Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns – yes, But…

If you’re having a problem with Amazon, then it’s important you know how they check serial numbers on returns. If you return something to them, they will ask for an ID number, But they don’t just rely on serial numbers to know who a fake is. 

They also have a system in place that checks the serial number against a database of serial numbers for items. If the serial number is found in this database, then the item is verified to be authentic. This blog will help you learn more about this process.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns

This is a clear way to help prevent fraud. It is not recommended to make any malicious or other plans to return an item that is other than the original purchase because Amazon and its third-party sellers do constantly verify the serial numbers on returns. 

Amazon combats fraudsters attempting to manipulate its lenient return policy by checking serial numbers on returned items.

What If Someone Returns An Item With A Different Serial Number?

If you return an item with the incorrect serial number, Amazon sellers and organizations who sell on Amazon will be aware of it. If Amazon suspects a problem, they may move promptly to restrict your account’s activity. 

You could discover that your account is blocked or on suspension as a consequence of such events.

You won’t have complete control over your account at that point. You won’t be able to order anything new or have it delivered to you as a result. 

Therefore, instead of attempting to get away with something when returning anything, it’s often preferable to simply send back the actual item that you purchased from Amazon.

Does Amazon Ever Deny Returns?

Items returned without the original paperwork will not be accepted. No returns will be allowed for items that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise changed after delivery. 

Furthermore, only those things that are specifically marked as “returnable” on the product description page and in our policy may be returned, and only during the designated “return window” time. Items fulfilled by third-party merchants cannot be returned to

Which Items Can’t Be Returned?

It is legal for Amazon or the third-party seller to refuse your return if you accidentally send back the wrong item, whether you intended to or not.

If the refund has already been processed, Amazon may reclaim it, but you are not required to get the item returned to you. The product will either be given or scrapped, as stated on Amazon’s return policy website.

Notify customer service as soon as you can if you unintentionally shipped the wrong return item and want it back; eventually, it may not be possible to find the product.

Does Amazon ban users who return items with different serial numbers?

Although it is not stated directly on Amazon, some customers have experienced account closure due to excessive returns. Your account may be blocked after a certain amount of returns, but Amazon’s customer support team has the ultimate decision.

If the Amazon algorithm is capable of anything, its patterns of behavior, and when it detects a questionable one, the account may be terminated.

Despite the fact that Amazon’s return policy does not prohibit customers from returning a greater number of individual items or forewarn them of a ban in the event of excessive returns, it states in its terms of service that it maintains the right to suspend accounts at its judgment.

What Does Amazon Do to Prevent Fake Item Returns?

Although employees at Amazon fulfillment facilities are overworked, there is still a procedure for returning things. Any returned things will be examined by staff to make sure they are the genuine products that have to be returned.

Amazon may even freeze your account and prevent anyone from making any purchases if they discover that people are returning fake goods. Their account will be flagged for questionable conduct.

How long does it take for a refund?

It may take a minimum of two weeks for Amazon to receive and evaluate your return once the carrier delivers it. 

Some products may need up to 30 days. 3-5 business days after the shipper delivers the item to their Returns Center; Amazon normally processes returns. Amazon will credit your chosen payment method after they have processed your return.

If the Instant Refund option is offered, you can use it to utilize your refund right away without having to wait for Amazon to complete your return. 

Instant refunds are either provided as a credit to your Gift Card or as a credit to your credit card. You must still send your things back to us within 30 days.



Every item that is returned to Amazon is thoroughly examined by their skilled Associates following a strict process. It is relisted for sale if it satisfies their strict criteria for being resold as new.

If you send back too many incorrect things, Amazon may suspend your account.

Although Amazon does not have a set return threshold, it is plausible to assume that the corporation may pay attention to customers who return almost all of their orders. Returns are a common aspect of online shopping, but if you make 5-10 returns per month or more.

Items that are returned are thoroughly inspected to ensure they satisfy their high standards, and if they do, they are marked as new and placed back on the market. The majority of returned items pass this test and are placed back in their virtual stores for other buyers.

The return of any products without the original receipt will be denied. No returns will be allowed for items that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise changed after delivery.


We hope that you enjoyed our blog about how amazon checks serial numbers on returns. We realize that many people, especially Amazon shoppers, may be concerned about Amazon’s check of serial numbers on returns and whether or not it is an effective security measure. 

This is a question that many shoppers ask when they are considering purchasing a product online. 

Does Amazon track the serial number of items that are returned, and the answer is yes. Amazon records the serial number of items you return and uses it to see if you have purchased the product before.

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