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Have you got USPS In Possession Of Item tracking status while tracking the package and don’t know what it means? Wondering how long does it take to update the tracking status?

Here you will find all the information related to USPS In Possession Of Item Status, so don’t worry.


USPS is one of the largest courier services in the United States, handling hundreds of shipments per day. 

To identify each mail package, a unique number is assigned called a tracking number which can be used to keep track of it and in order to find out where it is, when it will arrive, etc.

Tracking shows tracking statuses to let us know where the shipment is in its journey. Sometimes, it shows us a different status that makes us wonder due to not knowing it. One example is USPS Is Now In Possession Of Your Item. 

No worries, we will get you up to about it, so let’s begin.

USPS In Possession Of Item means

What Does USPS In Possession Of Item Mean?

USPS In Possession Of Item means that either your package is in customs for inspection or a third-party courier service is delivering it. USPS In Possession Of Item usually appears when an item is sent overseas, but sometimes it shows on domestic mail as well.

Here is the observed reason:

Domestic mail: The USPS has physical possession of the package, as it reflects just what it says. Shippers often generate tracking codes while they are still in possession of the package, so the USPS can tell that the package has arrived at them.


International shipment: Your package may be in customs for inspection. As soon as all the procedures are completed, you can see the new tracking status on the USPS tracking page. Just wait for it to be updated.

Here’s more

Alternatively, your package may be sent via another shipping company, like UPS Surepost or FedEx Smartpost or another shipping company that may partner with USPS for “last mile” delivery. 

Your package is taken into possession by one of these companies and delivered to your local post office for “last mile” delivery.

If the tracking status has been showing for more than a day, do not worry about it, it will get updated surely. Alternatively, you can contact customer service for more information. I am sure they will be able to assist you.

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