What Does Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB) Mean

Have any package on the way to you and got What Does Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB) Mean? wondering what it means and what to do now?

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What Does Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB) Mean

What is it?

The shipment has been packed into a container with other goods and will be put into an aircraft or cargo ship for departure to the target country, according to the “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)” tracking update

OTB, or Outward Bound, signifies that the shipment is departing from the nation rather than being imported.

What is the location of my package after I receive the “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)” status?

When you get the “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)” notification, it means that your parcel has successfully cleared customs. The item has been given to the line-haul company in charge of the shipment’s cross-border passage by customs officials. 

Before the item is carried aboard the aircraft or container ship, the line-haul carrier loads it into the “receptacle.” When you receive this update, your package is inside a sizable container and other things that are either already loaded or waiting to be loaded into an airplane.

How long will it take to deliver after Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)?

When you send Receptacle Abroad (OTB), the package will be delivered to the location you specified. The delivery time will depend on the country you are sending the package to and the shipping method you choose.

The ideal thing is for you to get the latest update within 24-48 hours. Throughout this circumstance, your package was sent by air freight, and as soon as you got the “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB),” it was loaded onto an airplane that was ready to take off.

Within these 48 hours, further notification is generated informing you that the package has either reached its final target or, maybe, an intermediate transit zone or that it’s been delivered to import immigration.

Two to five days seem most probable. Therefore, let’s assume that the issue is a freight flight from India to the west. When you got the “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)” update, the box was put together into a vessel but wasn’t promptly placed on an aircraft.

It typically takes 2 to 5 days if you reside in India. It might take between 15 and 20 days to send a speed post package from India to the United States. It could take 35–40 days for an Indian registered mail to arrive.

What to do When Your Tracking is Stuck on “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)”?

If your tracking information shows that your package is stuck on “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB),” don’t panic! The first step is ensuring you are tracking the item the right way. 

Using a universal app is the most straightforward way to check. You will get the information if your item is currently being tracked by a different carrier using this method.

You must get in touch with the carrier if the information provided here is insufficient. The originating carrier will be the service that investigates the delay if the item has not yet been able to depart the nation of origin.

You will need to get in touch with the receiving carrier if it turns out that the problem originated in the destination nation.

Any delays occurring in the receiving customs and/or carrier facility might be discovered by getting in touch with the individuals in charge of the delivery inside the destination nation.

Attempting to contact the shipper is an additional choice. The seller has a duty to aid you in finding your package if your shipment is the result of an order placed through an eCommerce site. When the sender is acting, carriers in the origin nation are likewise more inclined to help.


What does receptacle from abroad mean?

When goods are imported into the country, they are said to be in a “receptacle from abroad.” This term is used to describe the process of bringing foreign-made products into the United States. 

When a receptacle is marked as having been received from abroad, it signifies that it is currently in a container ready to be loaded onto an airplane. When the airline drops off the package at the airport in the destination country, the status of the package will be changed.

How long does India post take to deliver to the USA?

Shipping times from India to the USA utilizing India Post’s Speed Post, a more expensive, quicker delivery alternative, can range from 12 to 20 days on average. Selecting the regular post option will typically take between 30 and 40 days.


Send receptacle abroad indicates that the shipment is in a vessel and is being put onto a plane to depart from the airport of origin. The “Send Receptacle Abroad (OTB)” upgrade is, in particular, an excellent one to receive. 

It denotes that your cargo has already cleared customs in the nation of origin and is now being loaded—or soon will be—onto an airplane. Your delivery will often arrive at your home within several days after getting into the country of the target.

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