How to Return USPS Package to Sender?

Here’s what you need to know about returning the package to USPS, how to return mail to sender, and all other steps.

Each day USPS receives thousands of delivery requests; however, sometimes delivery men deliver packages that do not belong to us, which could be a mistake of the delivery man, or it could be the package of the previous resident;


It may originate from an error made by the sender when filling in their address or at the end of USPS carrier. However, the thing is what we do when that happens because it may be an essential document for the receiver, such as a passport or identity card.

Therefore, you have a responsibility to identify that package and send it safely to the sender so that he can send it to the original recipient.

In this post, we will discuss everything, i.e., what you have to do and how you can send that package to the sender. Let’s begin.

How to Return USPS Package to Sender

How To Return USPS Package To Sender?

If the package you received is not yours and you want to return it to the sender, there is a way for you. USPS [United States Postal Service] provides a service called Return To Sender, which allows you to return that shipment via this service.

Please note, if you receive any wrong package that contains any important document or any item that has immense value in the receiver’s life, then it is your responsibility to return that package to the sender or USPS in a safe manner.

USPS Return Back To The Sender

Just follow the given process to return the package to the sender.

Step 1 – Collect the package. 

[ it can be multiples or single and can be package or envelope]

Step 2 – Don’t open that package/envelope.

Step 3 – Write “Return to sender” at the top of the package/envelope.

Note – write return to sender in bold and clear letters, so anyone can easily read this.

If any person lives in that place before you, then write “No Longer at this Address, Return to Sender.”

Step 4 – Cross out your address.

Cross out your address from the package or envelope after following the process, so the Postal worker understands that the package was delivered to the wrong address and cannot be repeated.

Step 5 – Drop the mail item in the mailbox.

All you have to do now is take it to your nearest post office and drop it off in the mailbox so that it can be returned to the sender.

How Much Does It Cost To Return A Package to the sender?

Obviously, no one wants to pay unnecessary fees, so what’s the cost of Returning A Package to the Sender?

USPS [United State Postal Service] sends packages to the Sender freely if that package returns to the Sender within the time frame of returning period with written at the top of the box “Return to Sender, “if you exceed the time of returning, then you have to pay for it.

If you open a mail package after receiving it, you must pack it in a new envelope/box, and you will be charged for postage.

How To Report The Changed Address For Someone Else?

When you get a package or mail for the previous resident, you should write a letter to the post office and let them know so that USPS will go ahead with the request, so whenever any packages come with the same name, then the USPS will return them.

When it does not stop, you must go to the nearest post office and fill out a form about each item; you can also do this online if you know the previous resident’s address. Another option is to send a letter to the sender’s address to understand what is happening, and it cannot be repeated.

All this may help you stop getting a shipment and report the address to them, and If you complain that this is not your package, they will send it back to the sender, and if they don’t get the success, they will put it on hold for 15 days.

After this, the package will be sent to a dead mailbox. In the event they are unable to return it, USPS will sell or destroy the packaged item.

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Faqs related to package Return To Sender USPS

How Do I Stop Returning to Sender

You have to request it to the post office to hold the package to be returning, or also you can login your USPS account and do this from there.

What Does Return To Sender Refuse to Mean?

Refused means the addressee has refused that package.

How Long Does USPS Take To Return To Sender?

Whenever you request a return to the sender, they hold the package for 15 days; then, they will proceed with the process to send it back to the sender, so let’s say 25-30 days, sometimes longer.

Can I Track A Package That Has Been Returned To Sender?

No, once you’ve submitted the return to the sender request, then there is no way to track it, it will be directly delivered to the sender.


This blog post is all about How to Return USPS Package to Sender. I hope this article will help you to send the package back to the sender and also find whether the mail is junk or not.

So, return the package within the time period if you observe that the received package does not belong to you; otherwise, you’ve to pack the package in a new package or envelope and also pay for the postage charges.

If you’ve any question, comment down below. I would love to assist you further.

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