USPS Text Tracking – Does It Cost Money?

USPS offers a service called USPS Text Tracking, which is one of the popular tracking services.

It is built to provide package/mail tracking status via text messages, so the question is, Does USPS Text Tracking Cost Money? Read this post till the end you’ll get to know all the information.

United States Postal Service allows customers to track their packages through SMS on the phone. It’s an awesome service to get your package delivery information.

To know the information about the package, you need to provide a tracking number through SMS.

A tracking number is a unique number that is assigned to each package to make its identity unique. It helps to know more about that package. And mobile tracking is the most effective way of tracking packages.

Let’s know the answer to the main question.

Does USPS Text Tracking Cost Money

No, there is no cost for using USPS Text Tracking, i.e. no money is required to get details about the package through text tracking, but in some areas, there is a cost for sending SMS.

It also depends on which network or internet service provider you are using.

How To Track Packages Through USPS Text Tracking?

There are two ways to get information about your package/mail, the first one is through mobile phone and the second one is through the official website.

Let’s know all methods.

Through Mobile

To know the information through mobile is SMS, by sending the SMS you’ll get your package information in reply.

  • To know the current status of the package/mail, you need to send a text message to 28777 with your tracking number. In return, instantly, you’ll get the latest update related to your package.
  • To know specific information about your package like activity, expected delivery date, delivery attempt or not etc., send a text Message to 28777 with your tracking number and shortcode keyword. Instantly you’ll get the information through SMS.

Note – shortcode keywords are listed below.

Through website

You can easily track your package from the website but get updates on your phone. You need to register your id with a tracking number, and you have to select any of the following options from the website.

  • Update about Expected Delivery Updates
  • Day of Delivery Updates
  • Whether or not delivery attempted updates
  • Available for Pickup or not
  • Get updates about Delivery Exception
  • You can also select All the options above

USPS Tracking Keywords Uses And Means?

Shortcode codes can help you to know info about your package through the SMS, so check it all and also note it down. In the future, it can be useful for you.

Here are the shortcode codes with definitions

AAAll past and future activities on the package
AFFuture activity only on the package
APPrevious activity only on the package
DNDNotification of each delivery or delivery attempt
DeliveryExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
DateExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
UpdateExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
WhenExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
StopStop receiving Text Tracking messages for this label.
FDExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
FutureExpected / Guaranteed Delivery by or on, if available
TDExpected delivery on, if available
TodayExpected delivery on, if available
ALDelivery Exceptions on a package, such as weather delay or scheduling a redelivery
AlertDelivery Exceptions on a package, such as weather delay or scheduling a redelivery
AlertsDelivery Exceptions on a package, such as weather delay or scheduling a redelivery
UPPackage available for Pick up
PickupPackage available for Pick up
Pick-upPackage available for Pick up
HelpReceive more information about USPS Text Tracking

As of now, This service is only available for domestic users only, not for international users or others.

How to cancel text 28777 notifications?

If you don’t want to receive updates related to your package, then you need to send “STOP” on 2USPS (28777).

After this, you’ll not get any updates through messages until you restart it. 

Note- you can also use “CANCEL”, “QUIT”, “UNSUBSCRIBE”, and other synonyms instead of “STOP” to unsubscribe message updates.

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With the help of USPS Text Tracking, you can easily get the latest updates about your package. It is one of the useful services of the USPS.

So this was all about whether or not USPS Text Tracking Cost Money. If you’ve any doubt, comment down below. I would love to assist you further.

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