside from their tracking updates, they are the only ones who can track or share information about the package.

Additionally, you can contact the post office to find out more about the shipment, such as where it is or when it will be delivered. The information you get from these two sources is often different, so it is best to use both at the same time.

How to see the date that my package was scheduled to be delivered?

The FedEx tracking system will show the exact date and time that the package was scheduled to be delivered.

If you see that a package was going to be delivered on a certain day, but a notice arrived after that day saying that it was “pending” delivery, this means that your package has not been automatically dropped off.

It is possible that it is still in transit, or there may be some sort of an issue with the pickup or delivery. You may need to contact FedEx to ask about the tracking status updates about the package.

How accurate is FedEx’s scheduled delivery time?

FedEx is a company that prioritizes the safety of its packages above all. Each box has a delivery schedule time according to which it should arrive at its destination.

The shipment is the fastest that can be made for each route, and in most cases, the actual delivery time will completely coincide with what you have been told.

Package delivery timelines get delayed due to many reasons such as inclement weather, bad weather conditions, vehicle delay, tracking process error, handling packages, etc and everything depends on the factors enumerated by FedEx unless you have a very unusual case.

So the Delivery times shown on the FedEx website should be used as a guide only and may be delayed by reasons beyond FedEx’s control.

In any case, it is worth contacting FedEx if your package has not been delivered yet. You can contact them through their website or call the FedEx customer service number located on the shipping label.

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FedEx scheduled delivery pending for days – what to do?

If you have been seeing a “FedEx scheduled delivery pending” message for a couple of days and your package has not been delivered, it is best to contact FedEx about the issue. The most likely cause of this problem is an error in the delivery address.

If the information shows that your package was scheduled for delivery on a specific date, but you did not receive any notice about it, there may be something wrong with your address information.

If you did receive a notice, but it was left with someone else, you may need to visit the post office to have the information changed. If you are able to confirm that your address is incorrect, FedEx will be able to deliver your package.

If for some reason, the scheduled delivery has been delayed to a specific date and there is not enough time for them to reach you, then they will reschedule it for another day or ask that you make alternate arrangements.

To be on the safe side, it is best to know exactly where your package is at all times. The more information you can get and the quicker you can get it, the easier it will be for FedEx to find your package and deliver it.

Why does FedEx say no scheduled delivery date is available at this time:

Usually, when a package is scheduled for delivery, the system will automatically generate the date. Occasionally, there may be some type of delay or other issues that prevents FedEx from knowing precisely what day they are going to deliver it.

If you see that your package has a notice saying “No scheduled delivery date is available at this time,” it could mean that either:

  • It is being prepared for shipment by FedEx.
  • The tracking information has not yet been updated.
  • FedEx has created the tracking info, but the item has not moved.
  • If your order information does not have a scheduled delivery date, you can call to inquire about the status of your package or package update.

The FedEx customer service representatives will generally be able to tell you how much longer it will take FedEx to deliver it.

You should know that this information is subject to change, so unless the package has an exact date and time of delivery, the FedEx customer service representative at FedEx may not be able to provide you with any more information.

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This means that you have an item that has been scheduled for FedEx delivery, but it has not been delivered yet. There are many reasons why this could happen, so the better option is to get in touch with FedEx customer service to know the information about your shipment.

There is a good chance that it will get back on track within 12 hours, so make sure you wait between 12 to 24 hours, if it doesn’t get back on track, contact customer support.

Once an order is scheduled for shipment, it can take longer than expected to get there. This could be because of a change in the delivery requirements or an issue causing the package to be delayed.

The information provided by FedEx is usually pretty accurate. However, incidents can happen where it does not coincide with what you have been told. In these cases, always get in touch with FedEx customer service to check the status of your shipment.

Usually, the information provided by FedEx is pretty accurate. However, there are times when something may delay the delivery or cause it to be on a different date than you have been told, but still within the range of what you have been told.

Your package should be delivered within the date range you have been told or the next business days. However, there may be a situation that makes it harder for them to deliver your parcel before the estimated time of delivery.


FedEx works around the clock to ensure that your item arrives on time when your scheduled delivery becomes pending. Nevertheless, it could also mean that FedEx is having issues in delivering your package.

Delivery issues are easy to solve if you know how to go about them. Exceptional customer service can quickly fix the problem and help enhance your relationship.

After calling FedEx, the first thing you have to do is get a real person on the phone. This can often be difficult because sometimes their phone system is confusing, and it’s hard to talk to someone live without being redirected through many channels.

Talk with them about the issues; they would tell you the information right away, or they may take some time to answer your queries.

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