How To Get More Points On Shein – easy ways 2022

Need more Shiein points but don’t know How To Get More Points On Shein? Don’t worry, here you’ll get to know everything about it.

Without a doubt, SHEIN is among the most affordable online clothes retailers, and despite the existence of other alternatives, SHEIN offers benefits over other stores when it comes to purchasing.

They are one of the most well-known fashion retailers because of their broad selection, affordable prices, and international shipping.

There is a large variety of apparel and fashions available on SHEIN. Additionally, it offers fantastic deals, coupons, and the Bonus Points program, which allows you to save money, and helps it stand out and draw in customers.

You can use your gained points or work to earn more to maximize your use of SHEIN. I explain everything you need to know about the SHEIN points program in this article, including how to earn them quickly and easily.

So let’s get started.

How do Shein’s points work? What do they offer?

Shein’s business has a points system so customers can receive discounts on orders. All those points can be acquired in various ways and will subsequently accumulate in the user’s account. The user can then choose whether or not to use these points to lower the price of the cart.

As there are numerous ways to gain points at the store, anyone keen will always be able to do so. Although it’s vital to remember that there are several restrictions on how many issues can be achieved or earned every day in this regard.

In general, there is a daily maximum of 8,000 points.

  • Two thousand maximum points per day are available for comments.
  • Five hundred points per day are the maximum limit for events.
  • There is a daily limit of 200 points for surveys.

We must therefore be mindful not to go above the company’s limits in this regard when seeking to gain points on Shein.

Even so, it might be challenging to achieve these maximums because doing so requires us to perform many tasks in a single day and because it is frequently impossible to complete numerous surveys or comments in a single day, for instance.

How to earn free SHEIN points?

Here are various methods for earning SHEIN points without spending money.

Sign up for a app.

When you register an account, merchants or stores frequently offer discounts and incentives. SHEIN is not an exception. Upon confirming your registration, you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off, 100 points with a four-month duration, and other exclusive deals. 

Additionally, you’ll be the first to learn about their most recent promotions and exclusive events.

How do I register for SHEIN?

Just go to the registration page to sign up. After providing the necessary details, press the REGISTER button. You will then need to verify the registration by checking your email inbox.

Verify the shipment of your orders.

Do you realize that when you buy, you can save? When you shop on SHEIN, that is the situation. You will receive one point for every dollar you spend on your transaction. Once you confirm the delivery of your order, points will be awarded to your account.

Publish a review

You can earn many points by leaving ratings and comments on products you’ve purchased, much like on other online shopping platforms. Whether your comments satisfy specific criteria will determine how many points you can earn.

The review report will receive 20 points if it satisfies the conditions. You will receive an extra 100 points if your review report is given the “High Quality” designation.

Regular check-in on the app

Earning points is easy after you download the app to your smartphone. Launch your app and confirm that you are signed in. Next, click or press the Check-In area.

Browse the items on the screen after that. Points are eventually calculated, and it just takes a few seconds. But remember to check it daily to get prizes in fixed points. 

The following day counts as the first day if you stop checking in on a specific day. Create an app reminder if you’re prone to forgetting.

Engage in free trial runs.

Customers can test out brand-new clothing on the SHEIN free trial center website. Right, receive free new clothing! You’ll get the gift once you’re chosen as one of the participants. After that, you’ll have ten days to write an evaluation report on things. 

Watch SHEIN Live

Attending the live show each week, where you can see new arrivals, highlight videos on lifestyle, pop culture, and much more, is another option to earn points for free. You can acquire marks in addition to accessing fashion knowledge. During the Livestream, points will be awarded at random.

Clicking the treasure chests in the live stream is the first way to earn points. This method allows you to make up to 400 points. Share the live to earn points in a second way. You will receive 5 points if you invite your family or friends to view the live performance using the link.

Post Your Outfit In SHEIN Clothes.

You must complete this final step if you are prepared to commit to the SHEIN bonus points program. Get a lovely photo of yourself wearing the outfit if you bought it from SHEIN.

Make it as glamorous as you can to get the editors’ attention. This is crucial if you want your photo to be chosen as one of the Editor’s Picks. Additionally, you will instantly receive 50 bonus points if your post is selected as one of the 12 postings.

For posting the outfit image on the SHEIN website, you will still receive 5 points.



Select the items you want to buy and click on the “Points” button. Choose the number of points to redeem, then complete the purchase.

Yes, you will receive bonus points for each item of clothing you buy. However, the amount they are earned will be the same.

Yes, that is right. It’s important to remember that only purchases with a total value of $50 USD or more can be eligible for the gift.

Please be aware that publishing product reviews entitle you to a daily limit of 2000 points. By taking part in particular site activities, you can gain points. Scan the QR code to launch the app, or look up SHEIN on the App Store or Google Play to get started.

Shein seems to be a secure website because they don’t exploit your identity or financial information. Additionally, it appears to be trusted by users from all over the world, indicating that most customers receive the things they want.


In conclusion, you can use the SHEIN points for many things. You can use it to pay for something you have problems paying for or receive a gift using these SHEIN points.

It is easy to get the points with Shein, but it takes time in order to receive the maximum number of points from Shein.

How to earn free SHEIN points is the main topic of this article. We have collected a list of quick and straightforward ways to earn SHEIN points and receive discounts. Refer to the several techniques to assist you. I hope it’s helpful.

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