USPS Redelivery Request: how to schedule it for Redelivery?

Have you missed your package/mail from USPS? Don’t get panic; there is another USPS service called Redelivery, which can help you to get your package another day or when you’re at home.

USPS has every problem solution, and the alternate option, with this service you can request USPS to Redeliver that package at your place, so let’s get know how to Schedule A Redelivery?, who is authorized to schedule and accept USPS redelivery request? how to cancel and modify the redelivery request? etc. 

USPS Redelivery Request

What is USPS Redelivery?

Redelivery is a service that USPS offers. It is built to deliver the package to the customer’s address in the second time if a customer missed the package. It only works when you submit a request for Redelivery.

So if you missed your package delivery due to any reason, you could request for Redelivery after that you will get your package at your place.

USPS Redelivery Request process

If you missed the package for the first time, there is an option to submit a delivery request online. For this, you just have to click on this link and have to fill the form. You can also request for Redelivery by using PS Form 3849.

When you missed your delivery on the first attempt, then the carrier delivery guy left a form called PS Form 3849. This form can help you to reschedule your delivery as well as look up at your package.

There is another option for submitting a request by 2 a.m. CST between Monday to Saturday. If the delivery option is not available on your pin code, then you’ve to visit your nearest local post office. They will surely help you with this.

USPS Redelivery Form info’s – what is this, and how it looks like ?

PS Form 3849 is a form that provides USPS to schedule a delivery. When mail delivery is attempted but not delivered, the mail carrier leaves a PS Form 3840 for the customer, so the receiver submits a delivery request. You can see the images below to understand how it looks.

USPS PS Form 3849
Front side
USPS PS Form 3849 back
Back Side

In which case, the carrier leaves PS Form 3849 

  • When not any people at home
  • Mail item/package does not fit in the mailbox due to the immense size of the item or less space.
  •  If any payment has to pay to the carrier or signature required to deliver that package.
  • The mail item/package can not be left in any uncertain place.

If any above reason matches in the first attempt of the delivery, then the package cannot be delivered on the first time, and the carrier will leave the form to request for Redelivery.

To request for Schedule A Redelivery, you have to provide an article number, which you can find in your notice which is left by the carrier. With the help of the article number USPS can easily find your package to reschedule it.

The second thing you have to fill is When they had tried to deliver it? This will help them to understand how many times they’ve attempted to deliver the package. If this is your final notice, then you’ve to mark the box.

Last but not least is When do you want to get your items? In this field, you’ve to write how you want to receive your package and delivery date. If you’re going to add something extra [instruction], then you can add it.

How to Schedule a Redelivery USPS

There are three ways which can help you in rescheduling a package for delivery.

  1. Online from the official site.
  2. By making a Phone call.
  3. Post Office using PS Form 3849 

First and one of the easier methods. 

Online from the official site

  • First of all, visit the official website []
  • On the homepage, you can find the Redelivery Tool; click on it. []

On the redelivery page, Fill in all the required details, which starts with the “*” mark to reschedule delivery. And before submitting the details, make sure that Redelivery is available in your area or not.

Enter tracking details to check your package is eligible or not for Redelivery, if you’re eligible, then you’ll get an option for delivery. Click on it and fill in all the correct information. After that, wait for confirmation. 

When they accept your request, then you would get a confirmation number for that package. Save that confirmation number. May it will need it in the future.

By making a Phone call

This is the second method. You can request Redelivery by making a call to 1-800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS and tell them all the required info. They may ask you the tracking number of the package and a few more details for that.

By visiting Post Office using PS Form 3849

You can visit your nearby post office with PS form 3849 and valid ID to request for schedule package delivery or to pick up your mail.

Here is the working hour of USPS

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET
  • Sundays: Closed
  • Holidays: Closed

PS- the working hour of USPS customer support is given above. However, customer support works 24*7 with electronic information.

How to Cancel/Change Redelivery Request?

To cancel or modify a redelivery request, you have to use the confirmation code which you got from USPS while requesting for Redelivery. As I said earlier, save this confirmation code. May you need this in the future, the time came now.

Follow the below-mentioned process 

  • First of all, click on the “Edit this request” from your email, which you got from USPS, or click here to visit the USPS redelivery page.
  • Now enter the confirmation number and email or phone number, which you’ve used while requesting.
  • Next page, you will see the sequence of prompts where you can make any changes.

If you do not know what to do and guidance on it, you should look at “Changing/Cancelling a Redelivery Order”, which you get from Redelivery visual aid.

If you have a USPS account, then log in to your account and go to the activity history, where you can find the redelivery form. Click on the view details and follow the mentioned steps.

There is one more option to modify or cancel requests; for this, you’ve to make a call to 1-800-275-8777 [this is the USPS customer support number]. They will surely help you with this, but you’ve to provide the package’s confirmation number.

Who can Accept the redelivery package of USPS?

Anyone. If you’re not at home on the day of delivery, then you can authorize someone from your home to receive that package. Also, authorized people can reschedule and accept redelivery packages.

You can authorize anyone from your family, i.s. Family member, close friend, etc. but he/she has to provide identity card and other info to receive that package.

How long does USPS redelivery take?

After an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the package will be transferred to the lost packages department, and it will be held there 15 days after that, they will send it back to the sender. 

So, you have to be proactive and schedule a redelivery request within 15 days. The date will be counted after 1st attempt of delivery.

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Now, may you understand that if you missed any package, then don’t be panic, you can quickly get your package back by rescheduling your package for Redelivery.

Scheduling a package for Redelivery is an easier process. It may take around 1 minute to do this, so just follow the steps and get your package delivery. Also, you can call USPS customer support at 1-800-ASK-USPS or 1-800-275-8777 to know more about this.

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