FedEx Pickup From Home

FedEx is said to handle over 15 million shipments every day in more than 200 different nations. A ground shipment service that delivers to residential areas is FedEx Home Delivery.

Compared to UPS Ground, it is quicker to more residential locations. Additionally, FedEx Home Delivery makes weekend deliveries to more residential addresses than UPS Ground.

The FedEx Home Pickup service’s time-sensitive component is well known. Simply make an online request with your shipping courier to access the pickup services. 

From your house, place of business, or any other address you choose, the courier driver will pick up the parcel.

Your Express, Ground, and Freight packages will be picked up by FedEx, saving you the trouble of making additional trips. The different package pickup choices that FedEx offers are covered in more detail in the following sections.

 So without further ado, let’s get started.

FedEx Pickup From Home

The Process of FedEx Package Pickup

A service provided by couriers allows you to arrange for package pickup from a place of your choice. You may omit the package drop-off stage from your fulfillment procedure by using this service.

When marking the package, use FedEx Ship Manager to schedule a pickup. You must create an account if you don’t already have one. 

Simply sign into your current account. Create a shipping label after that. While creating the label, the pickup request must be finished. 

You must now select the shipment menu from the “ Navigation.” Using the drop-down menu, choose to ship, and then fill out all the fields.

Schedule Pickups Online

While setting up your package with FedEx Ship Manager at, you may also schedule a pickup. You might be wondering how you can schedule FedEx pickup online. Following the simple steps mentioned below, you can easily schedule for FedEx pickup.

  • Log in to FedEx’s official website.
  • Enter the pickup address, the specifications for the shipment, and other details after selecting the account number.
  • Then click on Schedule Pickup.

When your parcel is prepared for the FedEx courier to pick it up, select “Schedule a pickup” from the Pickup or Drop off Section.

Additionally, you can easily include new pickup locations in your FedEx Ship Manager address book. The addresses of up to 20 shippers can be stored.

Several choices for scheduling pickup

You have a variety of scheduling alternatives from which to pick the most suitable one.

Fees are applied for FedEx Express Pickup in this section. A request must be made via and FedEx Customer Service. FedEx Ground Pickup only offers pickup services upon request and at an extra cost.

Choose this option if your purchase weighs more than 150 pounds and will be shipped through FedEx Express FreigReturnup. FedEx has several pickup locations depending on where you are and where the box is going. FedEx Ground or FedEx Express should be used for domestic shipments that weigh no more than 151 lbs.

The Features of FedEx Home Pickup

You can find out who has visited your property while you are gone, thanks to the FedEx Door Tag System.

You will be reminded of any missed pickups thanks to this feature. For various reasons, the company’s owner occasionally needs a pickup on Saturday, so FedEx is a solution for them. 

FedEx offers domestic and international Saturday pickups. Liftgate pickup, a FedEx service, greatly streamlines delivery. FedEx transports its tools to load parcels onto its van from the ground. They can manage their packages in this manner easily.


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FedEx’s drawbacks

  • Less pickup and drop-off points.
  • One-time shipments are subject to pickup fees from customers.
  • Pickups depend on services.
  • Limited free packing options.
  • Shipping costs are typically higher.


FedEx is required to adhere to specific rules. Only packages with the right FedEx account number are picked up. Therefore, obtaining the number is crucial before beginning any FedEx-related activity.

FedEx freight does not charge for home delivery. FedEx Express levies a $4 return fee for each shipment. Packages are priced at $4 for same-day, $4 for future days, and $4 for next-day delivery.


You may arrange for shipment pickup from a place of your choice using the package pickup service provided by couriers. FedEx home pickup is a service that lets you schedule a pickup for your package from the comfort of your home or office.

You can request a pickup from FedEx by using their online tools. You can also call them to schedule a pickup over the phone. You will need to provide them with your address and the date and time for when you would like them to pick up your package.

You may omit the package drop-off stage from your fulfillment procedure by using this service. The FedEx Home Pickup services might help expand the audience that your company can contact.

Just take the right actions, and these professional services will handle the rest. Please don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions.

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