UPS Clearance In Progress – what to do?

Do you currently have a UPS “Clearance in Progress” notification on a shipment you are anxiously awaiting?

A variety of paperwork is necessary for overseas shipments, according to UPS.

UPS offers customs clearance and verification systems to ensure your goods pass across borders without hassle, making it simple for you to manage the paperwork involved. 

What does this mean specifically, and how much time does it take? For more information about UPS clearance Progress, keep reading this post. 

Whatever you need to discover regarding UPS custom clearance is included in this post.

So let’s begin.

What Does Clearance in Progress Signify on UPS?

Your shipment is in inspection and is pending border patrol clearance when UPS displays Clearance in Progress. There will be a review of pertinent customs documentation, and the package may also undergo a visual examination.

The time it takes a shipment to get through customs clearance differs depending. Processing times vary depending on the package’s inclusions, the supporting documents, and the border patrol agent holding the item.

Your parcel may take a few hours to clear up to a week or more after getting the UPS Clearance in Progress notification.

Ideal situations often happen when all pertinent documentation has been correctly filled out, the item is of no difficulty, and the customs border office is not facing any hurdles.

The clearance process for a package might take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to complete, even when all of these conditions are satisfied.

How do UPS Customs Forms function?

For products being sent overseas, UPS needs a variety of paperwork. Governments usually issue these documents to constantly check on and control the flow of products across borders. 

These documents are crucial because they let people quickly negotiate treaty agreements, government rules, and the settlement of customs tax rates. They also assure compatibility with international shipping norms in various nations.

Your items will be inspected at customs if you don’t have correct and complete documentation, which is exceptionally vital. Your shipment won’t be able to reach its destination due to the ensuing delays. 

Additionally, you can be hit with substantial non-compliance fees. In addition, clients will become increasingly perplexed, unhappy, and enraged by the lengthier process that takes time.

How does UPS handle customs?

When clients transfer items across borders, UPS takes numerous steps to assist them in navigating customs laws. Initially, the firm assesses shipments following international laws and regulations about restricted and forbidden goods that cannot be shipped to certain nations. 

When exporting dangerous items, they also adhere to international rules. Therefore you can be required to pay extra tariffs on top of usual fees.

The following information concerning UPS customs clearance may be necessary.

In customs brokerage and clearance, UPS has more than eight decades of work expertise.

The business has a specialized team of professionals that assist you with UPS customs clearing, ensuring the procedure goes without a hitch and complies with all applicable laws, rules, and principles.

With customs officials in several nations, the UPS customs clearance department maintains strong relationships with customs officials in several nations.

The most recent technology is used by UPS customs clearance to handle your customs procedure without any hassles.

How to Complete the UPS Customs Paperwork Process.

Ensure that you obtain and complete the necessary UPS customs paperwork and utilize the appropriate international trademark for parcel shipping or trading.

Include the sender’s complete name and address as well as their VAT number for commercial items in a thorough description of the sender.

The next step is to complete and print the payment.

Subsequently, share the necessary details regarding the package by giving a detailed description of the items, including the weight and the quantity of each element in the box.

  • Put the necessary standard or product codes.
  • Keep track of the nation of each item’s origin and its price.
  • After that, add each sort of item’s subtotal, then enter the package’s overall worth.
  • Indicate whether you are producing a pro forma or a commercial invoice.

Lastly, make a thorough declaration, including your name, date of birth, and signature, and appropriately attach your UPS customs paperwork to your shipment.

How will I know if it has been approved for progress clearance?

You will get a customs clearance process complete confirmation after your mail/parcel has successfully been cleared.

Basically, this indicates that the requirements associated with entering customs have been fulfilled. The next step of the package’s trip will start once the UPS delivery carrier picks it up.



A shipment is held up at border control called a clearance delay. This is not ideal for businesses who must send products for same-day delivery. 

Depending on the departure location and destination, UPS ground shipment might take one to five days to deliver.

Moving products through customs to enter the importing nation is known as customs clearance. Before being delivered to its consumer, international shipments must be customs cleared.

Customers are often encouraged to let the carrier up to 24 hours to register the UPS tracking number for their package. If the UPS tracking for your parcel is not updating, the box could either not have been picked up by the courier yet or have been collected but not yet scanned.

Generally, allow a week to have your shipment cleared through customs and emptied of the cargo. Furthermore, consider up to two weeks based on where you reside.


Your shipment is in customs and is awaiting border patrol clearance when UPS displays clearance in Progress. There will be a review of pertinent customs documentation, and the parcel may also undergo a visual examination.

When clients transfer items across borders, UPS takes numerous steps to assist them in navigating customs laws. UPS requires a variety of documents for goods being shipped internationally. 

Governments often issue these certificates to continuously monitor and regulate the flow of goods across international boundaries.

I hope you have all of your concerns addressed after reading this post. If you still have any queries related to this, comment down below. I would be happy to assist you further.

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