FedEx Local Delivery Restriction – Why?

FedEx Corporation, originally known as Federal Express Corporation and FDX Corporation, is a Memphis, Tennessee-based international conglomerate trading company emphasizing services, e-commerce, and shipping. 

As one of the first significant shipping firms to provide overnight delivery, FedEx is best recognized today for its air delivery service, FedEx Express. 

Through its Air Cargo Network contract, it is one of the leading contractors for the US government, helping deliver select items from the USPS.

Have you got a FedEx tracking notification that says, ” FedEx Local Delivery Restriction,” and you are waiting for a parcel shipment?

 If yes, then-

What precisely does this imply? Why wasn’t delivery attempted? What should you do right now? These thoughts might be circling in your mind. Don’t worry. Keep reading this post, and all of your questions will be answered.

What does the term “FedEx Local Delivery Restriction” mean?

A problem that prohibited a delivery attempt that day is indicated by the tracking update “Local Delivery Restriction.” Most of these are caused by a brief technical or logistical issue, and FedEx will try again to deliver the package the next working day.

Frequently Occurring Factors of Local Delivery Restriction

FedEx may decide not to make a delivery endeavor on a specific day for various factors. The following are a few of the more frequent ones:

FedEx would deliver the package the following business day if the parcel was scanned after the vehicle had gone.

  • Due to the holiday, there may not be enough delivery people available.
  • The driver decides not to try to deliver because of the weather, technical difficulties, or traffic.
  • When the truck returned to the site and was scanned, the product may have been placed in the wrong vehicle.
  • The package shipment was planned, but the driver did not finish their round.
  • The package’s damage prevented it from being scanned for delivery.

What to do if you receive an update on local delivery restrictions?

In most cases, waiting for it is the best option. Watch your tracking information for any more updates and information on the updated delivery date. You may also register for the FedEx Delivery Manager if you want to take action. 

From there, you will have more choices over your delivery options. However, your shipment may be sent before your profile is confirmed.

You might be able to learn more specifics and information about a potential future delivery attempt by calling FedEx customer support. You might also arrange for a pickup if you have the resources to do so.

How soon will my shipment be delivered after the local delivery restriction update?

FedEx often tries to deliver on the following business day. They can guarantee that your delivery will be accomplished the next day because the majority of local delivery limitations are merely temporary.

It is impossible to overcome the problems that led to this update. As stated, during holiday fluctuations, the wait might last several days.

Additional information on FedEx Shipping 

Within the mainland United States, FedEx Home Delivery takes 1–5 days to deliver; if you’re sending to residential addresses in Alaska or Hawaii, it takes 3–7 days. 

Your cargo’s origin and travel distance will determine the precise time your FedEx Home Delivery package will be delivered. 

You may choose FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery if you want your delivery to arrive on a particular day. On the day of your choice, Monday through Sunday, except holidays, packages will arrive. 

The date must fall within ten days of the pickup date and cannot be earlier than the expected delivery date. Since each delivery time depends on the parcel and its location, FedEx Home Delivery does not have set delivery times.



The tracking alert “Local Delivery Restriction” indicates an issue preventing a delivery attempt on that specific day. Most of them are due to a temporary technical or logistical problem, and FedEx will attempt to deliver the box once more the next working day. 

When a package or shipment is momentarily halted en route, the carrier is unable to make a delivery, and this situation is known as a delivery exception status. Carriers frequently offer information on the type of delay. However, this isn’t always the case.

Customers may purchase your items online and deliver them to their homes using a local delivery service. Local delivery provides an alternative to shipping with a carrier, in-store purchasing, or in-store pickups by giving you the means to deliver directly to customers.

Delivery exceptions, according to FedEx, are when a package has a brief delay while being transported. Every delivery is delivered as fast as could be expected. Thus an instance does not always indicate delayed shipping.  


In general, it’s unnecessary to be extremely worried if you receive a Local Delivery Restriction or Delivery not Attempted notification.

A difficulty has arisen that prohibited a delivery attempt on that particular day, as shown by the shipment notification Local Delivery Restriction. Most of these are caused by a brief technical or logistical issue, and FedEx will try again to deliver the package the next working day.

FedEx would typically explain that delivery can not be accomplished that day due to the existing situation.

Once you get this notification, your shipment is almost ready to be delivered, and FedEx will probably try to do so the next working day.

After reading this post, I hope all of your questions have been cleared. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section, and don’t forget to share the post with your friends if you enjoyed it and found it useful.

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