Delivery exception future delivery requested – Solved

Online customers in our society are accustomed to receiving their orders when they are ready. People are not very happy when an order is erroneous or when the delivery is delayed. 

You may have received a message when tracking the FedEx Courier status’ future delivery requested.

An unforeseen incident that might affect the delivery date of a product is known as a delivery exception. Your customers may become irate if they get a carrier delay notification. 

On the official FedEx website, the sender and recipient may keep track of the courier’s progress. The courier tracking number is the only thing you require. When the delivery is being taken, FedEx provides the tracking number. Keep on reading this post to know more.

Delivery exception future delivery requested

What is a Delivery Exception?

When a delivery date is modified because of an unanticipated occurrence, this is known as a delivery exception or shipment exception.

A delivery exception is essentially a notice informing the receiver that their shipment has had a problem while in transit. Courier services encounter problems with your items while they are en route, even using advanced procedures and shipping technologies.

Shipment exceptions can cause unhappy consumers, regardless of whether these delays were intended. But this is not always the scenario. In spite of a shipment exception, some things do arrive on schedule.

For potential eCommerce clients, on-time delivery is one of the essential aspects. Like an online retailer, you thus make every effort to fulfill customer expectations.

However, unforeseen delays might lead to a delivery exception regardless of how much effort and care the company puts into its delivery procedure.

Request for Future FedEx Delivery – Definition

A delivery exception is what the FedEx Future Delivery Requested update truly is. It denotes that technical or logistical issues have caused a brief transit delay for the package.

Due to this, a new delivery date has been requested, and the anticipated delivery date has been altered. 

Apart from watching your tracking for the amended arrival date, there won’t be anything else you need to do. FedEx acknowledges that there is a short-term problem with the delivery operations and that it is its responsibility to get everything back on track. You will receive the necessary updates.

Various Delivery Exception Types

Damaged labels and incorrect addresses

Errors in delivery are caused by incorrect shipping addresses or damaged labels. Make careful to double-check the recipient’s address prior to sending to prevent this. Problems might arise with even one incorrect number in a zip code or apartment number.

Negative climate conditions

The weather may have an influence on FedEx flights, vehicles, and processing centers. As a result, distribution infrastructure frequently experiences delays since it is unable to function as efficiently as it would in a typical environment.

Problems with traffic or technology

Backlogs brought on by traffic or technical problems might potentially momentarily impede the progress of your cargo.


Due to the elevated quantity of shipments over the holidays, delivery exceptions frequently occur. In times of high volume, confirm that all shipment details, such as package weight, dimensions, and pickup timings, are accurate.

Loss and Injury

Accidents sometimes occur, despite the safety precautions taken by shipping firms. Carriers sometimes decide to delay delivery rather than continue with the product when incidents happen during transportation.

Deliveries and Pickups

When the delivery address or the address for a planned pickup cannot be located, the carrier will make an exception for the pickup. You should resubmit the pickup request in this case and provide the carrier with a new time.

Custom delays

You can always count on customs clearance to be problematic and time-consuming. There are several potential causes for your goods to be delayed at customs, causing the delivery date to be missed if you are anticipating a shipment from abroad.


If you have a delivery exception, it signifies that unforeseen circumstances have caused a temporary delay in the delivery of your goods. The cause may be bad weather, a natural calamity, a car problem like a mechanical problem, or other circumstances.

Anytime an item is undeliverable or delayed, a delivery exception may be given; however, this does not always mean that your shipment will turn up late. In certain cases, despite a delivery exception, a package nevertheless makes it to its destination on schedule.


If you have a delivery exception, it signifies that unforeseen circumstances have caused a temporary delay in the delivery of your goods. The cause may be bad weather, a natural calamity, a car problem like a mechanical problem, or other circumstances. 

FedEx makes a strong effort to deliver every box as quickly as possible, so a delivery exception doesn’t always indicate that your product will be delayed. While many delivery exceptions cannot be avoided, others may be averted. 

When orders are urgent, having the proper partners in place may help you diffuse conflict with clients and find speedy solutions. I hope you found this post helpful. 

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