Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles Ca (USPS) – mean? What to do?

While tracking the package, you might see Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles Ca (USPS) tracking status on that tracking page, and you’re wondering what it means? And what you have to do?

There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a normal tracking status that appears on every international package and mail.


When any international mail comes, it arrives at one of the ISC centers of the USA, where that package has to unload the receptacles from airplanes and has gone through the customs verification process.

After that, it will be handed over to the USPS to move to its destination.

ISC Los Angeles CA is one of the International Service Centers where your packages will be kept until the verification process completes. It may take up to two weeks.

In most cases, the process takes 48-72 hours, but it can sometimes take longer.

Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles Ca USPS

What Does processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) mean?

This message is simply a notification that is saying your item has been processed through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS). And,

Your item will be processed after all the needed checks are completed. Therefore, when items show as ‘Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)’, the next steps are the Customs checks, and then your package leaves the facility.

What is happening at ISC Los Angeles, Ca, with my package/mail.

Customs verification is very important for every package. Basically, they check whether the package contains any illegal items or not. If they found anything suspicious or risky, then the procedure can be longer. Or,


You may have to provide the required documents to the courier partner.

How long does it take at ISC Los Angeles Ca (USPS)?

There’s a possibility that it will take between 24-72 hours to get updated to inbound out of customs. however, sometimes, it may take longer. The tracking information may take 24 hours to get updated.

If you’re seeing this for a day, then you can contact customer care to know more about your package.

And another reason is that behind tracking not updating it after unload from airplane packages will be sent to a local Distribution Center, where the mail is sorted for locations and also wait for the flight on the airport to move to the destination.

Remember, the tracking tells you the package is there, but it doesn’t tell you the package is still there because the package has to get sorted to be scanned, thereby the tracking updates.

So wait 24-48 hours, you’ll get to see that tracking page showing Inbound Out Of Customs or any other tracking status. After that, it will be delivered to you.

My package/mail is stuck in ISC Los Angeles Ca, now what to do?

Most of the time, it gets updated within 24hour and then sooner the package is delivered to you, but if you think that your package/mail has stuck at ISC Los Angeles CA, then do not worry just wait some time may you’ll get updated tracking status about your package soon.

If the tracking is not updating and is taking time, you can contact customer support to know information about your package and the reason behind tracking not updating and delay in delivery.

What would be the reason behind packages stuck or taking longer to update?

It depends on whether they’ve found something suspicious or risky and have any issues in ramp reports or something else. This may be the reason why the package verification process is taking longer.

You’ll soon be able to see the new tracking status, and the package will be handed over to US Postal Service to reach its destination.

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Final thought 

Your Item Has Been Processed Through Our Facility In ISC Los Angeles Ca (USPS) is a normal tracking status shown on every package which will come from any international place, and it’s a necessary process. And also

The reason behind delaying the update is that the package comes in an airplane, so they have to unload the receptacles from the airplanes. It has also gone from the customs verification procedure. So don’t worry, soon your package will be delivered to you.

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