No One is Picking Up My DoorDash Order: why and what to do

Modern conveniences such as doorstep delivery have made dining out more convenient. Many companies offer this service, such as DoorDash, which allows you to order food and have it delivered to your door in a few clicks.

The problem with food delivery services is that they can take a long time to arrive. As a DoorDash customer, I’ve personally experienced this, and you may also be experiencing why No One is Picking Up My DoorDash Order.

How come DoorDash orders are ignored? Discover more about DoorDash and what to do if no one picks up your order when it is supposed to arrive. 

Why Is No One Picking Up My DoorDash Order:

The reason that no one is picking up your DoorDash order is simply that no one has accepted the request. This means that you need to wait until Dashers (DoorDash’s independent delivery drivers) comes by and accepts your door dash order.

The process after ordering something through Doordash is your order sent to the restaurant for approval; after getting approved by the restaurant, Doordash starts searching for a dasher for delivery.

The notification about the order is sent to every dasher who is around in a radius.

Now it’s their turn to accept it and deliver it to you. However, sometimes an order request can be ignored by the dasher; this could be due to:

  • Who can accept the DoorDash order the quickest.
  • The distance between your location and the place where the food or goods are at.
  • The distance between the place where the food or goods are at and your location.
  • The Dasher’s availability (Dashers who have been approved for rides only can accept DoorDash orders).
  •  One of the reasons is that the tip is not high enough. 
  • No Dasher is interested in the job.
  • Lack of fuel (The Dasher does not have enough money to drive).

Sometimes, all the factors listed above are not favorable for the Dasher; thus, he may decide to pull out. However, I had noticed that some orders could be accepted even though all these factors are unfavorable on my behalf (and they were when I did it). 

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What To Do When No One Is Picking Up Your DoorDash Order:

The best way to ensure that your order is being picked up is by keeping an eye on it. After ordering food online, a notification will be sent to you when the order is placed, when it is being prepared, and afterward when the food has been delivered.

While placing your door dash order, you will be asked to input your phone number so that they can contact you if needed.

However, if this is not listed on your smartphone’s contact list, then you will need to locate it by tapping the phone number twice or going to “Settings.”

Alternatively, a simple solution would be to let your delivery person know your phone number so that he/she can call you instead of getting in touch with DoorDash. This way, you can track the progress of your order from DoorDash.

Moreover, there are a few things that you can do when no one is picking up your DoorDash order. These include: 

1. Wait: The first thing that you should do is to wait patiently until someone accepts your DoorDash order request. You may go ahead and cancel the request, but be sure to leave a tip for the Dasher who accepted it (if there is any).

2. Cancel: You can also cancel your DoorDash order request. The best thing about canceling is that you would not have to pay for the order if there is no one to pick it up, and you will just receive a refund of the order amount.

What Happens If No One Picks Up My DoorDash Order:

DoorDash Will Cancel The Order, Refund, And Apologies: When your DoorDash order is not picked up, the order will be canceled, and you will be informed that your order was canceled.

You will also receive a refund for the amount that you paid for the food or goods.

DoorDash Will Refund Your Payment: If there were any transactions involved, such as when you uploaded a delivery address and credit card information, then DoorDash will refund your payment. If the order is still in progress, then you will be notified. 

You Cancel The Order And Receive A Refund: You can choose to cancel your order and receive a full refund. However, your order must not have been confirmed by the restaurant or assigned to a driver yet.

Place order Again: You can order the same thing again, but this time gives a higher tip. When the tip amount is higher, your order is more likely to be picked up by Dashers.

Even so, there are no 100% guarantees because Dashers might not be available at the time you place your order. 

Can I Pick Up My Own DoorDash Order:

Yes, you can pick up your own DoorDash order. However, this means that you are the one who will be driving to the restaurant. In order to do so, I just simply choose to pick it up by myself while placing the order.

When you leave the house, remember the time and process of preparing your order to avoid getting cold food.   

Moreover, after the original order’s cancellation, you can pick up your order if there aren’t any Dashers left. Make sure that you opt for the self-pickup option upon cancellation. In this case, Your order will be kept on hold, or the restaurant will begin preparing it again.



DoorDash is a platform that connects the customer with the restaurant, and then the food or goods are delivered. 

The tip amount varies from one DoorDash job to the other, so it’s your choice how much you want to give them as a tip as this will be their extra income for working hard.


DoorDash is quite a popular delivery app that allows customers to order food or goods from their favorite restaurants. 

In case a DoorDasher does not pick your order up, you can pick it up yourself or cancel your order as of 2022. If you decide to pick up your order yourself, let DoorDash know so that the delivery fees & tips will be refunded to you, or if you cancel your order, you’ll be refunded the total amount.

However, orders can only be in transit when a Dasher accepts the job. Hence, you need to wait patiently and see whether there will be an available Dasher nearby or not. 

I hope now you understand about the No One is Picking Up My DoorDash Order, and there is no doubt related to this; still, if you have any questions, comment down below. I would love to answer further.

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