How To Stop Junk Mail USPS – Easy Ways

Approximately 80% of the mail we get is junk mail. It goes without saying that managing it may get rather difficult over time. Handling junk mail is not simply a source of aggravation; because we consider it to be spam. 

Junk mail can cause incredibly unpleasant problems. You can have a good amount of paperwork without wasting your time. Some contain personal data that must be shredded. 

There is little effort to stop the mail, but that may not be as much. The good thing is: once you stop, the thing normally ends. Occasionally this happens if we change addresses. 

Read this post from beginning to end to know how to remove junk mail.

How To Stop Junk Mail USPS

How To Stop Receiving Junk Mail

Opening your mailbox only to see it overflowing with junk mail is the worst feeling imaginable. The list is endless and includes credit card offers, insurance savings, restaurant coupons, catalogs from unknown organizations, and more. 

Dealing with junk mail, admittedly, is a problematic aspect of our contemporary life. Depending on the kind of junk mail you’re receiving from USPS, there are several ways to stop receiving it. 

You may opt out of these mailings for $2 by signing up for DMAchoice, which allows you to stop receiving advertising.

Why Does USPS Send You So Much Junk Mail?

Apparently, USPS sends out enormous volumes of junk mail at a profit since Congress mandates that the post office strive to earn a profit or break even. As a result, USPS makes millions of dollars annually.

Despite the implementation of this regulation, USPS has collaborated with businesses to send out a range of junk mail, including political mail, credit offers, catalogs, and direct mail.

One of the largest forms of junk mail is direct mail, which includes advertisements from businesses, magazines, and retailers.

The large category of credit offers, which includes offers from banks and other financial organizations with phrases like “you’ve been pre-approved!” on the envelope, is another example of junk mail.

Can you avoid the circulation of junk mail by the post office?

It’s really challenging to convince the post office to cease delivering it. If you’d rather avoid getting junk mail, it’s simpler to get in touch with businesses directly.

Complete the form, include it with the mail you already got, and fill out the mailer details to stop getting spam mail.

If you get any mail from that sender after 30 days, the order has been broken, and you have the option to pursue further legal action.

USPS will issue a stop and cease and desist order on your account to the sender, and this process takes 30 days to take effect if you do.

All junk mail cannot be blocked.

You can limit the quantity of junk mail you receive by doing a number of actions, either on your own or by utilizing a third-party service, but you can’t stop all incoming mail.

Your address has undoubtedly been provided with a wide network of advertising agencies, and as a result, they will continue to add you to mailing lists and recycle your address. 

Your address is sent among the various direct mail providers less frequently the less you have used it throughout checkout procedures and the fewer subscriptions you have signed up for. Sadly, the issue can be lessened and handled but not completely eliminated.

Opt out of Direct Mail 

You can choose not to receive unwanted commercial mail from a number of large national businesses by using the Direct Marketing Association’s DMAChoice mail preference program.

When you sign up for this service, your name will be added to a “delete” file and made available to organizations and direct-mail marketers.

You will receive less unsolicited mail as a result. Companies that practice ethical marketing respect your decision not to receive direct mail advertising. 

The names and addresses of those who have informed the DMA that they do not wish to receive mail-based advertising must be withheld in order for DMA members to maintain their membership. 

Experian adheres to the DMAChoice mail preference service file and removes any name and address associated with its direct mail marketing lists as a DMA member. 



Immediately removing your name from commercial mailing lists is one of the most essential factors you can do right now, this very second, to stop getting undesirable and unsolicited marketing and promotional communications through the mail.

Due to the overwhelming number of mailing lists available, this may be easier said than done. 

There are several ways to avoid receiving junk mail mentioned in this post, including completing PS Form 1500 and going to the DMAchoice website to be taken off the mailing list.

In order to be taken off of some mailing lists, you might also need to get in touch with brands and businesses personally.

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