Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size In 2022 – The Essentials

USPS is a postal service, which is an organization that delivers Mail and packages. Sending packages and luggage through USPS is undoubtedly easy, but there are certain considerations to keep in mind.


In both, one of the common is Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size as it applies to the price while sending the product, but don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

Does USPS Charge By Weight Or Size:

The charge is different from the weight or size of the item. The rate will be based on the speed of processing, weight, and the distance of the destination from the origin.

Depending on the parcel’s size, some services may charge by dimensional weight. Dimensional weight includes the parcel’s length, height, and width, and A few services offer flat-rate shipping for packages up to 70 lbs.

USPS Preliminary charges for shipping are based on one of three categories: Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and Standard Mail. The type of Mail tells you which of these categories applies to your package.

Priority Mail is used for packages that need to arrive at their destination in a set period of time or have some other very particular handling requirements.

First-Class Mail is used for packages that need to arrive at their destination in a set period of time with an affordable price point.

The cost of sending a parcel depends on the size, weight, and speed of the package, but it also depends on the postage rates calculated by USPS.


The USPS rates are updated regularly, so always be sure to check the latest rates and charges. Domestic (within the US) rates change too, so it is worthwhile to check out what is new.

If you have a large or unwieldy item, it may take longer for your package to go through the neutral territory and get delivered. In this case, USPS recommends buying an expedited shipping option.

How Much Does USPS Shipping Cost Per Pound:

#First-Class Package Service-Retail:

The first-class package service is the cheapest option for shipping a parcel. USPS First-Class Package Service – Retail prints postage on the package and delivers it to a domestic address.

This shipping method is also known as regular Mail. The price of this shipment depends on its size and weight as well as the destination zip code. This service usually takes less than five days to deliver all over the USA.

The price of First-Class Package Service Price Starts at $4 for 1 oz; the price rises to $6.25 for 13 oz.

#Priority Mail:

Priority Mail is a USPS standard service, which uses from 2 to 4 business days for delivery, and this is considered a reliable option for shipping packages.

When using Priority Mail, the size and weight of your package are crucial elements in determining price and method. The USPS divides the price depending on the dimension of the parcel, which would then base on its weight.


The scale of this service goes from $.70 to $49; this depends upon the distance and size of your parcel. Weight requirements for parcels are 70 lbs or less with a maximum combined length and width of 108 inches.

The price ranges from $7.70 for one pound to $49 for 70 pounds. Flat rate shipping is also available, starting at $7.95 for envelopes, $8.45 for small boxes, $15.50 for medium, and $21.90 for large boxes.

#Priority Mail Express:

This Priority Mail Express service is usually a faster way of sending a package. This expedited shipping service allows the sender to select the door-to-door delivery option for the delivery time.

The USPS Priority Mail Express is provided with an hourly pick-up and delivery option, which ensures that your package will be delivered to your destination on time.

The rates for this service are higher than Average Priority Mail rates and are calculated as follows:

Weight requirements for packages are 70 pounds or less, with a maximum length and width of 108 inches, so A half-pound costs $26.35, while 70 pounds cost $184.30.

Flat-rate envelopes are available from Priority Express, ranging from $22.75 to $23.25. So If the parcel exceeds the size limit, DIM pricing may be applied.

#Parcel Select:

Parcel Select is the basic parcel shipping service, which provides a delivery option for packages. The price of this service depends on the weight and size of the package.

There is no guarantee of delivery time frame with this USPS service, but it is considered an economical option when using Priority Mail or FedEx Ground services are too expensive.

So this is for Regular shippers who do not need their parcels to be delivered in a rush and who wish to have the lowest shipping rates can take advantage of this shipping service.

The Mail contains a limit of 70 pounds and will be shipped easily. A maximum combined length and girth of 108 inches is allowed. 

Prices are as low as $3.30 per pound; for a 70-pound bag, the price is $9.24. Additional charges may apply if the parcel exceeds the size limit. has a handy shipping calculator tool that you can use to estimate your shipping costs beforehand.

Can I Use My Own Box For USPS Flat Rate:

You have the option to use your own box when you ship with USPS flat rate packaging. Always ensure the package and label your box with appropriate shipping labels.

The weight of the parcel must be under 70 pounds. The price of USPS flat-rate service depends on whether you use a cardboard box or other material for packaging your items. So choose the right type of packaging!

USPS Flat Rate boxes are sold in many stores and can also be purchased online directly from the USPS website.

They are free, but you have to pay for postage depending on the weight of the package. Wrap your package with some packing material so it will not break when it hits the floor in the event that it is dropped and damaged. Do Not use this service for international deliveries!



How do I know if my package is too heavy or too big?

Your package could be subject to an oversize fee if it is large and/or heavy, which means it will probably weigh more than 70 pounds. Make sure that you calculate your package’s weight and size in order to avoid any additional charges!

What information do I need to provide?

You need to provide the recipient’s name and address and your return address. You may also provide any additional information, such as a special message for the recipient or a request for a signature.

What is "durable packaging"?

The Postal Service refers to durable packaging as packages that are strong enough to withstand rough handling by USPS. The package must be in good condition upon arrival and not broken, torn, or crushed despite the delivery option you have selected!

What is "signature required"?

These packages are deemed as being “signature required” if you don’t want them handed over to the USPS employee by the recipient. A signature is required so that you can be sure that someone will receive your package! Usually, signature services come with a higher price tag.

When is delivery expected?

USPS will deliver your package to the recipient within 3-5 business days if the delivery location is located in the same state that you are sending it to.

Will my package be delivered on time?

Deliveries usually take 2-6 days, but there are instances where it could take as long as a few weeks for your package to reach its intended destination. You can also track your delivery online and avoid waiting too long for it!

Do I have to pay return postage if I want to return an item?

You have to pay for return postage if you want to return an item, but the weight and dimensions of your package are not taken into consideration.

How do I get more USPS shipping boxes?

You can easily buy boxes from USPS retail locations or online at! The number of packages you can buy per order depends on the price range you want to go to and the number of items you need to ship. The good news is that they also offer flat rate boxes as well!


USPS is a service that provides both domestic and international shipping for all types of parcels. With the USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages, you can choose the type of service that best fits your needs.

You can also avail yourself flat rates to secure your items with minimal cost.

The combination of these two services is perfect since they provide extra protection in case there is any loss or damage to the parcel. 

So now you know the Does Usps Charge By Weight Or Size and How Much Does Usps Shipping Cost Per Pound. Still, if you have any questions regarding the post, do not hesitate to comment down below.

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