what does FedEx Delivery Option Requested mean?

You’re waiting for a FedEx package delivery, and you just got a tracking update saying, “Delivery Option requested.”

Consequently, you may be curious. When can you expect your delivery, and what does this exactly mean?

When either the shipper or the receiver modifies the package’s delivery instructions, FedEx updates the tracking to “Delivery Option Requested.” It might involve scheduling a package hold and pickup, changing the delivery date, or redirecting the shipment.

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what does FedEx Delivery Option Requested mean

What does FedEx Delivery Option Requested mean?

When either the shipper or the recipient modifies the package’s shipping directions, FedEx updates the tracking to “Delivery Option Requested.” This might involve scheduling a package hold and collection, changing the delivery date, or rerouting. 

This is a service that FedEx offers to its customers to make sure they get what they want when they want it.

Why has the delivery option requested appeared?

You are getting this update because the delivery instructions have changed, which is the reason. 

This may consist of the following:

  • Modifying invalid address information.
  • Date changes for delivery.
  • Modifications to the delivery instructions about the location at the address where the driver should place the package.
  • Scheduling a FedEx pickup location to pick up the item.
  • Asking for an item to be kept at a FedEx location until the pickup.
  • Sending the shipment to a different address.
  • The sender canceled the shipment.

What to do when you receive a FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” update?

You don’t need to take any action if you, the recipient, change the delivery instructions yourself.

Simply stating that modifications have been done, this update. These specifics should now be visible in your tracking and shipping information. In essence, the cargo will be finished utilizing your new delivery choices.

How long does it take for a “Delivery Options Request” to be Accepted?

Typically, any modifications to shipping specifications are made right away and are visible on the shipment’s tracking page.

In the scenario seen in the screenshot up top, the recipient has arranged to pick up the product in connection with a delivery option request

The shipment is not yet ready, but the tracking information indicates a change in the delivery method. It hasn’t arrived at the pickup place, in other words.

The delivery choice won’t be allowed in specific circumstances, such as putting a hold on pickup or diverting a product. The reason for this is that you may only make these modifications if the item is not “out for delivery.” 

You can call the company’s customer service line. They are always very helpful, and they can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how long it will take for the request to be accepted.


FedEx is an international delivery company that ships packages and letters around the world. FedEx offers many different shipping options for their customers, such as FedEx Express Saver, FedEx Express Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight, and FedEx 2Day. There are also FedEx services that you can use to track your package’s progress, such as FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Express Mail.

You can ask us to keep a package for you at a nearby location even after it has left our facility on its way to you. It’s unnecessary to wait for a delivery attempt when there are several packages.


You are just being notified that modifications were done to the delivery specifications by the FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” tracking updates. This might involve scheduling a package hold and collection, changing the delivery date, or rerouting.

There’s no reason to panic if you make those changes; just calm down and wait for the delivery to come with the new circumstances. 

If you are worried and you didn’t make the modifications, you may get more information by making a quick phone call or email to FedEx or the shipper or recipient. This article should have been helpful to you.

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