What does Departure from Inward Office of Exchange Mean

Got the “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” tracking status and wondering what does that mean?

When checking the status of a package being shipped internationally, you frequently see an update like this. Continue reading to know more.

What does Departure from Inward Office of Exchange Mean

What it is?

The import customs office for the target country is known as the Inward Office of Exchange. This refers to the customs department in your nation if you are the package’s intended receiver.

Your shipment has left the customs office if you see a notification saying “Departure from the inbound office of exchange.” The next stop is a sorting center run by the postal or shipping provider that is in charge of the shipment.

How Long it will take after Departure from Inward Office of Exchange?

The USPS uses the term “departure from inward office of exchange” (DIE) to refer to the final stage in the sorting process for outgoing mail.

After the mail has been sorted into the proper outgoing trays at a USPS facility, it is transported to the DIE, where it is placed into sacks and loaded onto trucks for delivery.

The USPS does not guarantee delivery times for mail that has been processed through the DIE, but typically, first-class mail is delivered within three days, and standard mail is delivered within 3-5 days. 

However, these delivery times are not guaranteed, and many factors can impact the delivery of mail, such as weather conditions and the volume of mail being processed by USPS.

If you are expecting a letter or package and it has been more than a few days since the sender notified you that it was mailed, you can check the status of your mail by entering the tracking number into the USPS Track & Confirm tool. 

This tool will show you your mail’s progress through the USPS system, including the date and time it was processed through the DIE.

What to do if my Package Remains Stuck on “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange”?

Everything depends on how frequently the tracking is updated and which courier service is responsible for the delivery.

As a result, we advise you to hold off on making inquiries for seven to ten days after receiving the “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange” update.

First, check with your local post office to see if they have any information about your package.

It’s possible that it’s just stuck in the system and hasn’t left the country yet. If your package has left the country, it’s likely stuck in customs. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to speed up the process here. The best thing to do is to wait it out and hope that it clears customs soon. If your package is still stuck after a few weeks, you can try contacting the company that shipped it to you. 

They may be able to give you more information about what’s going on with your package. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your package moving again.

Can I Still Use the Same Tracking Number?

Your parcel will be in the custody of the postal service or delivery company situated in your native country after it has left the inward office of exchange. When the item is at the sorting plant, this service typically scans it.

In rare situations, the process of the company responsible for the final delivery will still accept the tracking number you used for the package’s initial part of the route. Occasionally, a fresh tracking number will be generated.

A case alternative will result in the status update appearing to be stalled, meaning that no additional scans are performed to provide tracking information.


When a package is marked as “Departure from Inward Office of Exchange,” it has passed through customs in the country of destination and is now traveling to the neighborhood post office or courier terminal for shipment.

Arrival at the exchange’s outbound office and departure signify that the package is in the customs office and ready for an export customs security scan. Once it has been successfully scanned, it will be delivered to the airline, and Departing to the destination country will be the following step.

When a package is marked as having been received by an exchange office, indicated by the phrase receive the item in the exchange office, it has arrived at its intended location.

Arrival at the exchange’s outward office could take one to three months. Depending on the destination, aircraft carriers leave once a month or four times a month.


An update that says “Departure from inward office of exchange” is generally positive. You are aware that the parcel has finally passed through customs in the target location and is currently with the postal agency in charge of making the last dispatch. 

Although a little under processes must be completed before the item may be delivered to local delivery depots, regional sorting facilities, etc., it is unquestionably on the approach.

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