How Far Does Doordash Deliver – all you need to know

You’re far away from the restaurant and thinking of ordering something online but do not know How Far Does Doordash Deliver or what is Doordash Delivery Radius? 

In the same way, I also was curious about this matter, and I did some further investigation into it and came up with detailed info about it.

So read the post till the end to know all about it.

How Far Does Doordash Deliver

Usually, DoorDash delivers within five miles, but it can go as far as 30 miles. The normal radius for Dasher deliveries is five miles, and many do not deliver beyond that distance; however, few dashers do.

Five miles is not very far, so most of the time, they will deliver within 5 miles. But it may be possible that they reach up to 30 miles radius from the restaurant.

However, it depends on the location where you want to order. As door dash, drivers usually don’t deliver beyond 5 Miler, but few normal dashers do. So basically, you can order anything within 15-20 miles.

If you live in a larger city, you may have more options as to where you can order from as well as different restaurants. 

The delivery range is dependent on the restaurant, their fare, and the city they’re located in. If you live in a smaller city, however, there may be fewer dining options and smaller portions for your order.

If you live in a larger city, on the other hand, there are a lot of places to grab independent food and a larger selection of food. This makes ordering from the door dash more convenient.

Maximum Delivery Distance for DoorDash Drivers:

The delivery distance of DoorDash Delivery Drivers is set at 5 miles; however, if you live more than 5 miles away from a restaurant, then they will not deliver your order to your door; however, sometimes, they go up to 30miles.

From my own experience, I saw some of the DoorDash delivery drivers delivering orders up to 30 miles away from the restaurant (not all of them do, but few do deliver up to 30 miles).

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What Does ‘Too Far’ Mean On DoorDash:

The ‘too far’ message you are getting from DoorDash may mean that The restaurant does not deliver beyond a certain radius. Or there may be an issue with the Dasher (the person who works for DoorDash).

However, there might be times when Doordash says ‘Too Far,’ but the restaurant is just 200 -300 feet away; this could be due to their safety guideline or due to heavy rain that is making a barrier for them to deliver in that area.

Depending on whether it is just an error or an outage, some customers have had success uninstalling and reinstalling or even after restarting the app.

So If it keeps showing to you, contact the customer representative to know more about it.

Why Does DoorDash Have a Delivery Radius:

The maximum radius distance depends on the location, the demand for delivery services, and the distance to the desired restaurant.

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service in which customers can order food from local restaurants and get it delivered to their house or office.

Another reason is that there is a certain place where a man can go within a limited time, and if the Doordash gets the order from 40-50miles away, they will not be able to deliver it on time; this is why there has been a delivery radius.

However, some of the Dashers can deliver outside of the five-mile radius if they have the availability to do that.

For example, you can order from a restaurant located 14 miles away from you; however, your Dasher may not be available beyond 5 miles. So be sure to check with your Dasher before placing an order so that you do not have any issues with your delivery.

Will DoorDash Deliver Anywhere:

No, DoorDash will not deliver to any place. DoorDash drivers follow a set radius for deliveries. If you live outside of the set delivery radius, then your order will be canceled. You can request a refund from customer service if that happens.

The only way you can get your order to be delivered is by getting it delivered inside the delivery radius, which is 5 miles and can go up to 30 miles.

But in that case, you may have to pay extra for doing that. But in my experience, I never tried ordering from a restaurant that is more than 5-6 miles away from me. And I always got my delivery without any issue and without paying extra.

Is DoorDash Delivery Time Accurate:

DoorDash’s delivery predictions are accurate 92% of the time, no matter where you are on the map. However, The time it takes to get your food from the restaurant to your doorstep may vary depending on where you live. 

The time is calculated by the number of miles between your pickup location and your delivery location.

Another factor that affects the delivery time is traffic. If there’s a ton of traffic going on, then the Dasher won’t be able to arrive at the place on time, and you will have to wait for some more time.

So make sure you check your door dash order before you miss it. To know when your order has been picked up, visit your Dashboard. You can also get an alert for the item you ordered.

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If you get the message too far, then it means that you’re far away from the delivery radius. However, there have been times when it has been shown due to heavy traffic or inclement weather. 

No, DoorDash does not deliver to apartment buildings as there is a security concern; however, it sometimes does when they get permission to deliver in the apartment. So preliminary,nDoorDash delivers to homes and offices only.

Check your door dash order before the due time because DoorDash will not show you if your delivery took a long. And if your delivery takes two times more than the estimate, then it will be automatically canceled.

If you placed your order with a Doordash from the outside 5-mile radius, then try contacting customer services or contacting the restaurant directly before calling DoorDash.


The delivery radius of DoorDash is 5 miles by default, but it can deliver up to 30 miles. Most deliveries on DoorDash are within a 5-mile radius, but restaurants can change the delivery distance. Most Dashers do not deliver outside their local area unless there is a high tip.

In my experience, DoorDash is a great service. With the help of Dashers and the support of their customer service team. I have always received my order on time and in perfect condition. 

Hopefully, this How Far Does Doordash Deliver post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below, and if you liked the post and found it useful, do share it.

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