What does Departed from Airport of Origin mean – know Here

If you see that your package’s tracking information says “departed from Airport of Origin,” this means that the plane carrying your package has taken off and is on its way to its next destination.

This is a good sign! It means that your package is one step closer to being delivered to you.

What does Departed from AIRPORT of Origin mean

What does Departed from Airport of Origin mean?

The status notice “Departed from AIRPORT of Origin” indicates that the shipment has left the country of Origin and is currently traveling to the target country. 

This might be a direct trip there or one that goes through a transit country along the way. It uses straightforward language without any ambiguous or misconstruing words. 

Why is my package stuck at Departed from AIRPORT of Origin?

If your package is stuck at the “Departed from Airport of Origin” stage, it means that the plane it was supposed to be on has already taken off without it. 

Possible Causes for the Package to Get Stuck:

Problems or Delays in the Customs Clearance Process

When goods or packages are kept at customs, the process is referred to as a “clearance delay.” The last thing you need is a clearance delay whether you’re exporting abroad or importing goods over an international border. 

The customs procedure may be difficult and perplexing. Even very skilled importers occasionally have to cope with inevitable hiccups. 

Even though some of these factors are beyond your control, there are several proactive activities you can take to actively strive to have your shipment cleared at customs as soon as it arrives at port.

Errors in line-haul

A hold-up with the line-haul operator is another scenario that may cause your package to become stuck on this update. The line haul service is in charge of air travel across international borders. 

The line-haul service will take care of your product when it arrives at the destination nation or an intermediate transit site. For the former, it will be to get it ready for the following flight.

Non-direct routes

Even while freight from China carried by air travels far more quickly than by ship, delays do nevertheless happen. The highest potential delay occurs when the delivery route passes via an intermediary nation.

Mail freight follows the same rules. Your item will frequently be transported utilizing many planes as it approaches the destination nation. These adjustments undoubtedly take time, even though they won’t need to go through approval at the intermediary location.

What to do if Your Package is Stuck on “Departed from AIRPORT of Origin”?

The carrier service utilized and the length of time the item has been stopped or in transit will determine what steps you should take if your shipment is on this alert.

Delivery times for economy carrier services using air freight from China to other nations might range from 2 to 5 weeks. The majority will offer relatively few tracking updates throughout that period, so you can expect to wait a little bit.

Although the “Departed from AIRPORT of Origin” indicates that your item has departed from the origin country.

There is more than enough time for the object to resume its motion and get closer to you. You should start following the seller or visiting the site where you made your purchase only when the specified delivery term is about to expire.

How Long Will Your Shipment take to Arrive?

Approximately 15 to 20 days are needed for the shipment to reach the intended country. All imported products will then undergo a customs inspection. Any harmful or illegal things are kept out by doing this. Typically, it takes 2 to 15 days for customs clearance. 

However, this time frame can be affected by several different factors, such as weather, traffic, and the overall efficiency of the shipping company. 

If you are shipping something internationally, it is important to factor in additional time for customs and other delays that may occur. 

In general, it is always best to err on the side of caution when estimating how long your shipment will take to arrive.


An airport of origin country is an airport where an aircraft takes off from. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) designates airports by their four-letter code. T

Departed means that your plane has taken off and is no longer at the airport.

Overseas shipments typically have between 4 and 20 days to reach their destination. This occurs as a result of the numerous checkpoints imported items must pass through before reaching their final destination.


Departed from the airport of Origin is the term used to describe a flight that has taken off from its point of Origin. 

This can be any airport, whether it’s the passenger’s home airport or a connecting airport. Once a flight has departed from its Origin, it is considered to be in transit and will not arrive at its destination until it touches down at its final destination.

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