Can You Tip the FedEx Driver – No, But…

Do you want to tip a FedEx driver? You might be wondering if you can tip the FedEx driver. Read this entire post to know the answer and more about the FedEx tipping policy.

Can You Tip the FedEx Driver

Can You Tip the FedEx Driver?

No, you cannot tip a FedEx Driver. As stated on the FedEx Code of Conduct page, tips of cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards or gift certificates, are not permitted. This policy is implemented year-round and applies to all FedEx employees, clients, and customers.

What is the FedEx Tipping Policy?

 It is forbidden to give gifts that are cash or currency valued, such as gift cards or gift certificates. All employees, customers, and clients of FedEx are subject to this. Additionally, it is applicable all year long.

FedEx even notes explicitly that the policy applies to any kind of occasion and does not vary during usual gift-giving seasons.  

To put it another way, you can’t just give someone a little cash when the occasion calls for it or when a big gift shows up. The tip will be declined by FedEx drivers since it is against corporate policy.

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What can I give the FedEx driver as a tip?

Basically, there should not be any issues if you want to give a FedEx driver a one-time present as a gift; they are often allowed to take it.

A small gift is a good idea for this kind of tip. Your gesture of gratitude can be accepted by the FedEx driver as long as it is a physical gift rather than money or a currency equivalent.

What Value Gift Can I Tip a FedEx Driver?

A driver is permitted to receive gifts worth no more than $75 in accordance with the FedEx Global Gifts Policy. Within a 12-month period, contributions collectively cannot exceed this amount.



However, FedEx has severe guidelines regarding tips. FedEx makes it clear that the policy is in effect at all times and is unchanged by the customary gift-giving seasons. 

They are dedicated to upholding the credibility of FedEx and encouraging honest and open business practices.

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Originally posted 2022-12-04 11:00:00.

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