What If I Lost USPS Tracking Number and How to find a lost USPS tracking number?

Have you lost your USPS tracking number? And wondering What to do if I lost my tracking number for USPS? Don’t worry! Here I have included what to do and How to find a lost USPS tracking number.

Before we get to the topic, first, we need to know what the tracking ID is. The tracking ID is also known as a unique identification number. When you ship anything through USPS, they assign a unique tracking id to each mail item. 

This is a unique number that makes the item or packages easy to track. With the help of a tracking number, you can check where your parcel is, what is the status of that item or when that item will arrive.

When you ship any package with USPS, they assign two tracking IDs, one outside the box and the second on receipt of the package. So if you lose your tracking number, there is no option to track the package without tracking. But,

You still have a few days to get back your tracking id, so read this post until the end; I have addressed all the queries about Lost USPS Tracking Number; maybe there is a chance to get back your tracking id. 

How to find a lost USPS tracking number

What to Do If You Lost Usps Tracking Number?

If you lost your USPS tracking id, first, try to figure out where you lost the tracking id, i.e., nearby your houses, in your room, anywhere where you think your tracking id may lost.

What to do – below, we’ve shared some checklists where you may find your lost tracking number.

  1. Check your package shipping receipt 
  2. Check the confirmation email that you received from USPS
  3. Contact your store provider to resend the tracking id and other details
  4. Check shipment insurance slip
  5. Back of shipment slip that you get from USPS
  6. If you bought a product from an online store, you would indeed receive a Shipping confirmation email; check email.
  7. Contact USPS customer support

Keep a copy of the receipt you received from USPS or take a screenshot/picture and save a copy on your mobile phone in case you need it in the future. 

In this manner, it will be much easier for you to protect your tracking ID and other information from any crisis.

How to Recover Lost USPS Tracking Number

If You Lost Priority Mail Express Tracking Id – if you lost your Priority Mail Express Tracking Number, don’t worry; the USPS team will assist you in locating your tracking number.

You can contact your local post office and tell them all the details regarding your package. They will definitely help you because the data and information about your shipment are stored at the post office, although you may have to pay some extra to get the details and the tracking number back.

If You Lost Usps Tracking Receipt As Well As Number – You cannot get back all the shipment details if you have lost the tracking information receipt. In that case, your local post office cannot help you since it does not store all the information records of the tracking ID and number.

What to Do If You Lost Usps Tracking Number?

Even after attempting the above methods, you are still unable to gather the USPS Tracking Number? Then there is one last option for you to do.

You have to wait until the date for the package to be delivered. It may take some time for it to reach the designated place, but you have no other options. 

 Note- international mail may take up to 28 working days to reach the destination.

 After 25-28 days, if your product has been delivered, then that’s great for you, and now may you won’t have any further questions about that shipment.

What If Post Office Can’t Find Your Package

In case you haven’t received the shipment or your customer hasn’t received the package within the mentioned working days, then you need to contact the post office regarding your shipment. 

They may need all the required details related to that mail item, e.g., name, date and time of shipment, address, payment mode, package content name, etc.

If the post office cannot find that package, then there is one last option for you to file a claim if the shipment was insured. Want to know more about this and how to claim, then visit the USPS official website

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This post gives you detailed information on What If I Lost USPS Tracking Number and How to find a lost USPS tracking number. I hope this information will help you find a lost tracking number.

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