USPS says Forward Expired – here’s what All you have to do

It can be confusing when you go to check the status of your mail and the USPS says that your mail is “forward expired.” So, what does this mean? Mail is forwarded when it is undeliverable at its original destination and is instead sent to a new address. 

If a receiver receives a “Forward expired” tracking notice, it signifies they haven’t resided at the destination location for more than a year.

USPS will no longer forward mail to the recipient’s new destination. Due to the expiration of the forwarding service, USPS will simply return the letter to the originator. 

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What Does it mean when USPS says Forward Expired

What Does it mean when USPS says Forward Expired?

Forward Expired means that the receiver has not resided at the destination address for more than a year. USPS will no longer send mail to the recipient’s new or current address. Since the forwarding service has expired, USPS will send the mail back to the sender.

Either way, if your mail is forwarded expired, it means that it’s time to update your address with the post office so that your mail can be delivered to the correct address. But mail forwarding to a new address is only effective for a year.

Understandably, this may be irritating, but the person who changed addresses is responsible for informing potential senders of the new address.

Do I need to be concerned?

No, you don’t need to be concerned. The best part is that, in the vast majority of situations, USPS will simply send the mail item to the sender once the “Forward Expired” notice has been activated.

However, it could take several stages to allow this to occur in the delivery process.

Therefore, delivery will be stopped, and the item will be returned to its source if the USPS system is alerted that the mail item is going to a recipient who no longer resides at the destination address and forwarding has expired.

A straightforward “Return to Sender” USPS tracking update will serve as confirmation.

Where is the Mail Item When You Receive the “Forward Expired” Alert?

“Forward Expired” alerts are actually triggered at various points in the shipment’s journey based on where they are triggered.

Sometimes before the USPS system is aware of the situation and halts delivery of a package, the shipment can reach the local post office at the destination address before delivery is halted by the USPS system.

The name and address can be flagged as expired earlier on in a shipment’s journey, with the name and address being flagged as expired once the shipment reaches the delivery network or possibly even earlier in the shipment’s journey.

The next step you can take after receiving the update is to do a bit of investigation work by looking at the alert that preceded the words “Forward Expired.”

You can use this information to get some idea as to how far the item has traveled so far and how long it has taken.

Tracking Stuck on Forward Expired, Why?

If you’ve been tracking a package through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the tracking information suddenly says “forward expired,” don’t panic. 

You need to get in touch with USPS if, after several working days, the tracking remains at “Forward Expired” and there is no sign that it is being sent back to you.

A facility or post office around the target location may be holding the postal item while it waits for additional instructions.

You may find out the item’s present location and get confirmation that it has to be sent back to the sender by calling USPS.

So, if you see that your package is marked as “forward expired,” don’t worry! There’s a good chance it’s just taking a little longer to reach its destination.

What to do After Receiving the “Forward Expired” Alert?

The USPS is constantly working to keep its mailing system up and running. They are always looking for the best ways to improve their service.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a “forward expired” alert for customers who have moved but failed to update their address. 

If you receive this alert, it means that your mail is being forwarded to your old address. 

  • Update your address with the USPS 
  • Notify your contacts of your new address 
  • Contact the USPS if you have any problems 

By taking these steps, you can make sure that your mail is going to the right place and that you’re not missing out on important communications.


It indicates that the recipient hasn’t lived at the destination address for over a year. The post office will automatically return the item to the sender due to the expiration of the forwarding service. 

When forwarding has expired, the mail will be returned to the sender. This can happen if the mail cannot be delivered to the address on the envelope or if it is undeliverable. The USPS will not forward this mail and will be returned to the sender.

The USPS mail forward is good for one year. You can use the USPS mail forwarding service to have your mail forwarded to a new address for up to one year.

If USPS does not forward your mail, do contact them. The post office gathers and holds your mail for a maximum of 10 days if you fail to file a USPS mail forwarding request when you relocate. When feasible, the correspondence is sent back to the sender after the 10-day period.


Generally speaking, a sender will experience the “Forward Expired” tracking signal from USPS when the forwarding time of a particular address has ended. Although it could be annoying, the product will be returned to you.

After that, you would get in touch with the receiver by another way to learn their new address and send it over there.

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