Will the USPS offices be open for mail delivery services on New Year’s Eve, Dec 31st 2022?

With the Holiday season in full swing, as you run your errands and prepare for the Monday after Christmas and the new year, you might want to knock out a few things off of your list – if you need to send some things to your family and friends through USPS, here is what you should know.

We wanted to help you prepare and not get caught off guard. 

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Is the USPS open on New Year’s Day?

Is the Post Office Open on Monday after Christmas – 2022?

This year, due the Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Sundays, when Post Offices are usually closed, the USPS announced that its offices will be closed on the 2 Mondays. Activities will resume on the following Tuesdays. Therefore if you have packages that you would like delivered before or right after that, you might want to get it sent as soon as you can.

Will the USPS offices be open for mail delivery services on New Year’s Eve, Dec 31st 2022?

  • On Saturday, Dec 31st, local offices will be open, but times might be limited. Be sure to check on your local office for specific open times. 
  • Regular mail is on the schedule to be delivered 

Will the USPS be open for mail delivery services on New New Year’s Day, Jan 1st 2023?

  • Local Post Offices will be closed on New year’s Day.
  • Mails will not be picked up from the Blue Collection Boxes. 
  • There will be no delivery of regular mail.
  • Priority Mail Express mail services will be offered. Priority mails will be delivered. 

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It is very important that if you intend to ship a package between the Monday after Christmas and the New Year’s Day, you do it possibly on the Tuesday after Christmas for on time delivery. Or else, your package delivered may not happen until way after the New Year’s Day. 

For those in the USA, It is also very important to remember that the bad weather may affect delivery dates. So prepare well in advance

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