Why Did DoorDash Cancel My Order – why and what to do

Have you been in the situation where your Doordash order has been Canceled, and you’re wondering Why Did Doordash Cancel My Order

I also was in the same situation; however, it was delivered to me the second time. It is for this reason I wrote the post to tell you what you can do and why the order has been Canceled as I saw many people’s Doordash Order Canceled.

Let’s get started right away.

Why Did Doordash Cancel My Order

The chances of your order being Canceled are rare since Doordash’s user experience policy is very strict. There could be many reasons for canceling the order, but you’ll be given a full refund to place a new order. 

Let’s look at what could be the cause of this.

The desired restaurant is closed: Many restaurants are unfortunately closed for business for a longer period of time.

Don’t fret if you don’t see the order delivery option available. It is understandable that you cannot place an order when the restaurant is closed.

So if you placed an order to your desired restaurant, but that is closed, then your Doordash order will get Canceled by them.

The restaurant runs out of specific food items: Doordash doesn’t serve the restaurant; it partners with enough volume to handle the demand of demand for particular items.

These could be dessert items, specialty drinks like wine or beer, specialty foods like expensive steaks, or desserts.

When orders of specific items run out within a short period of time, the restaurant can cancel your order. The restaurant will notify Doordash and ask them to cancel the order so that they can replenish the demands for this particular item on their menu.

Restaurant stops accepting takeout orders: If the merchant you are trying to order food from is not accepting Doordash orders, your order will not be accepted, and it will get Canceled by Doordash.

The merchant can stop accepting orders for any reason or may send out a message to the customers about it.

Restaurant changes the menu: The restaurant can change its menu. This could be the case where they add to their food list, update prices of certain foods, or take out certain items from their menu.

For instance, if a restaurant puts seafood on the list for the next 30 days and then leaves it off for 30 days or less, you will not be able to order as it is not on the regular menu. You will receive an error message when you try to place an order for it.

The restaurant might have changed the prices of the menu items, and if you try and place the order, it will get Canceled by Doordash.

This is because their price increased, so Doordash didn’t accept your order.

Restaurants can change their cooking methods: If a restaurant has opted for a new method for preparing its menu items due to some reason, your Doordash Order will be Canceled.

This might happen because of the new period of time that they have been spending preparing their menu items.

There are no dashers at that time: If the restaurant requests Doordash to assign a specific dasher to complete your order, but there are no dashers available, your order will be Canceled.

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Can A Doordash Driver Cancel An Order?

Drivers are not allowed to cancel an order. If a Doordash dasher does cancel an order, then he will be suspended and may even be fired for doing that. However, if a dasher has Canceled the order, there could be any issues such as the restaurant losing your food, the bike having some problem, there are not enough items in the restaurant, etc. 

He needs to report that problem as undeliverable at the moment or something by contacting the Doordash driver support to get it Canceled. If the driver fails to notify, then yes, he will be suspended.

By canceling a trip, the food order will be canceled automatically, but it will adversely affect the delivery driver’s overall performance and performance statistics.

Rather than canceling a delivery after accepting it, it advised delivery drivers to accept deliveries carefully or don’t accept them at all. 

It is recommended to not accept any orders that are to places where a dasher doesn’t know about the place. If you are totally unable to process the order, then refuse it.

You can also ask for a refund if your order has a problem. It would be best if you always were polite and respectful when dealing with restaurant staff, whether they are on a call or in person.

The best way to do this is by explaining the situation and asking them to fix it while still being polite and kind.

What Happens If A Doordash Driver Eats Your Food:

According to Doordash’s contract, drivers cannot open food containers or tamper with them. This behavior is strictly forbidden. It is imperative that you always check the seal of your order when it has been delivered. 

Do not accept the order if the seal is broken; instead, contact Doordash customer support to file a complaint about it.

If your order has been partially or completely consumed, you can still file a complaint with Doordash and inform them about the issue you faced. You will be refunded for the items not delivered.

The door dash does not tolerate any instance of drivers eating customers’ food, and it will suspend them after the investigation.

What Happens If Doordash Takes Too Long?

If a Doordash order takes too long, you need to contact their customer support team to clarify the situation.

Also, it is important that you don’t keep calling the restaurant or dasher to get updated about your order. This will not speed up the process and will just annoy your dasher or the restaurant staff. 

If you keep hounding them via phone calls, messages, or texts, they may cancel your order.

How To Avoid Doordash Order Canceled:

If you want to avoid getting a Doordash order Canceled, you need to make sure that you are not wasting the dasher’s time by constantly calling him or the restaurant.

Whenever you place a Doordash order, you need to ensure that your order has the right address and contact details. This will help the dasher or delivery personnel to deliver the order on time.

You should also check the menu and ensure that the restaurant has it on its menu. Otherwise, your order will be Canceled by Doordash as they can’t accept orders for items not present in their menu list.

This is just the beginning of the road to avoiding a Doordash order Canceled.

To avoid getting a Doordash order Canceled, it is vital that you never add additional instructions to the order.

You should also refrain from ordering items that are not available on Doordash at the location of the restaurant you are ordering from. 

You can’t access any information about the restaurant or its menu in advance, so the best way to avoid getting a Doordash order Canceled is by making sure that anything you add will not cause a problem for your order.

The final way to avoid Doordash orders being Canceled is by not ordering items that are not available in your area. If you are suspicious of what orders can be added, you should call the restaurant and ask about its availability.

It is also highly advisable for you to research a bit about the address before placing an order in case you need to add directions to your order.

You will also have to make sure that your delivery location is entirely accessible, especially if it is a restaurant.



In order to avoid getting a Doordash order Canceled, you should never add additional instructions to the order. Also, you should never order items that aren’t available in your area. If you are suspicious of what orders can be added, then you should try calling the restaurant and ask about its availability.

You need to notify the Doordash support team as soon as you find out that the dasher has no interest in your order. If you can’t reach them, you should contact Doordash customer support directly.

This is a tricky situation. If you have ordered from a new restaurant or something that’s not on the menu, your order will be Canceled. If the dasher cancels the order, you can contact the support team to confirm that. This is primarily because of some issue in the restaurant or weather conditions.

If the dasher cancels your order after accepting it, you should reach out to Doordash customer support and request a refund. You will get the refund, but it will take some time to process it. Also, you can file a complaint with Doordash if there is an issue with your order.

If you place orders that are not in line with the standard food deliveries at restaurants, it may get Canceled by Doordash. For example, if you order a beer at a non-alcoholic bar or order wine at a bar that doesn’t serve wine, this might result in your order getting Canceled by Doordash.

Final thought

This was all about Why Did Doordash Cancel My Order, I hope all the details were helpful for you, and no queries remain. Still, if you think I have missed something, comment down below.

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