USPS Managed Service Point [MSP] – All you need to know

Did you see your USPS Mailbox along with a barcode that shows USPS Managed Service Point [MSP] on it and trying to figure out what it means? What is the purpose of placing it there? And others?


Here’s where you should be. This post will give you an overview of the USPS Managed Service Point Label And other things you should know about, so read this post to the end to learn more.

USPS Managed Service Point

What is Managed Service Point or MSP?

MSP is an excellent initiative from the USPS to make the delivery procedure more secure and accountable while making it faster. The USPS Managed Service Point lets them handle everything using barcodes. 

Therefore, if your USPS mailbox shows the official USPS logo as well as MSP, you should be fine. In order to collect data, Mobile Data Collection devices (MDCDs) are used at delivery units and at strategic points along the carrier’s route. 

In this way, supervisors can know whether mail is being delivered according to their expectations and provide a consistent time of delivery to customers, and USPS gets carrier routes and the volume of mail being processed.


How Does Managed Service Point USPS Work?

Utilizing this service carrier ensures the mail will be delivered on time since there is no chance that it will be missed. In addition, USPS officials receive tracking information of volume and routes to be processed.

Regardless of whether the mail/package has to be delivered at the pin code, MSP is required to be scanned for updates. Thus, all the processes will be completed correctly, and mail will be delivered quickly.


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Final Thought 

Here we have discussed what USPS Managed Service Point is, why USPS Managed Service Pointed on Label, and how it works. May you understand that this is placed to deliver the mail/packages more efficiently.

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