USPS Premium Tracking: what is it? And how does it work?

USPS recently launched its Premium Tracking service under the name USPS Premium Tracking. May you heard about it and thought about what it is? Exactly how does it work? How do normal and premium differ, etc.?

Read through the entire post to get all your questions answered. Let’s begin.

USPS Premium Tracking

What Is Premium Tracking USPS?

A premium tracking program was introduced by the USPS in early 2020. Customers can pay a fee for the program to extend the time for pulling tracking information for letters and packages if they wish to extend the tracking history.

In addition to the name USPS Tracking Plus, the product is referred to as USPS Premium Tracking as well. It appears on the website that it is listed as a premium tracking option.

USPS Premium Tracking permits users to view the tracking history at as long as they would like. There are, however, some time limitations to tracking history – you need to pay a small amount to unlock it.

As of now, tracking information in USPS can be viewed up to 120 days and one year for non-signature and signature items, but with premium tracking, this can be extended up to 10 years. Additionally, you can request an email statement of tracking at any time.

Also, The customer can track the package every step of the way with USPS Premium Tracking. The customer will be able to see all activity related to their shipment such as where the order has been processed, when it was picked up, it is in transit or not, and which courier service providers were used.

Note: Neither USPS premium tracking nor USPS tracking plus differ in any way. Tracking plus service is what USPS calls it, and people know it as premium tracking due to its subscription model.

Difference between USPS Tracking and Premium Tracking

It doesn’t matter whether you choose USPS Tracking or Premium Tracking, it will work the same with Premium Tracking as with USPS Tracking, but its history period is shorter than with Normal USPS Tracking.

Normal tracking history can be viewed for a limited time. Premium users will be able to extend their subscription as long as they like (up to 10 years). Premium USPS Tracking unlocks the time bound in the tracking history and enables you to receive tracking statements via email at any time.

What are the benefits of USPS Premium Tracking?

When using premium tracking, you’ll be able to view your tracking history for up to 10 long years online, as well as receive an email statement you can use for a multitude of purposes, such as –

  • Evidence of delivery in dispute and claim resolution
  • Court and legal proceedings require evidence of mailing and or delivery/delivery attempt
  • Data that is official, authentic, and can be accepted by legal, financial, and other sources
  • An organization that requires constant postal service can make use of it.
  • Others

Besides established businesses, small businesses can benefit from extended tracking history for dispute and claim resolution, Court proceedings, and others, which makes their work more efficient.

What are USPS services eligible for Premium Tracking?

Currently, the premium tracking service is available for –

  • Priority Mail Express Service
  • Priority Mail Service
  • First-Class Package Service
  • Parcel Select Service
  • Parcel Select Lightweight® Service
  • Adult Signature
  • And few others

Here’s more

Below are the few things you need to know about USPS premium tracking before buying this service.

  • Premium tracking is only available for domestic packages.
  • USPS Premium Tracking/USPS Tracking plus can only be purchased online, not at the post office.
  • Premium tracking is only available online and on the official website tracking page.
  • Once your initial retention period for a package has passed, you are no longer eligible for a tracking premium purchase.
  • A package tracking history won’t be available after the expiration period, and an extension can’t be purchased.

How much does USPS Premium Tracking cost?

Here is the pricing for USPS Tracking Plus.

Available Retention Timelines for  USPS Tracking Plus™  History

Packages without a SignaturePackages with a SignaturePremium Tracking Fee
6 months$2.10
1 year$2.59
3 year3 year$3.59
5 year5 year$4.59
7 year7 year$5.59
10 year10 year$9.99

How can I get USPS.Com Premium Tracking service?

When the tracking id is entered on the USPS tracking page, a tracking plus display will appear as USPS.Com Premium Tracking. The steps for completing the purchase are listed below.

Step 1: Click on the “USPS Tracking PlusTM” link below the tracking status bar to expand it.

Step 2: Choose the timeframe you wish to purchase from the expanded menu and click on “select for purchase.”

To select a time duration, you must tab on it.

Step 3: You will now be redirected to the USPS login page. If you already have an account, log in or create one to continue.

Step 4: Your name and email will appear as soon as you successfully log in.

Note: If you have anything in your cart, purchase it because it will automatically remove them when you add tracking premium to the cart.

Step 5: You can proceed with your order by clicking on the “add to cart” button.

Step 6: As a result, you will now be redirected to the cart page, where your tracking number, price, and extended period will be displayed. 

Review your order now.

Step 7: Complete your purchase.

Upon completion of your purchase, you’ll receive an email confirming that your order was successful, and your statement will be emailed to your email address.

Is USPS Premium Tracking worth it?

The Premium tracking process is the same as USPS tracking, but the tracking history is shorter; therefore, users who want a more extended tracking history must pay a small amount. 

Businesses such as small businesses, eCommerce marketplaces, law offices, financial institutions, and others who need to keep their documents and information safe for a longer time and use postal services frequently will benefit from this service.

The premium tracking service allows them to track and monitor their shipments for as long as 10 years by paying a small fee. This service is not for people who are only interested in tracking until their package arrives.

Consequently, the entities that need Tracking information and they need official records can benefit from this service, and it is definitely worth it for them.

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Yes, In order to complete your order, you will need a USPS account. If you don’t have an account, create one now.

No. It currently works with Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package, Parcel Select Service, Parcel Select Lightweight Service, and Adult Signature.

USPS premium tracking service offers no additional tracking information; its tracking number is the one you received from the USPS.

No, you can order USPS tracking plus only for one package at a time. To use this service for multiple packages, you must do it one at a time.

No, USPS tracking plus and premium are only available currently for domestic packages and not for international shipments.

All orders are final and cannot be refunded, so review your order before purchasing it.

Anyone with a shipment is eligible for the USPS premium tracking. There are no restrictions on who can use this service.

Final thought

Here we have discussed USPS Premium Tracking, also known as USPS Tracking plus. Including all the information that everyone should know before buying it. Now you know all the things about it.

Whether you have questions or comments related to this topic, feel free to post them down below. In the meantime, if you liked this post and found it useful, don’t forget to share it.

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