UPS ACCESS POINT Ⓡ: Everything Explained

What is a UPS Access Point Ⓡ?

UPS Access Points are third-party outlets employed by UPS, which serve as secure pick-up and drop-off locations for the UPS parcel delivery service. Retail outlets, such as gas stations, grocery stores, and local pharmacies are equipped with a system of secure lockers to hold packages, along with a touchscreen kiosk for customers to use. These locations are convenient alternatives for dropping off and picking up packages when UPS stores aren’t close by.

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UPS Access Point Explained

Using UPS Access points makes dropping off packages easy and convenient. If you regularly ship or receive packages, UPS Access Points can be of great use to you.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your packages are safe if you can’t pick them up, and you’ll be able to easily ship and access your packages.

How Does a UPS Access Point Work?

UPS pays local businesses a small fee per package that the business handles, and the business provides a space to securely store packages. UPS provides secure lockers and a kiosk system for the packages to be handled and stored.

Packages may be dropped off by customers to be picked up by UPS, or UPS drivers may drop off packages to be picked up by customers that are located close to the area.

If you are having a package delivered by UPS, you can choose to have it delivered to an Access Point that is closer or more convenient for you. For example, if there is an Access Point closer to your work than the UPS store is to your home, you may want to have it sent there so you can pick it up on your commute home for convenience.

UPS pays local businesses a small fee per package that the business handles, and the business provides a space to securely store packages. UPS provides secure lockers and a kiosk system for the packages to be handled and stored.

Packages may be dropped off by customers to be picked up by UPS, or UPS drivers may drop off packages to be picked up by customers that are located close to the area. If you are having a package delivered by UPS, you can choose to have it delivered to an Access Point that is closer or more convenient for you.

For example, if there is an Access Point closer to your work than the UPS store is to your home, you may want to have it sent there so you can pick it up on your commute home for convenience.

A UPS delivery driver will stop at the business once a day, collecting outgoing packages and dropping off incoming packages. Packages that are dropped off in the store will be placed in the lockers to await their recipients. Packages that are picked up will be loaded into the truck and sent out along with other UPS mail. 

How to Pick Up a Package at a UPS Access Point

If you want to have a package delivered to an access point rather than to your home address, you can set this up when you’re arranging for the package to be sent. You can find the address of the closest Access Point online and use it as the delivery address for the package.

Once your package is mailed, it will be transported by a UPS driver and dropped off at the Access Point of your choice. You will receive a notification when it has arrived, and you can go pick it up during store hours.

You will need a government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. The full name on the ID must match the name on the package label. You may need the shipper-provided package release code if required. 

If someone is picking up the package for you, they’ll need to bring their ID along with proof of connection to the address on the UPS label or the named person, such as your ID, or a utility bill with your name and address. 

Picking up a package at a UPS Access Point is convenient because many gas stations and pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, so you can choose to pick up your package at the best time for you. 

How to Drop Off a Package at a UPS Access Point

You can use a UPS Access Point as a convenient drop-off location for your mail and packages, as well. You’ll need to ensure that the shipping costs have been paid and that you have a proper mailing label attached along with a return label, just in case.

You can drop off the package any time during store hours but note that the packages are usually collected at a certain time of the day, so your package may have to wait until the next business day to be shipped.

You can call or check online for your local Access Points mail collection times, to be sure.  There are also some restrictions your package must meet before being dropped off and these include:

  • Packages must weigh LESS than 44 pounds (20kg).
  • Total size must not exceed 118 inches (300 cm) in length and girth combined.
  • The longest side must not exceed 38 inches (97 cm) in length.
  • Its value must be less than $5000 USD if delivered or shipped to a UPS Access Point.
  • Its value must be less than $1000 USD if dropped off for shipment as a pre-paid shipment.
  • Its contents must not be identified as a restricted article by the applicable UPS Rate and Service Guide or the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. (i.e., firearms, ammunition, and hazardous materials that require shipping papers are restricted)

If your package meets these rules and regulations, it will fit in a locker and can be shipped from a local UPS Access Point. Once you’ve checked the size and weight of your package via the regulations, you can take your package to the Access Point. At the Access Point, you will scan the shipping label at the kiosk, and a locker door will open. You place the package inside and shut the door, and it awaits delivery. 

Benefits of Using a UPS Access Point


One of the main reasons to use a UPS Access Point for shipping and receiving packages is its convenience. Many locations feature lockers that are located outside of the facility, giving you access to them 24 hours a day.

Access Points are also located in places of convenience like gas stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores, to make it easy to ship and receive packages while you do other tasks such as purchasing groceries, gas, or picking up prescriptions. If you work full time or work odd hours, you know how much time it can save you to have everything you need all in one location.

Using UPS Access Points also makes returning items easier. You can simply drop off your labeled package at the Access Point and track its movement from there.

You don’t have to wait around for a driver to come to pick up your package, and you won’t have to worry about it getting stolen from your mailbox or porch before it gets picked up. 


Another benefit of using UPS Access Points to receive and ship packages is that it makes theft of your packages less likely. If you’re not at home when a delivery driver drops off your package, it can be left unattended on the porch for hours.

Many thieves are on the lookout for packages on porches, and they will try to steal them. If you have your package sent to an Access Point, it is securely kept in a locker until you come to pick it up. You’ll even receive a notification when your package is ready, making it more convenient for you.

While you’ll have peace of mind when expecting packages to arrive, Access Points will also keep any packages you deliver safe from thieves as well.

You can drop off your packages during store hours at your chosen Access Point, and they will securely and safely await the arrival of the delivery driver.

This is great if you have a small business that regularly ships items; you’ll never have to worry about a missing package again. 

Package Tracking

When using a UPS Access Point to drop off packages, you’ll know that your package is safe and secure. This also means that you can easily track your packages.

You can find out what time your UPS delivery driver collects the packages each day, and you can immediately track your packages from that time on. This can help you accurately keep track of how long it takes your packages to arrive, which is important information for businesses with deliverables. 

You’ll be able to accurately relay the timeframe of packages that you’ve sent to customers, and you can be confident when they are on their way. 

Ensure Deliveries

Another great thing about using Access Points is that it ensures your deliveries are shipped at a certain time, meaning they will arrive at a certain time.

This is also great if you’re waiting for a package. If you use UPS Access Points, long gone are the days of waiting around all day for a delivery, never knowing when the time will come.

You won’t have to cancel work or any plans to wait on packages, you’ll simply receive a notification when they’re delivered. If you’re going to be out of town or away from home, you don’t want your package to be sent back.

You’ll have to wait for it to be delivered all over again, which wastes both time and money. With UPS Access Points, your package will be delivered and safely stored for up to 7 days.

You’ll get a notification as soon as your package is delivered, and you’ll never have to worry about missing a delivery again. 

Common UPS Access Points

CVS Pharmacy

Thousands of CVS Pharmacy stores across the United States feature UPS Access Points. These convenient locations and store hours can give you extra flexibility when shipping and receiving packages.

You can also pick up prescriptions and get any shopping done while you’re in the store picking up your packages. CVS offers Access Points across the United States that keep your packages safe, secure, and ready at your convenience. 


Staples also offers Access Points in many of its locations across the United States. You can use the UPS website to find out if your local Staples offers this service. Using Access Points at Staples allows you to get some of your shopping done while you ship and receive packages.

Like all Access Points, they only accept packages that are prepaid and labeled. Staples also offers services for packing and shipping, so you can get your package packed up according to standards, and use the UPS Access Point to deliver it, which gives you more convenience, all in one place. 

Advance Auto Parts

UPS also employs Advanced Auto Parts stores across the nation as UPS Access Points. Many of these access points feature lockers that help make life easier for customers who can’t have their packages delivered to or left at their door.

Access Points lockers make it easy to receive packages safely and securely. They also accept packages for shipping, if they fit within UPS’s requirements and guidelines. 

How to find a UPS Access Point Near You?

To locate the nearest UPS Access Point, visit the UPS Access Point Locations website at From there you can search by city or zip code to find the UPS Access Point near you.

This will also give you information on when the hours of operation are, as well as the cutoff time for mailing packages. This will give you everything you need to know about dropping off or picking up a package through UPS Access Points. 

You can create a UPS My Choice account on the website as well, which will let you redirect individual packages to a nearby UPS Access Point, or you can set that location as your default delivery location.

They also offer an option for businesses, UPS My Choice for Business. This gives businesses full visibility and control of their shipments, along with other benefits such as Tracking and Shared Access across the organization.

Becoming a UPS Access Point Location

If you own a business, you can gain additional foot traffic and increase sales by turning your business into a UPS Access Point location. If your business is eligible, UPS will provide training, support, and technical assistance to help you thrive as an Access Point.

Once you become an Access Point, you’ll have to download the scanning App to your PC, Android, or Apple Device. You’ll then accept, and scan packages dropped off by customers and keep them for UPS drivers to pick up later.

You’ll also accept and scan shipments from UPS drivers and keep them until the customers pick them up. UPS will provide the kiosk and secure lockers, as well. 

Why Become a UPS Access Point?

Although the compensation for becoming an Access Point isn’t much, your business will receive a lot more foot traffic. This can increase sales in your store or business since people like to shop at their convenience.

If you offer things that may go along with their shipping needs such as envelopes, packaging, staples, and tape, you may increase your sales this way. Foot traffic is the major benefit of turning your business into a UPS Access Point location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a UPS Access Point near me?

You can go to to find the UPS Access Point nearest to your location. You will need to type in the Zip Code and Country. You can narrow your search with options including drop-off locations only, paying for UPS shipping labels, help with packaging, location type, and other services.

Are UPS Access Points safe?

UPS Access Points are usually located inside local business and retail outlets to ensure security. Many Access Points also feature lockers, for added safety. 

Does CVS offer UPS Access Points?

Yes, thousands of CVS Pharmacy stores across the United States also serve as UPS Access Points. 

Does Walgreens offer UPS Access Points?

Walgreens is not affiliated with UPS Access Points. 

Does Advanced Auto Parts offer Access Points?

Many Advanced Auto Parts stores across the nation have UPS Access Points located inside them. Visit to find the closest location to you. 

What do I need to pick up a package at a UPS Access Point?

When picking up mail or packages at UPS Access Point locations, you’ll need a government issued photo ID, driver’s license, or passport.  

Is using UPS Access Points free?

UPS Access Points are free to use. You’ll need to provide proof of identity to pick up packages, however. 


Using UPS Access points can provide you with a secure address where packages and mail can be delivered at any time, without the need for your presence. Your packages will be safe from thieves and the elements, and you’ll be notified as soon as your package arrives.

You’ll also be able to confidently deliver any packages or mail, knowing the exact time they will go out. They’ll also be safe from thieves and the weather as they wait to be shipped. UPS Access Points are located throughout the United States for easy, convenient, and hassle-free package shipping and receiving services.

The services are free to use and can be beneficial for personal and business use alike. UPS Access Points across the nation offer everything you want and need for shipping and receiving packages, all in a convenient, free, and secure place. 

If you send and receive a lot of packages, whether it be for personal or business use, you may benefit from using UPS Access Points. UPS has over 9,000 Access Points all across the United States, and they are usually located in convenient places.

Access Points were developed to make shipping and receiving packages easier and more convenient by drastically increasing the number of places you can drop off and pick up packages.

Many of these Access Points are strategically located in areas farther away from typical UPS stores. So instead of driving to your local UPS store, which may be far away, you can drop off packages to be sent from an Access Point.

You can also choose to have your packages delivered to an Access Point as well, ensuring that there are no missed deliveries and that your package arrives safe and secure.

It also is a good way to ensure that packages don’t get stolen from doorsteps and mailboxes.

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