Your package is pending release from a Government Agency UPS means

You got a tracking notification from UPS saying that “Your package is pending released by the Government Agency” while you are anticipating an overseas shipment. Don’t panic. Just continue reading this post to know what it implies.

The shipment has not completed customs and has not been handed to UPS for delivery, according to the UPS shipment notification that notes, “Your Package Has Pending Released by the Government Agency.” The shipment has not been cleared by customs.

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Your package is pending release from a Government Agency UPS means

your package pending release from a Government Agency UPS means?

When you are shipping internationally, custom clearance is done by a government agency. There is a government agency dealing with imports across every nation. When your package reaches the destination country, customs clearance will be required

Once the custom is cleared, your package gets released from the Government Agency. Your package is pending release means that your shipments have not passed customs. 

The fee imposed on commodities as they transit international boundaries is known as a customs duty. The duty is levied on the import and export of goods, to simply stated.

This requirement is used by the government to increase revenue, defend domestic businesses, and regulate the flow of commodities. 

Obviously, it depends on how the items were manufactured and where they have been manufactured; different rates of customs duty apply.

Why was it pending at the Government Agency?

If your package is pending release by a government agency, it means that the agency has not yet approved the release of the package. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

The package contains items that require approval from the agency before they can be released.

The sender did not include all of the necessary paperwork with the package.

There is an issue with the contents of the package that needs to be resolved before it can be released. If your package is pending release by a government agency, it is important to contact UPS and find out what is needed in order for the package to be released. 

What to do After a “Your Package is Pending Release from a Government Agency” Alert?

If you’ve received a “Your Package is Pending Release from a Government Agency” alert, this means that your package has been delayed in the customs or border inspection process. 

In this case, the best thing you can do is to contact the shipper. Ask them to look into this status. The carrier and, if present, the shipper’s fulfillment company are the next two parties the shipper can get in touch with. 

To complete the documentation, the shipper might need to provide other details. As long as you’ve paid your taxes, it’s the shipper’s responsibility to handle any customs concerns.

Check with your carrier to be sure there are no outstanding taxes before proceeding if your shipment is held in customs. Pay any delinquent taxes you come across.

The best thing is to wait for the package to clear customs. This process includes a few steps. It may require a few days to a couple of months to complete this process. 

Why is clearance taking so long?

As part of the security clearance process, several factors are taken into account – foreign influence and frequent relocations are two of the most likely factors that can delay the approval process. 

You also need to make sure that your security clearance application is accurate. In the event that everything is fine, then just wait patiently, and you will surely receive a move-out of custom notification as soon as possible.

There may be a situation where you or the shipper is required to share anything with them in order to get back on track as soon as possible; they will contact you or the sender.


The “Your Package Pending Released by the Government Agency” update basically means that the package hasn’t been turned over to UPS to finish the delivery process or hasn’t cleared customs.

As soon as the government agency releases the material, it will be handed to UPS. 

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