Item Processed Through Facility ISC New York NY (USPS) – means? And what to do?

While tracking your package, have you got “Your Item Has Been Processed Through Our Facility In ISC New York NY(USPS)” tracking status, and wondering in your mind what it means? What to do now? Etc.

Don’t worry; through this post, you’ll get to know about this.

The USPS handles thousands of items/mail every single day, and it moves each item from one place to another until it reaches its destination.

When any international mails come from anywhere to deliver to any place in the US, Packages have gone through the customs procedure, i.e., ISC.

Once it gets cleared, it will go to its destination. ISC New York means International Service Centers, New York. This is one of the fives places where mail arrives from outside of the United States.

Let’s find out about it more closely.

Item Processed Through Facility ISC New York NY

ISC New York NY (USPS)

As you know, ISC New York is one of the five International Service Centers where mail arrives to be delivered anywhere, but before moving, it has to pass through the custom producer.

Here there are many processes. For example, each piece of mail is screened, and each shipment is sent to customs for clearance before it is sent to any state in America.

This same process applies to products sent out of the Country. Then it moves to its destination to get delivered.

If you see Processed Through Facility ISC New York NY (USPS) and it not updating for a day, don’t worry because when any packages come from any international place,

They have to unload the receptacles containing packages/mail from inside the airplane. After that, it has gone through customs; then it will hand over to USPS to departure for its destination.

So the reason for tracking not updating is that there is no way to scan the barcode in the container as it is required to update the tracking status.

That’s why you’ll not get to see any updates on the tracking page. Once containers get sorted, Soon you’ll get the notification related to the package:)

ISC New york NY USPS how long does it take?

The most asked question is, in ISC New York NY USPS, how does it long take? And when does the tracking information gets updated? Let’s talk about both of the issues.

Usually, it takes 24-72 hours to get updated to inbound out of customs or In Transit to the Next Facility; sometimes, it may take longer.

And tracking info may take 24 hours. If you’re seeing this for a day, then you may contact customer care support to know more about your package.

And another reason is that behind tracking not updating it after unloading from the airplane, packages will be sent to a local Distribution Center, where the mail is sorted for locations and also wait for the flight at the airport to move to the destination.

So when it gets sorted for the route, the barcode can be scanned before sometimes not possible.

Remember, the tracking tells you the package is there, but it doesn’t tell you the package is still there because the package has to get sorted to be scanned, thereby the tracking updates.

So wait 24-48 hours, and you’ll get to see that tracking page showing Inbound Out Of Customs or any other tracking status. You’ll get the package shortly after that.

What would be the reason behind packages being stuck or taking longer to update?

It depends on whether they found anything suspicious or risky and whether they have any issues with ramp reports or not.

The package verification process may therefore become longer. Once everything is cleared, USPS will move the package to its destination.

My package/mail is stuck in ISC New York, now what to do?

In most cases, releasing the package does not take more than 72 hours. If you think that your package is stuck at ISC New York, then stop worrying about it.

The package tracking status for inbound out-of-custom inbound packages is soon to be announced. Therefore, do not worry about your package being stuck at ISC New York.

If it does not get updated and you feel it is stuck at the ISC, then contact customer support to know about the exact reason behind tracking not updating.

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Processed Through Facility ISC New York NY(USPS) is a normal tracking status; it showed on every package tracking page because every international package has to unload the receptacles from airplanes;

it also has to go through the customs verification procedure. Don’t worry; soon it will be delivered to you.

If you feel your package is stuck, then you can follow this guide to find out your package. I hope now you’ll know the meaning of Your Item Has Been Processed Through Our Facility In ISC New York NY(USPS)

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