USPS No Authorized Recipient Available – Here’s Why

Have you got a notification from USPS stating no authorized recipients? You may be wondering how it’s possible that USPS did not contact any of your authorized recipients. 

Does the USPS have any problem delivering my package? This is a popular concern since some people don’t even know what USPS notification means. If you’re expecting a package, then coming home can be confusing. 

Continue reading to discover why USPS does not have an official recipient notification available. You will get all your concerns addressed. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Usps No Authorized Recipient Available

What happens if no authorized recipient is available?

USPS authorized recipients available means there was no approved recipient present. The delivery person reported because they felt it would not be risk-free to depart the package unsecured. Generally, that only occurs when a signature is necessary. 

The delivery person will return the parcel to the postal service. It frequently happens when customers order high-value things.

In order to protect USPS from liability, they will demand a signature to prove that you, the owner, really receive ownership of the box.

When you make an online purchase and have the opportunity to specify delivery instructions, you can also opt for this.

Consumers often undertake this step to guarantee they’ll be present whenever their product arrives.

USPS will thus need to issue a PS Form 3849 Redelivery notification informing you that it tried to deliver your shipment. Whether that person is you or a family member, they will not be ready to fulfill the shipment if no one is present to accept it.

The exciting thing is that USPS will deliver the package the next day after immediately holding it. Consequently, if you or someone you know will be home the following day to sign for the box, you do not need to take any action.

Otherwise, you might plan to pick anything up at the post office. You will need to present a photographic ID with your name to pick up the item if you have scheduled a post office pick-up and it is addressed to you.

All employees who are permitted to pick up and sign for relevant mail might be notified to the Post Office by businesses in advance.

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What should I do if USPS says no authorized recipient is available?

There are some things you may do if you have received a no approved recipient available notice from USPS. Getting the box redelivered is necessary because you definitely want to receive your package. 

The best part is that USPS will redeliver your box the following day after keeping it automatically.

Therefore, if you or another person will be home the following day to sign for the box, there is nothing you need to do. If neither you nor anybody else who can sign for the package will be home, you will need to take action. 

Call USPS to set up a more convenient delivery time for the parcel when you are home.

Additionally, you have the option of entering the data from the notification online at the USPS website. So that your shipment is delivered when an individual is a home, you can then schedule an efficient delivery time on the site. 

It’s crucial because if you regularly fail to be home to sign for your delivery, USPS will stop attempting to deliver it.

Therefore, you must choose a time for the package delivery when someone will be home. If not, it will probably remain undeliverable-marked at the USPS office and be stuck there.

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How Often Will USPS Attempt to Deliver a Package?

Prior to the package being scheduled as a return to sender, USPS will make three spontaneous redeliveries.

It is crucial that you either be present to sign for the delivery throughout those attempts or to set a fixed day so you can be sure to be present. 

A package that requires a signature delivery would be returned in the USPS delivery vehicle if you weren’t home when it arrived. For this reason, you can also arrange for an individual to sign for the delivery within the next few days.

The parcel will ultimately return to the USPS facility if it cannot deliver to you. You will have ample time to get in touch with USPS regarding the shipment during the 15 days it will be kept here.

If you do nothing during that time, USPS will return the box to the sender’s address. The matter will then get far more complicated, and getting the box returned will require cooperation from the sender.



A note stating that “a name” has permission to pick up mail for “your name” can be placed directly on the delivery notice on the reverse of PS Form 3849, or it can be written on plain paper and signed by the recipient.

Before marking an item as a return to sender, USPS will make three free redelivery attempts. During all those approaches, it’s crucial that you either be present to sign for the item or set a specified date to guarantee your presence. You can also plan to pick up the item at the post office.


No one was present to sign for your item, according to the USPS notification that you received if there was no authorized recipient accessible.

A signature may be required upon delivery of a parcel, and delivery cannot take place without a signature being obtained.

The fact of the matter is that USPS will redeliver your box the next day after automatically keeping it. To sign for the package the next day, you do not need to do anything if you or another person will be at home.

USPS will carry out three attempts. I hope you found this post helpful.

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