Does FedEx Xray/Scan Packages – Yes, But…

Do packages get scanned by FedEx? You may have that query for a variety of reasons, and it is a genuine one. All parcels must be x-rayed by courier firms before being accepted for delivery for security reasons.

Although there have been many inquiries about FedEx and the x-raying of goods, the majority of x-raying occurs at airports; most courier services do not x-ray all items. You’ll find the response in this post. 

Does FedEx Xray_Scan Packages

FedEx X-ray/Scan Packages? 

Some shipments are not x-rayed by FedEx. It would be incredibly time- and money-consuming to do so. The fact is that FedEx x-rays not all items before being sent out for delivery

Although shipments are partially scanned by radiation during transportation, X-ray machines are time- and money-consuming to use. 

Be aware that FedEx keeps its security procedures regarding corporate standards and consumer privacy a secret. Only through a legal procedure or warrant can security information about this be obtained.

Which Items Are You Prohibited From Sending Via FedEx?

Knowing why a box could be scanned in the initial time is crucial before discussing whether FedEx scans packages or not.

Typically, FedEx assumes that delivery includes forbidden materials, which leads to scans and inspections. Nevertheless, some objects are restricted, such as:

  • Drug-related equipment.
  • Any substance listed on the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Schedule
  • Pharmaceutical medicines

Additionally, no alcohol, including wine, beer, liquor, or champagne, may be shipped by a single carrier. Furthermore, it is not prohibited but not recommended to send any quantity of money by FedEx.

Does FedEx X-ray Packages Before Delivery?

However, not all parcels are X-rayed, and FedEx seeks to identify suspect items for further inspection. 

FedEx uses a risk-based approach to package screening since it would be too costly and time-consuming to put every box via a CT scanner or X-ray equipment. 

Additionally, parcels that appear unusual or those that are brought onto passenger aircraft are more prone to be checked.

Does FedEx Open Packages?

If required, FedEx may inspect your shipment by opening it. FedEx is allowed to open and examine client parcels as part of the shipper agreement before sending them out. It doesn’t imply that it occurs frequently; a package will only be opened if absolutely essential.

FedEx reserves the right to open shipments for inspection at its sole discretion and then reseal them as specified in its terms of service.

Does FedEx Scan Packages Before Delivery?

Before being sent out for delivery, an item is typically sorted and scanned at FedEx. Once a shipment has been scanned, the delivery details may then be accessed or changed.

A client won’t be able to receive up-to-date information about the status of the shipment during tracking if a package is not scanned. For this reason, before delivery, items are scanned, and the FedEx system is constantly updated with data regarding them.

When Does FedEx Scan Packages?

When a package departs or arrives at a FedEx storehouse or regional facility, it is scanned. This makes it possible to get up-to-date information on the product in real-time. 

Customers who do not have their parcels scanned cannot get the most recent tracking data for their shipments.

FedEx makes sure items are scanned as they leave and arrive at each FedEx facility to prevent the aforementioned situation.

What Happens If FedEx Finds Prohibited Items In A Package?

FedEx works with law enforcement to seize and look into the sources of illegal narcotics shipments. It is never a wise decision to transmit illicit narcotics since FedEx will not accept packages containing such. 

FedEx will seize and conduct an investigation into any packages that contain illicit narcotics.


FedEx and other delivery services concentrate on a risk-based approach. By noticing anything peculiar about the shipment or the sender, they seek to reach shipments that are unlawful or unsafe.

Only suspect packages may be x-rayed; not all parcels are. Parcels intended for local deliveries are rarely x-rayed, but those intended for foreign deliveries are likely to be.

No, FedEx never misses out on scanning packages.

As packages enter and exit the various FedEx hubs, they are scanned at each stage, and tracking data is updated in real-time. Your tracking information may not be updated for up to 24 hours after the shipping label has been generated.


FedEx frequently does not scan parcels when they are delivered through their system. Since the procedure already takes a lot of time and money, FedEx has no motivation to make it any more difficult.

Prior to shipment, FedEx doesn’t x-ray parcels since it would take a long time and be very costly to use it. The possibility to x-ray, open, and inspect suspicious shipments does exist. 

Local shipments are less likely than international goods to be x-rayed by Customs. The best course of action is to abide by the regulations because scans and searches do occur from time to time.  

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